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My Diary … An Opportunity Missed … Male v Female … Manchester Arena Attack by Minister David R Bruton … A Great Imbalance Within Spiritualism by Tracy Norton … Stop Worrying and Quit Going Over The Past by Mathew John Morris.

                                                       My Diary…….

7th –   Always a pleasure to serve Perth Spiritualist Church SNU.

8th – A short journey over the hill to Saltcoats Spiritualist Church…

14th – Coatbridge Spiritualist Church which opened its doors for the first time in         the 1940’s 

25th –Over to the east coast to a good turnout at Arbroath Spiritualist Church SNU.

30th - Kilmarnock Free Spirit.   –


4th - Stirling Spiritualist Church SNU

6th – Neilson Spiritualist Church.

7th - “Understanding Your Psychic Abilities” at the Glasgow Association (SNU)

14th – “Philosophy Evening” at the Glasgow Association.

21st - Our Spiritual Experiences and Discussion at the Glasgow Association SNU

                                                     An Opportunity Missed.

What a great opportunity the nation had to put our Second Principle – “The Brotherhood of Man” into action a few days after the Grenfell tower block inferno, but it was missed.  Pomp and tradition blotted out The Brotherhood of Man.  Four days after the inferno took lives, scarred people for life and hundreds lost all they possessed, less than three miles away the Trooping of the Colour took place.  As one group marvelled at the extravagant parade others were still walking about in a daze as the life they had known came to an end.  In my mind, how callous that was.  It would have been different if the tragedy had been a terrorist attack, then the parade should definitely have gone ahead. 

Other countries have shown more concern for the victims of such tragedies. Russia observed a national day of mourning in memory of at least 177 killed in three separate disasters within days of each other - a mine explosion, a nursing home fire and a plane crash.  Kyrgyzstan announced a national day of mourning after the tiny Central Asian state's worst air disasters. Italy – earthquake victims.  Australia – bushfires.  Chile - mining disasters.  In the UK, we held a minute’s silence and got on with the show.

We are living in an age of despair Internationally, Nationally and at a local level.  So many feel worthless, not part of society.  Had this parade been cancelled it would have let all society know that their calamity was important to everyone in the land.  Our 2nd Principle the Brotherhood of Man surely means more than we are all part of the universal creative force, one large human family in God. Spiritualists try to understand the needs of others and aim to help all people materially, emotionally, and spiritually.  And can I add – “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”.

One last comment on the matter…  I wonder what God and the Spirit world think the decision the country took?

                                                         Male v Female

Ever service I have taken in twenty-five years there has always been more women than men in the congregation.  If men made up 33% of those in front of me I felt it was a good average.  The other week at the Glasgow Association I was not the medium, but I noticed here was an equal number of men and women in the church.  The following week the ladies were ahead only by one.  Good to see more gentlemen taking an interest in our religion.

                                                Manchester Arena Attack 

On behalf of Spiritualists everywhere let us unite to send our thoughts, prayers and healing to the victims of this latest senseless atrocity, their families and friends whose lives have being changed, perhaps forever. As the events of last evening unfold and we try to come to terms with yet another example of the effects of terrorism in our society, any effort to target innocent people going about their lives and enjoying a concert can never be justified by any misguided belief or doctrine.

The people of Manchester and the wider community will be hurting as they see their diverse and inclusive community rocked by an act of hatred which has killed and maimed many innocent victims. Let us demonstrate that these acts will never succeed by redoubling our efforts to demonstrate tolerance, understanding, compassion and peace in our world. Once again, the emergency services have worked tirelessly to help people and we remember them and their efforts also in our thoughts.

The Brotherhood of Man, our second principle seems at times like this to be even harder to achieve in a world considered by some to be broken, slipping almost from our grasp when we need it most. Our resolve to create a peaceful inclusive world should be predicated on our own efforts, actions and the teachings of God and the spirit world and this should in no way be shaken or weakened by the acts of intolerance perpetrated by others.

Minister David R Bruton 
23rd May 2017

                                           A Great Imbalance Within Spiritualism 

I am beginning to feel that there is a great imbalance within spiritualism - I was always taught that the work of mediums is to comfort the bereaved and be of service to mankind - when I first started working as a medium many years ago, our Spiritualist Churches were full of people seeking hope and the strength to go forward following the loss of someone special. I felt as if I was making a difference to people, and that the work I did was helping me and others. Nowadays, our Churches are just filled with people who want to be mediums themselves, who often sit in judgement of the medium working from the Rostrum, and have no need of any kind of comfort from the presence of our spirit friends and helpers. If this imbalance continues, with the emphasis being on teaching and unfoldment of mediumship there will soon be no point to congregating in a Church to deliver spiritual truths. 
As we are all aware, imbalance is not desirable, and I think this is being seen with spiritualism and is becoming apparent within our churches. Unfortunately, Churches are trying to attract people for the wrong reasons - by offering teaching to become mediums - however, in the long term what is this going to achieve for spiritualism the religion? Surely it has to be considered, that not everyone can become a medium? What would be the point of that? Balance is needed, Churches need to attract people to them for the true purpose of our religion, which is not to make everyone into a medium, after a 6-week course, but for people to become more spiritually aware, for the bereaved to be comforted and welcomed so that their own souls, once touched by the spirit can begin to unfold, not as a medium, but as a spirit, a spirit who is here to learn from life’s experiences. 

There must be some consistency and balance if Spiritualism is to regain its true purpose and if numbers are falling within our Churches perhaps that is an indication that our religion is not what it used to be, when people flocked to sit in congregations to discover spiritual truths for themselves. One of our great Spirit Guides Silver Birch stated: Life is always a polarity. If there were no darkness there would be no light. If there were no trouble there could never be any peace. If the sun always shone you would not appreciate it. Perhaps it would serve us all better to remember these Spiritual truths. 

Tracy Norton.

                                     Stop Worrying and Quit Going Over The Past
Almost 95% of psychics will say to you during a reading "stop worrying " and " quit going over the past " ... Well isn't that easy to say ...and also completely false , sometimes the past keeps coming up because its time to look at it and for healing to take place , ignoring It will only slow your progress in life ... Sometimes we have to go over and over something's until we come to a new understanding of the matter heal the situation from within before we can truly let it go and move on with our life if things keep coming ... Look at them and reach for enlightenment.

Mathew John Morris.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Diary - Minister Irene McGilivray. - Comparing Spiritualism’s Seven Principles, The Bible’s Ten Commandments and The Ten Native American Commandments - Assisted Suicide - A comment from William McFadzean Spiritualist Medium CSNU the morning after the Manchester bombing - Samantha Dean's Comments on Spiritualism…

                                                                   My Diary 


19th –A short journey to serve Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)

28th ASK Cumbernauld.

30th – The Pyramid Church, Pollock.


5th – I take another class on “Understanding Your Psychic Abilities” at the Glasgow Association (SNU)

9th – It is always a pleasure to serve the Ayr Spiritualist Centre.

10th – My longest distance traveling to churches these days and I received – as usual – a great Highland welcome at the Inverness Spiritualist Church (SNU).

19th - “Your Spiritual Experiences and Discussion at the Glasgow Association.

                                          Minister Irene McGilivray 

It was an honour for Isobel and I to be invited to the ordination service of What a wonderful and moving service with almost every seat taken at the Glasgow Association.  Not only with Spiritualists, but representatives of other religions in attendance. We all should take heart after that service and be proud of our religion, a religion may have been flagging a little bit recently

What a wonderful moving service at the Glasgow Association yesterday – the ordination of Irene McGillivray, now Minister Irene McGillivray. Two-hundred attended the service and that include not only Spiritualists, Irene’s friends, but also dignitaries of other religions. All Spiritualists attending should take heart from the service and move forward with pride.  Showing everyone that Spiritualism is a recognised religion and has nothing to do with entertainment or financial gain.

Minister Irene McGillivray is a great inspiration to us all. Seven years of hard studying and still finding time to help others gain knowledge of Spiritualism and be caring and compassionate to all who crossed her path.
We should now strive to make friends with those in the other religions that attended the service.

Comparing Spiritualism’s Seven Principles, The Bible’s Ten Commandments and The Ten Native American Commandments

Spiritualism’s Seven Principles...

1.       The Fatherhood of God.
2.       The Brotherhood of Man.
3.       The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.
4.       The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.
5.       Personal Responsibility.
6.       Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth.
7.       Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

 The Ten Native American Commandments
1. Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
2. Remain close to the Great Spirit, in all that you do.
3. Show great respect for your fellow beings.
(Especially Respect yourself)
4. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
6. Do what you know to be right.
(But be careful not to fall into self-righteousness)
7. Look after the wellbeing of mind and body.
8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
9. Be truthful and honest at all times.
(Especially be truthful and honest with yourself)
10. Take full responsibility for your actions


The Bible’s Ten Commandments...
1. Do not have any other gods before me.
2. You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.
3. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
4. Honour your father and your mother.
5. You shall not kill
6. You shall not commit adultery.
7. You shall not steal.
8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.
9. You shall not covet your neighbour's wife.
10. You shall not covet your neighbour's goods.
 The - “You shall not” is repeated seven times in the Bible’s Ten Commandments appears to be harsh and dictatorial to me.  The Seven Principles rather than talking down to the individual is putting more emphasis on the individual taking personal responsibility for their actions.  But – the best one of all for me is The Ten Native American Commandments.  It covers more than the Spiritualist Seven Principles making us aware of our planet and all that lives on it

                                                       Assisted Suicide...

I saw this comment on Facebook - “An assisted dying law would not result in more people dying, but in fewer people suffering”. I totally agree with this.  With the right structures and laws in place it would mean that few would suffer mentally and physically before they pass over.

Many from other religions tell me that “Life is for God to give and only for God to take back”.  OK – but - has God not given man the ability to cure or hold off the severity of many diseases?  Many people are alive today because of medical intervention so mankind has interfered with nature.  So, when the pain becomes so severe, the body does not function properly, or an active mind is trapped in a body that will not respond, surely the patient can request to end their suffering.  Bar from  intervention by the medical profession may would have breathed their last many years before.  So, if we can interfere with keeping them alive we surely can  assist the patient to pass over if they request it.

I ask those who are strongly against ‘assisted suicide’ - What right have you to make another suffer especially those who do not believe as you do?  What right do you have to enforce your beliefs on them?  Many are quick to reply that doctors will give them medication to take the pain away.  Then, when I ask what about when medication does not take the pain?  What about when  the anguish of an active  mind when someone is trapped in a body that will not function?  Usually when I ask those questions those in front of me go silent and their eyes dull. This is something they have not thought about before, they have accepted their religions/teacher’s stance and went on with their life.  Not thinking deep into the issue or questioning those who preach to them.

Politicians must look deeply into this issue and not be swayed by the religious lobby.  
They should make a decision on what is right for those suffering and they must not be influenced in any way by any religion.  We are sensible enough to put a structure in place that will not see patients discarded because their family do not want them or they are costing the NHS too much.  I have little faith in the politician taking the step to allow ‘Assisted Suicide’ I feel the only way this will come to pass in the near future is for a referendum and let the people decide.

A comment from William McFadzean Spiritualist Medium CSNU  the morning after the Manchester bombing.

This morning I feel we should all take a moment to truly think about who and what we have in our lives and hearts. As last night’s cowardly attack shows we never know the moment it can all end or be taken away. To harm innocent children in particular is despicable. Do not give in to hate though as that means they win and we empower the attackers. Perhaps a minutes silence or a mass Prayer, something positive to show we will not be beaten. My heart goes out to all of the families and people involved. God Bless them all. Xxxx

William has made an interesting comment “Perhaps a minute’s silence or a mass Prayer, something positive to show we will not be beaten”.  A minute’s silence or a mass prayer by all peoples and all religions around the world could halt the evil that is encompassing our planet at the moment and get it to retreat.  We will never conquer evil, but hopefully we can stop it running riot as it is at this moment in time.

                                   Samantha Dean's Comments on Spiritualism 

The people I often worry for is the people just starting out in then movement. I've only been part of it really for about 4 years and I think I've seen most of the ugly side in that time. There's so much beauty in spiritualism, but unfortunately the human side has been allowed to override it and spirit I fear has been forgotten over ego's, money and jealousy. We will continue to do our best to prove that not every Spiritualist is like this to our congregation. We don't put a penny in our back pockets, we open the church every week with the hopes of nothing in return except to see the smiles on people's faces when they hear from their loved ones in spirit.. We laugh together, cry together and we build each other up as a whole church and we are very blessed to say the least because of it. It's what we stand for and what we will always stand for.. we just want to be left in peace to be able to do it as we choose too x

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

my Diary … In the past thirty-nine years … The suffering and death that is legal … The New Danger In Our Midst.

                                                                        My Diary…


26th -  I took the morning service at the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists (SNU) at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AP.

1st – The start of our new venture on a Wednesday evenings at the Glasgow Association.  I take a class on “Understanding Our Psychic Abilities. 

3rd-7th -  Four days at the Glasgow Association (SNU) and that in includes four services, a development circle and private sittings.

8th March – Our Philosophy evening at the GAS.  Both Isabel and I enjoyed listening to a talk by Vice President Derek Connor.

11th – I travel to Falkirk to take the service at Falkirk Spiritualist Church (SNU), 8 Burnhead Ln, Falkirk FK1 1UG.  This church has been running for many years and at this time could do with a little more support.  So, why not go along to their services.

15th – Back at the Glasgow Association to take part in “Our Spiritual Experiences and Discussion”.

23rd – I attended The Phoenix Spiritual Centre, Volunteers Rooms, Irvine KA12 0BA for the first time.   and I received a great welcome from Anne Smith and those attending.    

Its AGM time for our churches and after being co-opted on to the committee last June I got voted in last month to serve a two-year term.  Good news at our AGM, membership is up and those  attending our healing services has greatly increased.  We have also followed on from last year’s philosophy classes to have the same monthly class this year and also evenings on meditation, understanding your psychic abilities and our spiritual experiences and discussion. 

                                                           In the past thirty-nine years

Thirty-nine years on 19th March that my mother passed to spirit.  That made me think on what has changed in all these years.  Would my mother be in favour of the changes or not?  

My mother died as the result of that terrible disease cancer.   Even knowing that cancer is a group name for over 200 different diseases, I wonder if we are as far forward in tackling this disease as we should be?  In the past four decades, we have made progress in so many different areas in the treatment of cancers.  Progress in understanding the disease, detecting cancer, cancer care, surgery, radio therapy, chemotherapy, targeted treatment, prevention and awareness.  Yet, have we done enough? 

Almost on a daily basis we hear of someone being diagnosed with this disease or having died of it.  Very few walk past a donation box for cancer charities without giving a donation, knowing that this illness could attack any of us at any time.  Vast sums of money have been donated by ordinary people to fight cancer as has governments.  But… has the latter done enough?  Have they got their priorities, right?  Governments around the world spend billions on weaponry, space exploration and employ the top brains to work on these projects.  Even if a small percentage of what has been spend on these areas had been targeted our biggest enemy of all – cancer –  then there would be fewer casualties today

 All is not doom and gloom on the medical side.  Many diseases have been eradicated or at least sufferers of long-term illness now lead a better quality of life than then would have done 40-years-ago.  Transplant surgery has been come extremely successful, yet many needing transplant surgery die because of lack of donor organs.  Even worse, the donor’s family not allowing the organs to be taken.     Surely in a loving and caring society there would be a glut of organ donation offers rather than a deficit?  That comes down to Spiritualism’s 5th principle – Personal Responsibility? 

Maybe we Spiritualists need to take personal responsibility and if the above worries us we should do more about it. Stop all the in-fighting in our churches and organizations.  Keep in constant contact with our local and national politicians, health boards and keep these issues to the forefront in our social media forums.  Yes, we can pray, but we need to do more on a personal basis.  

                                                          The suffering and death that is legal.

In Britain, we like to be known as a nation of animal lovers. Whenever we hear of dog fighting, badger baiting and bullfighting we hold our hands up in horror. Yet, we have a so-called sport in this country that is equally horrific and it is legal. This so-called sport is horse racing and takes the lives of many horses every year. The wastage in this so-called-sport is high.  My main concern are the horses that collapse and die during or just after a race.  I look on this as they are being raced to death.   Eight of the forty-seven horses that have died on the racecourse this year have been in this category

I do not look on horse racing as a sport, but a massive frightening industry - which it is.  Not only royalty, the richest people on our planet are attracted to own a horse the ordinary man in the street can now become a part owner paying only a few £’s a month through being part of a syndicate.  Even having a bet in a horse race funds this industry via betting tax.
I was not going to mention the range of injuries that horses suffer on the race track not to upset anyone.  But, I will as so much of the pain, stress that these magnificent creatures suffer is swept under the carpet.  The fatal injuries recorder this year on the race course, broken legs, knees,  necks, spinal injuries and of course collapsing through suffering a heart-attack.

In my next blog – can we really be a true spiritualist if we support this industry?

                                                                          Photo; - Stephanie Wilson.

                                                The New Danger In Our Midst.

Before I entered the car for my first driving lesson, my driving instructor – a retired army sergeant – told me the following as he tapped the roof of the car.  “This is a lethal weapon if it is not maintained and handled correctly.  Every time you turn on the ignition you are responsible for what could be a lethal weapon – as lethal as any weapon I used in my army days”.  Something I have never forgot when getting into my car.

The incidents of vehicles driving into crowds in Nice, the German Christmas market and the on-Westminster bridge is not what my driving instructor was thinking about, but it adds a new sinister dimension to our everyday safety. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

My Diary ... The Media Get it Wrong ... Our Services Become Question Time. ... The First Snowdrops Cause a Commotion. ... Your Comments.


                                                                     My Diary


29th -  My first service of the year was to the welcoming and always busy Perth Spiritualist, 40 New Row, Perth, PH1 5QA.  Tele; - 07724 411 922.  Sunday – Divine Service 6.30pm and Healing Service 8.15pm.  Wednesday Mediumship Service 7.00pm.  It is good to see that President Ivy Campbell is now stepping out in her own right as a Spiritualist medium.

31st – Only a twelve-mile journey to ASK Neilston  Corresponding, Glen Halls, Neilston,  G79 3NL.     Service on a Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm.

6th February – I attended the Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church, Langside Halls, 1 Langside Avenue, (Shawlands Cross) Glasgow, G41 2QR.  Service on a 

Monday evening at 7.30 pm.

19th, 20th, 21st –  Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church, 64 Berkley Street, Glasgow, G3 7JT


The Glasgow Association, 6/7 Somerset Place. Glasgow, G3 7JT is holding weekly classes from March to June on subjects that will interest most Spiritualists.

1stUnderstanding Your Psychic Abilities – Tom Johnston.
8thPhilosophy – Derek Conner.
15th -  Our Spiritual Experiences and Discussion. - Tom Johnston.
22ndMeditation – Anne Strachan.
All classes will begin at 7.15 p.  The tea room will be open after all classes.  Tickets £3.00 will be available at the door.


                                                       The Media Get it Wrong

The media will grab hold of anything related to psychic, spiritual and paranormal incidents these days as they draw in the viewers and readers.  But, do they sometimes jump the gun without looking at the facts?

Several showbiz stars mention that they have visited a psychic and being told for example that their spouse/partner is being unfaithful and that does come to pass.  That maybe the psychic’s gift coming into play or…?  Look up the careers of those in showbiz and you will see many having countless marriages and divorces.

Then there was the case of a psychic telling Teresa May she would be Prime Minister of the UK years before it happened.  That again may be the psychic powers homing in to what is going to happen or…?  It was around 2012 I was with some friends when one, a semi-professional gamble who does not bet on horses and greyhounds, but most other events when he feels he can make a profit.  said he was thinking of having a long-term bet on Teresa May being PM.  He said she was a down to earth politician who got on with the job without seeking publicity.  We all agreed that she certainly could be a strong candidate if there was a lot of disruption in her party.

I am not having a go at the psychics here I am suggesting the media has got its priorities wrong.  In the case of the lady and her erring husband there was much better evidence given at the sitting.  First class evidence also given proved there was life after death to the sitter.  I suppose the magazine staff felt the headline would attract more readers.


                                            Our Services Become Question Time.

We hear at almost every service from the chairperson “If the medium should come to you please answer in a clear Yes or No.  If you don’t understand something say -  I am not sure and the medium will go back and ask for some clarification.  Do not feed the medium with any information.”.

Yet, there has been an increasing trend over the past few years for the medium to ask question after question.  Who is Robert, James, Marion?  The recipient will come out with Father, brother-in-law, mother etc.  Also, why am I getting a ball of wool, a tennis racket, and the recipient will tell the medium once again.  If this is not stopped it will become the norm and Spirit will be pushed out of our churches being replaced with psychic links.

There is a stark difference between the mediumship of the mediums that have been on our platform in the past and the new generation of today.  The former may be heard to say “Sorry, I should not be asking a question” if he/she does come out with a question. 
It is easy to blame the medium, but that may not be the full picture.  A lot of these bad habits could be the fault of their tutor (s) and the training they received during their development.  Or the mediums themselves leaping on the platform before they have matured and they do not fully understand the difference between a psychic and a spirit link.

It is down to our churches to save the day by not allowing questions to be asked from the platform. 


                                      The First Snowdrops Cause a Commotion.

When I see the first snowdrop flowering it always reminds me of a friend who was going through a really bad time in her life.   Both her husband and her father passed suddenly within a few days of each other.  Then a few days after the second funeral she was told she would have to go through a serious operation.  Slowly recovering from the operation, Anne was looking out of the window on a very wet and windy January morning. She was wondering if it was really worth continuing with this life.  Then she noticed that two snowdrops had started to flower in the garden.  She said it was like a sign to her, a small pin prick of light away at the end of a long dark tunnel.  The snowdrops had battled through frost and snow to let her know that a new beginning was in the offing.  Spring would soon be knocking on the door with warmer days and longer days.  She started to think that she owed it to her husband and father not to give in and fight through the turmoil of the past year and come into a brighter state of mind.

All of a sudden, a neighbour’s little girl appeared in her garden and started to pick the snowdrops. Anne opened the door and shouted to the girl to come back then told her off for picking the flowers. She was floored by the little girl’s explanation. “I only took one and it was for my Nan who I am going to visit in hospital this afternoon. I was not stealing it I left 2p on your doorstep step for the flower.” As Anne looked down, there were three snowdrops still blowing in the wind and two-pence on the doorstep.


                                                                  Your Comments.

Tom – I loved the words of the Absent Healing Hymn and have to admit although fifteen years in Spiritualism I have not heard it sung”. BTT.  

I have had a few emails saying the same thing.  How about it churches – why not give this hymn a try?

Tom – “I took your advice from you October blog, Flowers of Hope.  Soon after I planted Daffodil and Hyacinth bulbs our family was hit with three nasty situations and we are only just ketting back on our feet.  Corresponding with us getting over these issues we have a few hyacinths and daffodils starting to flower.  A sign for me and hopefully the family also.  Thank you, Tom,”.