Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Diary... Scotland's Proud History... Your comments on Mr Quastel's Vision on Spiritualism... “We Are all Equal"… We are all on the frontline...


                                                           My Diary…


3rd - I was off to the Kingdom of Fife to take the service at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church (SNU) 3 Lady Campbell Walk, Dunfermline, KA12 0QH.

10th / 11th -  Further north this time to the usual great highland welcome from committee and members of the Inverness Spiritualist Church (SNU) Smithton Hall, Smithton, IV2 7NP.  I hope that those attending the workshop on Sunday enjoyed it as much as I did.  Tremendous enthusiasm by the members of this church to understand their psychic abilities, knowledge on how Spirit work with us and about their religion.  The committee have an excellent training programme that nurtures and helps this enthusiasm to slowly mature rather than a quick conveyer belt process.  On the Monday evening the biggest turnout I have seen at this church and I have been going up there for the past fifteen years.

17th – Back to Fife.  This time to ASK 30 Mercer Pl, Dunfermline KY11 4UG.  This is another church that takes a lot of time in giving structured teaching to their circle members.


                                                  Scotland’s Proud History.

While in Waterstone’s bookshop in Inverness a German tourist holding a book on Scottish History started asking me about certain aspects of the contents.  Once she left I had a quick look through the book I suddenly thought, “Something is missing”.
That something was “Spiritualism”.  Modern-day Spiritualism started in 1848 in the US when the Fox sisters heard tapping sounds.  Only eight years later in 1856 the Glasgow Association of Spiritualism opened its door and they have stayed open since. This year Alloa Spiritualist Church celebrated its centenary and there has been a Spiritualist church in Aberdeen for over 100 years.   Scotland has a long and proud history with Spiritualism.


                                                       Your comments. 

I have received many comments on the vision Mr C. I Quastel (President, of the Spiritualist National Union 1958 – 1965) ,  experienced in1961  On Spiritualism's future.      

KL – “If this gentleman had a vision in all those years ago of what Spiritualism would be like today then surely it came from Spirit.  Maybe it was not a warning, but the way spirit was guiding our movement towards?”

A good point – but maybe also to warn us and prepare us we have a fight on our hands to save our religion from entertainment and financial gain.

LC “If this was known by the Spirit World over half a century ago Spirit had plenty of time to change it if they had wanted too”.

They can make us aware and guide us – but in the end we have free choice and personal responsibility.

Ramos “Tom, move with the times or leave”.

Ramos – I have thought of walking away several times recently and it may happen sooner or later.  Then I think “Why should real Spiritualists surrender”.

PT – I have been so sickened with what has been going on with the movement over the past few years and I doubt I will ever go back.  Many are now in it solely for the money and if your main aim is the £ then you will follow that rather than being true to spirit.  Mediums cancelling long standing engagements because they suddenly get a better financial deal elsewhere.  Churches putting those on the platform who are entertainers and business people rather than true spiritualists”.

PT – the churches have the power to stop Spiritualism dropping into the mire if only they would use it.

Laura – “Mediums giving free tuition with the intention of the students when they return home are expected to arrange workshops for their tutors.

A vast majority of Spiritualists cannot afford or have the time to attend Spiritualist colleges and the tutor coming to their area is a good thing.  As long as the events and tutors are not advertised in the media as a celebrity.
In hindsight we can now see little heed was taken and now we are left with a real mess.  In trying to progress Spiritualism I think that too many in a position of power at all levels have taken their eye off the ball.  Fully concentrating on education, diplomas and adhering too strongly to rules that were initially meant as guidelines.  etc.    That is maybe where the Independent churches have stolen a march on the larger Spiritual organization.  They have not taken their eye off the ball of the needs of those who enter our churches. 
Yes – we need education about our religion – but not that it takes over everything else.  And we must not forget the cost of workshops and training courses mean that many cannot afford them.


                                                           “We Are all Equal"…  

As the world mourns a famous person, there are many others making the transition to the Spirit World.  And yet most of these will move over almost unnoticed, on your side of the divide.

In the sight of the Lord/God/Great Spirit, whatever name you wish to use for the Creator.  Everyone is equal.

The Spirit World gives as much attention to those who had nothing on the material, as those who seemed to have everything.

Never feel you are better than anyone else.  Never feel that anyone is better or lesser than you.  In the eyes of the Creator everyone is the same.

One may not be a star, or top of the tree at something that is in the glare of publicity. 

However, to a lonely person we can be a star, or top of the tree, with just giving them a smile or a little bit of recognition.  

Letting someone feel that others care for them, can mean so much to them.  A smile can be worth its weight in gold.

Never feel superior.  Treat others, as you would like others to treat you


                 We are all on the Frontline.

The latest terrorist attack in France is something I have always feared.  Terrorists using not guns or bombs, but something more readily available to cause carnage and death.  This makes it so much harder for the security forces to detect individuals or groups hell bent on taking innocent lives.  A new chapter in our lives has now opened up where more and more will fear for their safety going about their everyday lives.  Massive armies and sophisticated weapons are impotent in such a war that terrorists are waging at the moment.  We can only hope and pray that good will overcome evil.  At the same time, we should not condemn all of those who are the same religion as those who commit the terrorist acts.  They are not immune to the suffering and death from terrorism that is occurring around the world.