Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tuesday 14th I was at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists (SNU) for private sittings in the morning and the service in the afternoon.  The latter was well attended as usual.    I have always found it interesting that two Spiritualist Churches in Glasgow can have good attendances on Tuesday afternoons yet many other churches struggle to get a reasonable attendance on Sunday morning. 


Then we had a few days break going to Germany by coach and having a cruise down the Rhine.  I had enough of flying last year with the volcanic ash causing havoc by grounding aircraft.  While sitting on the banks of the Rhine we were treated to a magnificent flying display by a Red Kite.  The hotel had been a convent for many years but no sign of any Spirits, not that I expected any.


I got a good bit of feedback on my comments on animals in the Spirit World.  Most seem to think that unless all species were part of this other dimension, then it would not be as good as it is made out to be.


There are many who are still of the belief that Spiritual Mediums are similar to fortune-tellers. I agree that Spirit can to a degree prepare us for certain situations but not in a direct way, rather in a way that we have to think and act on our own to make things happen.

The following is my own opinion and there will be those who will disagree with my comments.

Many years ago a group of mediums, fledgling’s, psychics, fortune tellers and those who had never thought of anything connected with Spirit or psychic activities, were asked to take part in a test.  We were to meditate, then ask for help from whatever source we wanted,  to predict what would happen in the next six months. We wrote down our predictions, sealed them in an envelope and all were enclosed in a larger envelop and put in a safe.

Six months later they were opened and at a quick glance the predictions were reasonably good, till we looked at them in depth. E.g.:_-

"An earthquake in Japan", which there had been, but there are constant earthquakes in Japan. Maybe what would have been more interesting, if it had been predicted that there would be no earthquakes in a six month period, in that country and that then had been the case. 

"A serious terrorist attack in Asia"... Again general, maybe would have been worth looking into if the country or town had been given.

I am not saying during this test anyone was cheating but most of us agreed, that where we were getting it right in a loose sort of way, were areas that we were individually interested in. (In my case, incidents about foreign affairs.) When I asked Spirit for predictions they did they not answer as that is not what they are there for, and my own mind cut in. 

Next part of the experiment we were paired off and asked to give predictions as to what would happen to the person sitting in front of us during the next six months. When we met up six months later, there was little of real accuracy, even from those who called themselves "Fortune Tellers".

But that proved nothing as maybe all in the group did not have that ability to predict the future.

Then three of us were singled out to go to fortune tellers and see what transpired.  Again little or no accuracy.  In my case there was no mention as to an accident that was to befall me a month later, which would affect my arm and shoulder for the rest of my life. Also, no mention of anything of actual importance that occurred around me during the next year.

I tried to be fair in my evaluation of all this but maybe I was being a bit too hard to please, so next we will look at the situation surrounding a lady who contacted fortune tellers on a regular basis.

Over the years she has spent several thousand pounds on trying to find out what the future held for her. She wanted to know when she would meet her soul mate and get that special job she wanted. She was constantly told that both would come to pass at the end of the month, year etc.  Yet years down the line neither has happened. She is disillusioned but yet still willing to pay out for a prediction. Has anything she has been given turned out to have come to pass? I cannot say for certain as we are not in contact so much these days but the small loose items that she can bend and twist to make fit, seemed to spur her on for another session.

It took me a long time to believe there was a Spirit World and there could be communication from this other dimension. A lot longer to accept "Spiritual Healing" and even longer to accept "distant or absent healing, so maybe in time I will get the proof to be able to accept fortune telling.

What are your views on predicting the future?

Next week I will comment on how Spirit in a subtle way can prepare us for certain situations exciting and accurate way in my opinion.

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