Wednesday, 15 June 2011

On Monday 6th it was my pleasure to take the service at Pollockshields and District Spiritualist Church.  This church opened in 1988 and has been a really busy up till this year, when the numbers have for some unexplained reason has fallen away.  A lot of people in the area have received support and comfort over the years from Bill, Ellen, and others who have helped them out, so please try and give this church some support.  Maybe try and go along one evening or let your friends who stay in the area knows about it.  After the service Linzie will be on hand to serve you with a cup of tea and a smile...  The service is held on Monday evenings, 7.30pm, Langside Halls. (downstairs)
On the 8th it was a talk on Spiritualism, which I will comment on later.

Thursday saw me travel to the Lighthouse Spiritualist Church, YAC Halls, George Road, Greenock.  Although only opened a few months ago it has been very busy from day-1. Jenny Lafferty at the helm and she is supported by several enthusiastic and willing helpers.
Friday it was nice to meet up with Nancy, Liz and Christine at the Angel Light Spiritualist Church, Daisy Street, Govanhill, Glasgow.

A week with much less travelling than the week before which saw me drive 700-miles in five days.    BUT.... as I constantly say a medium cannot be judged on the number of services they take or the miles they travel.  We all have commitments, some more that others and family, health and work, have to come first.  Then there is the availability of transport.

Last week I said that I would leave the info about Kirkcaldy Spiritualist Church to this week.  Here it is; -
President Lyn Redpath and the committee put a lot of hard work into making this Centre a success. Their weekly programme is as follows.

Sunday: Divine Service 6pm - Healing is available after the service

Monday: Evening of Mediumship 7.30pm

Thursday: Awareness circle - 7pm till 8.30pm.

Private sittings can be arranged must be booked in advance.
They also have an excellent website; -

 I was interested to see on the website “Light a Candle Memorial” where one can insert the name of a loved one who has passed.  There is also a memorial page for our pets/little friends that have passed over.
Well done Kirkcaldy Spiritualist Centre...

What the discussion ended up mainly about on Wednesday evening was “What will it be like in the Spirit World?" and "Do animals apart from pets go to the Spirit World
I don't know exactly what will meet me and I will wait and have a pleasant surprise.  I am sure that all species on earth will be there and that we will have to toe the line in giving all species more respect than we do on Planet Earth... 

These days man looks on himself as the most intelligent creature on this planet but is that not arrogant and self-limiting?  In years gone by Native Americans saw it differently, respecting all of life, the ground, the plants and the animals. Many cultures worshipped certain animals and birds; they built temples to these other species, holding them in great esteem. However, the Native Americans held all life equal, believing that worshiping any one particular thing above another would cause imbalance. That I am happier with, as every species has its role to play on this planet and I have no doubt it will be the same in the Spirit World.

In many respects we (mankind) have lost our way and the strain is telling on our planet. We concrete over more and more land each year and then wonder why we have floods. Where is the water to go?

Each year we see the rise in the use of fertilisers and pesticides, and then we wonder why numbers of other species are falling. We have had a scare recently, the dramatic fall in the number of honey bees around the world. That stark warning, that without this busy little creature, man will eventually fail to exist does has not put the brakes on our wanting more and more at the expense of the flora and fauna of our planet.

There are those in our society today that  worships the fastest racehorse, the bull that's offspring produce more meat or milk that any other, but at the same time look on hare coursing as a sport.  The humble hare which would harm no one is looked upon as an object for sport and pleasure.

I am sure that all who respect all that is on Planet Earth will progress in the Spirit World at a faster rate than those who disregard the importance of all that we have on this planet.

One charity that I have supported over the years is The Brooke.   An international animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world's poorest communities. The provide treatment, training and programmes around animal health and wellbeing, operating across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Even if one does not wish to donate to this organization I am sure you will be fascinated by the wonderful work they do. Details can be found on

I hope to have a different poem and new photos on the site each week starting from next week.

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