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Capital Punishment... Spiritualism – The Second Religion... Automatic Writing... Run till they drop – DEAD... Roy Dutton’s – Dowsing... Wise words from Marcel Proust... And “Rainbow”. a poem by Lillian Wilson –


16th July I was on my way north to the Dalneigh Spiritualist Church Inverness to a great Highland welcome and a good turnout.
22 nd – I attended the Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church.  It was good to see Bill Thompson sitting in the congregation.  Bill a good medium in his own right and founder of this long running church.  Bill has not been too well recently  and has had to step back from church activities.  But he will not be too concerned as the church is in good hands with Margaret Ross, Irene and Susan at the helm.
25th  -Development Circle...
28th I was at ASK Dunfermline and this usually busy church and this night was no exception as there was a full house.
29th – A workshop... “Understanding your psychic abilities”.
31st – A workshop...                                               
7th August giving a talk... “Spirit are closer than you think”
During this time I have been receiving Indian Head Massage from a friend and I must say I have been receiving benefit from it.
With the conclusion of the case on the murder of little Daniel Pelka I have had several emails asking me as a spiritualist what are my views on capital punishment.
My main reason against capital punishment is that there is no guarantee that an innocent person will not be executed.  Many times in the past mistakes have been made and I can think of nothing worse than an innocent person being executed for a crime they did not commit.   But with the horrendous suffering and eventual death that little Daniel Pelka had to endure, I feel that there are exceptional cases where capital punishment may be the right sentence to fit the crime.    Maybe we should have capital punishment standing by on the sidelines for cases like this one.     
In Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek we know we have those responsible. And although they will spend at least the next thirty-years in jail.  Every minute of every day they will be in fear of their lives.  It may be impossible to keep these two safe because of the hatred other prisoners will have towards them.  On top of that because of such a barbaric crime it will be hard for the most even tempered and disciplined officer to be civil to them.  Maybe this is one case where the death-sentence could be rolled out.  This crime has brought out the worst in so many, as they say what they would like to do to this evil pair. But we must not stoop to their level, or all is lost.  We live in a civilized society – not perfect – but fairly civilized.  We cannot go back to the dark ages because of this evil pair. 
Will this death of this little man finally be the wake up call to the authorities to act and not to say ‘sorry’ after such an incident?
Spiritualism seems to be the second religion of many people.  As well as attending churches of the religion they were born into they come along to our services.  Even regular attenders to our churches refer to the religion they were born into if asked what religion they are...  One clergyman I know was surprised how many of his flock attended spiritualist churches.  He said “I am not too concerned as they will always come back to their home”.  Two years later with the original spiritualist church in his area moving to bigger premise, and a second one opening, he confidently said “I think most attend these places for a bit of entertainment and nothing more”.  I have to agree with his last comment in a way.  There are those who look on our religion as entertainment and some in our movement are happy to have it look like entertainment to draw people in and to expand their ego...  But in general our churches fly the flag as “Spiritualism the Religion”.
Talking to a small group of spiritualists and non-spiritualists recently, all who had sampled our divine services admitted, after other religious services spiritualism was like a breath of fresh air.
One gentleman saidSpiritualism is an open and tolerant religion I am fee to come and go as I please.  I attend several of your churches in our area I do not confine myself to one church and no one cares”.
Another – “In your churches I feel free to discuss my doubts and concerns without being quoted a few ancient verses and looked upon as if I am a trouble maker”.
The best way I can think of your religion is that it is a thinking-person’s religion”.
I was a regular member at my spiritualist church for eleven years and never in that time did anyone force me to become a member.  Then I felt the time had come to enrol and I am glad I did.  Now as a member and now I can have a say on the running of the church.  Being a member of my old church/religion I never had any say in what went on”.
But not all positive remarks as one would expect...
“A thinking person’s religion?  I think that those who think about what is going, on instead of being carried away with the thought of the dead communication with us, will smell a rat and stay well away” commented one gentleman.
Automatic Writing
The ability to write intelligible messages without conscious control or knowledge of what is being written, sometimes called ‘trance’ writing.  The sceptics refer to this as no more than a parlour game
 I read three very spiritual poems that a lady had written while meditating.  She was surprised at the words when she looked at her writing pad after sitting meditation in her home. It took her all her time to write a letter to an aunt in a residential home in Canada, never mind poetry.  A friend told her that “This would be the dead writing through her” and that she should contact her local church.  This she did and was told that what was happening was demonic spirits taking control of the fingers.  As she had let them in once they would take control of her again and the clergyman went through a ritual to cleanse her.
 Luckily she had not taken the poems with her to the church or they certainly would have been destroyed.  In fact she was going to burn them when some friends asked to see the poems.  How on earth could such lovely verses have come from a demonic spirit?” they commented after reading them  This she accepted and kept the poems, eventually getting two printed in a magazine.   without revealing the story behind them.  I have lost touch with this lady and misplaced these poems; if I come across them I will print them on this site.
 In the past spirit has worked through me with automatic writing although not poetry.  In fact there are poems on this site by Annette Lavelle and writings by Carolyn Crockart only to mention two that come to my mind at the moment, my apologies to the others.
 And like everything else there can be frauds claim to be involved in automatic writing when that is not the case.  A fellow medium took a group recently and a gentleman showed her a lovely poem which came from spirit.  The medium felt she had heard it before and later it dawned on her that the poem was one she had learned at school.
The deaths of racehorses on the racetrack seem to be accepted as part and parcel of the sport, but I wonder how many of those who contribute to the racing industry by gambling realize the following.
Up to the end of July...of the sixty-eight horses ending their lives on British race courses in 2013 – 10 have collapsed and died during or immediately after a race... And this is called a sport?
      If I was writing a book on the subject the only title there could be is “RUN TILL THEY DROP – DEAD”  I am contacting the RSPCA to comment on this and will be interested in their reply.
The fourth and final part of Roy Dutton’s Dowsing.
Chapt.  4                         Conclusion.
  Unless the reader has experienced the mysterious crossing of two well-balanced rods during a serious dowsing session, he or she will probably consider the things described in this article to be just too incredible, despite my claims of scientific objectivity throughout. It is true, nevertheless, that my sole motivation has been to understand more about life’s mysteries. Indeed, my insatiable curiosity has led me to investigate other strange and uncommon human experiences as they have come to my attention throughout my life. Unadventurous people with closed minds are simply not on my ‘wavelength’.
The writing-up of my experiences as a dowser (or, more accurately, a diviner,  because water has been only incidentally involved in my activities) is part of my desire to communicate my findings during the experiments described here and during others of a different nature, to people who have been persuaded to close their minds to such subjective phenomena. In my view, all that we perceive is subjective, even those phenomena that have been categorised and presented by scientists ‘objectively’.  Each one of us is at the centre of our personal universe, from birth to death. No one else can exactly share our experiences in our personal location in Space and Time. Scientists are in this situation like everyone else, but, today many have tried to persuade people to the contrary.
I have tried to understand why those rods cross in response to some image held in my mind. The only feasible solution seems to be that very small (imperceptible) nervous impulses in my arms are created in the circumstances described, these producing minute changes in the balancing of the rods. At no time have I been aware of such changes. How I have managed to sense the location of the unseen imagined object, why the cross-over point of the rods should have been directly over the object sought for and what kind of signal was received by my body to produce those responses, I still have no clear idea.
                                                  E N D
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