Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Everlasting rose bushes ... A Comment by Wendy Stokes ... Sunday Afternoon Services ... Your emails on “Freewill Offering or Pay at the Door” ... Moving Forward. by Bob MacKintosh.


            Everlasting rose bushes

In the early 70s an old neighbour gave me ten rose bushes, telling me that they were his fathers and were 75 years old.  The photos above are the three remaining roses.  When we moved to this house we took them with us and for the past decade I have neglected them.  Apart from pruning them and a little feeding in the spring.  Yet, having seen around one-hundred-twenty summers they still give a wonderfully colourful display.  Jock’s father would never have thought for a second that all these years later his roses would still be blooming and giving pleasure to all who walk past them.

Half of one of the bushes has went back to its wild state and  has a display of wild and cultivated flowers.

A lesson for us all.  Who knows how far our words and deeds will carry on. So, let’s make sure they are beneficial and not a hindrance to others. 


                                     A Comment by Wendy Stokes.

"Four seeds in a row, one for the rook and one for the crow, one to wither and one to grow!
I learnt this rhyme as a child so please remember it when taking blackberries, fungi or whatever from the wild places. Leave some for other species. I live close to the forest, and within just a few years, pickers have stripped the forest bare!
If we all adhered to this old saying and Wendy’s comment, Planet Earth would not be in the state it is in today. We would be helping mother-nature right the wrongs that are destroying our planet". 


Continuing on with Wend's comment.; -

When I was young an old neighbour lived for his garden and soft fruits were his speciality. He covered them with a net until they were ripe enough to eat.  When he picked the fruit, he divided his pickings between two pails and left some on the plants.  The contents of one pail were for the family and the other for the children in the street.  He said that was for the kids not stealing his prized fruit.  The fruit left on the bushes were for the birds and insects to build them up for the winter.

Keeping the cycle of nature going means a better planet and a better life for all species who inhabit planet earth.  And every single one of us can play part in that cycle.  Planting wild flowers to attract the insects.  One lady I know who cannot get out of the house came up trumps with her plan to keep the cycle of life going.  She phoned a garden centre asking them to send her two outdoor potted plants that would attract insects.  They are sitting on her window sill and she is amazed at the number of insects that are drawn to the plants.  Where there is a will – there is a way.

Not just helping Mother Nature, but continuing in the same train of thought in our everyday lives to enhance our spiritual growth and in turn help others.  


                                               Sunday Afternoon Services

The Largs/Ayrshire church is the only spiritualist church that I know that has a service on a Sunday afternoon.  There are many especially our older members who do not like travelling in the dark winter’s night.  So, could this be the answer to our dwindling attendances?


                       Your emails on “Freewill Offering or Pay at the Door”.

Anon “I had to close the door of my church for the last time because of poor attendances.   Switching from a collection plate to paying £2 at the door made matters even worse.  If I had dropped the address I am sure we would have survived.  

KL - The reason for poor attendances I put down to too many psychic nights in the area”.

Morgan – “My job takes me all over the country and I try to get to two spiritualist churches a week.  I am not there to get a message, but to see how different mediums work with spirit.  My experience shows that paying at the door has almost caught up with the collection plate”.

VE – “To keep our church in the black would have meant charging £4 to £5 at the door.  That is too much to ask anyone to pay for a service”.

Jessie “We found pay as you enter the solution to all our problems.  The congregation and the committee are happy with the present set up”.


Moving Forward.

Often throughout this blog, I have read articles which showcase the contemporary issues that beset modern day Spiritualism; churches becoming sanctuaries, the ‘celebrity’ culture among some mediums, the lack of appropriate dress code/platform ethics, the lack of philosophy – the list goes on.

In the early days it was thought the unification of the myriad spiritual bodies into a single body - powerful enough to lobby and facilitate change, would be a force for good. The purpose was laudable but, divisions began to surface within some of the larger bodies, which led to the growth of many ‘independent’ organisations. Doubtless, where bodies of people are involved boundaries can become muddied and divisions arise – resulting in the wider movement becoming fractured. At worst outright hostility can fester. Despite our differences, there is a common goal. What can we do on an individual level?

For many of the reasons mentioned earlier, I prefer not to badge myself as a Spiritualist but, rather, as a spiritual being. There is much to celebrate in the communion with Spirit, but first, on an individual basis we have to return to basics to see the figurative wood from the trees.

For those blessed to work as mediums, the hard work never stops. Constant review, study & dedication are required to become a polished instrument for the other world to play a fine tune on.

From my own journey, I feel my soul re-awakened and a fire stoked in my belly. Although I have learned much and moved towards a much better understanding/appreciation of the world around me – I am mindful that I still have a long road yet to travel, one no-doubt with twists and turns. We are all on the same boat in this respect.

As well as healing, comforting the bereaved and giving evidence of survival - spirit communication is a Divine blessing which allows us to unlock our true potential and invites us to look within and should never be taken for granted.

As we awaken and open our minds, let us do so in love; for ourselves and our fellow creatures.

Moving forward into the 21st Century, may we play our own small part of driving the truth of life eternal forward, devoid of any personal gain or party politics. Let us free ourselves of any chains that bind.  As Robert Burns once said ‘Mony a mickle maks a muckle’. Let us be agents of change – we owe that much to the pioneers of the past and those still to come!

Bob MacKintosh.

Monday, 23 July 2018

The Wisdom of White Feather. “A freewill offering or pay at the door”. Feedback on Platform Dress Code. Let us not forget.


                                                The Wisdom of White Feather.

"When you speak of that which you know to be true, be prepared for some that disagree and do not want to acknowledge what you have offered. They will either ignore you totally or deride what you have said.

Furthermore, be ready for attacks that call into question the very essence of your being and the good that you endeavour to do.

Yet never forget, that if you are overlooked, ridiculed, despised or belittled as a result of speaking out it is probably because your words have threatened the very comfort of those who prefer to remain blissfully unaware of what lies unseen by their vision, even though it is right before them.

Never apologise for saying or doing what you believe to be right. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. "

White Feather speaks through Robert Goodwin. 
Robert Goodwin (1954 -) is a trance medium and philosopher. He is the author/co-author of nine books, the latest being Light: The Divine Intelligence, the follow up and companion to Transcognitive Spirituality - cutting edge science and spirituality at its best. His books of spiritual philosophy, received through world famous spirit guide White Feather have also been compared favourably to some of the finest spiritual teachings to appear in print.

Words that have brought strength and comfort to so many.


                            “A freewill offering or pay at the door”. 

“A freewill offering or pay at the door”.  This was subject opened up in social media this week.  We also made it the theme for our small spiritualist discussion group.  Some interesting comment from both groups; -

“There should never be a door charge for a Divine Service”.

“Maybe a mix, pay at the door one week and a free will offering.  On saying that it could cause a lot of confusion.

“Some Churches need a pay at the door system to survive.  This means that a church with such a system is a no-go-area for those with no money or only a few pence on that night”. 

“In many areas there is a glut of Spiritualist churches and it may be an idea that those who cannot manage on a free will offering close their doors.  Hopefully their members would move to another Spiritualist church in the area making it a stronger force in the community”. 

“Two churches in this area were struggling financially and they were reluctant to have an entry fee.   It was either that or go to the wall.   Or was it?  They found a way to keep the door charge at bay.  The presidents of both churches explained the situation to their congregations and their freewill offering increased just enough to keep the wolf from the door.  So being honest with your members may be all that is needed”. 

“Some churches hold one or two special nights a year and that helps to keep their finances in the black”.

“I feel that many attending our churches do not realise that rent or council tax, the medium’s fee and travelling expenses have to be paid”.

“It angers me that there are those who will only put a few low denomination coins into our plate yet think nothing of paying £20 plus or more to see certain mediums”.

“Does a medium need a platform fee?  Sensible travelling expenses, coffee, cake, sandwich or a meal if they have travelled far.  That should be all”.

“My local church had pay-at the-door and some weeks as I had only coppers I did not attend.  My position has not changed and as the church has now closed the nearest S Church is further away. As I could not walk to this church and the return ticket on a bus is £3.60.  I just cannot win.

 My view?  I see both sides of the debate.  All comments make sense and it is for each church or area to sort what is best for them.
Yet I think pay- an entrance fee for a divine service should be taken as a last resort.  It does not do our image any good and more importantly it can stop those in need of our sanctuaries coming through our doors.    Some churches have got around this to keep going by dropping the address.  No address, no divine service.  Doing this is weakening the religious aspect of Spiritualism.
On the other side so much has changed since I started out in Spiritualism over quarter a century ago.  Rents for the use of community halls have gone through the roof and that is the main problem today.  I am lucky that I am on the committee of a church that has its own building and not in dire straits as finances are concerned.  Yet, keeping a graded building up to scratch takes a lot of money.  If I was in the committee of a small church that rented out a community centre I would do everything possible to keep the wolf from the door.  Two special nights a year to help with our bank balance.  If that failed, then I would prefer to see the church close rather that have an entrance fee.  Especially if there was another Spiritualist church close bye.
Yet, all is not doom and gloom as I have great faith in our members.  Once they know the financial situation many have that can afford to put a little bit extra in the collection plate have done so.  There are also the mediums who should not be out of pocket but should ask for sensible expenses and if they can forgo a platform fee they should.



                                    Feedback on Platform Dress Code.

I knew I would get plenty of feedback on my comment on ‘platform dress code’.  Here, it is; -

Tom “I think you lived in an era that is older than dinosaurs.  With almost every comment you want Spiritualism to be part of the ancient past”.  G

“What does it matter what the platform party are wearing?  The aim is to get an accurate message from a loved one in Spirit to a loved one here.  It would not matter if the platform group were naked if we achieved our aim”.  Anon.

“Our church has no problem with the platform dress code.  If a medium turns up not dressed to the SNU code we say nothing and let them on the platform.  Then, we never book them again.  No use having an argument and lowering the energies before the service”.  A

Tom, I have to say in all the years I have been going to spiritualist churches I have never seen anyone medium dressed inappropriately on platform. After reading all this I thought jeez......bit of a contradiction between Miriam's Beautiful Writing about how progressive Spiritualism is and yet the rules imply otherwise. How can we stand and preach to congregations about non-judgement of others and acceptance of others when within the very organisation there are contradictions? Things like wearing a suit is a bit outdated now.... some shirt and trousers are what most men choose to be smart in now and comfortable and as for us ladies......well some of us have hot flushes and hot feet so sandals are an ideal way to keep comfy. I don’t believe things should be forced on others, people should have the freedom to dress as they want. What they are wearing isn’t going to stop spirit working”.  YL 

“News readers and mediums are the only people I see wearing ties these days”. BB.

“Tom, in our early days on the platform we would not have been on the platform if we were not dressed according to the dress code. So much has been let slip in the past few years and I fear where it will end”.  BS.

“As you say the tail wags the dog and today the mediums call the shots not the churches”.

“The only time I do not wear a suit on the platform is when I take a service at a church in a deprived area.  Too many attending a suit is the sign of authority and many in the congregation may not have a good experience with authority.  So, at these other churches it is a sports jacket and the tie I wear”.  T.

“Like any other organization you obey their rules or you go elsewhere”. ZB.

“Many spiritualists have a lot of talk, but no action.  If guides are as good and helpful as you tell us they are then surely they will keep the mediums cool in a warm church and comfortable in a cold church?”

“A church I was serving for the first time told me their strict dress code.  No problem as I always dressed that way on the platform.  On the day the chairman had no jacket and was wearing a polo shirt”.  B.

"Garth Southgate England manager and several other managers had a tie in the blistering heat in Russia.  No Spiritualist church has ever been as warm as the temperatures at the World Cup. VP

Finally, an email from “ER” which may have been sent tongue-in-cheek or even have a sarcastic slant towards spiritualism.  However, it may be closer to the truth than many of us will think at first reading.

“You spiritualists say one thing and do the others in so many areas of your so-called religion.  You talk about the great help and assistance you gertfrom the spirit world.  You often refer to your mediums as ‘ambassadors of spirit’.  Ambassadors working for governments, industry etc. are well looked after the best is only good enough for them.  So, surely it is not too much for spirit guides to keep mediums cool in an extremely warm church and comfortable in an extremely cold church?  Has air-con not yet been invented in the spirit world yet?

“ER” – In my experience they do just that.  If there are extremes of temperature in a church I never notice until I sit down at the end of the service.

                                                           Let us not forget.

As the world rejoices at the rescue of the twelve young lads and their football coach.  A team of rescue workers from around the world risked life and limb to safely bring out the thirteen victims trapped in the gigantic cave system.  Let us take a minute out from rejoicing and think of Saman Kunan, Mr Kunan a former navy Seal diver who died while taking part in the rescue mission.  Maybe we should take time in our prayers to say a few words for those who gave up their lives in helping others.  Especially those who may never get a mention as they are working undercover for their country or whatever.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Diary … Platform Dress Code … What Can I Do? … Betty Higginbottom's Spiritualist Church Experience … Your emails... Community, Spirit and our SNU Churches. By Miriam Farrell Fitzgerald …

                                                         My Diary.

25th – Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.
30th – Saltcoats Spiritualist Church.
May –
24th - Arbroath Spiritualist Centre.

A big thanks for all three churches for inviting me along to take their services.

                                                     Platform Dress Code.

Many older Spiritualists are becoming unhappy with the attire of those on our platform, the medium and chairperson.  JB emails, the rot is setting in.  It started slowly and as nothing has been said to those dropping the standard of the dress code soon it will be anything goes on our platforms”.

JB – here is the SNU Platform Dress Code; -

All platform is asked to remember that they are representatives of the church and the SNU.

For the men the ideal dress; A suit a shirt and a tie
Smart jacket, dress trousers, shirt and tie.
Shoes suitable for a formal occasion.
In extreme hot weather, with consent of the chairperson the jacket can be removed.

For women ideal dress;
A dress and jacket.
Smart trouser suit.
Smart two-piece outfit i.e. blouse and skirt/trousers which should be of a suitable length.
All fabrics should be of a density that is not transparent.
Suitable shoes, not sandals.
Jewellery should be kept to a minimum.

For chairperson;
Ditto as above.

The chairperson having the responsibility to ensure that professional standards are achieved and maintained during events, all being representative of the church and the SNU

 Yes. This is the SNU dress code and in my experience most independent churches and mediums have adhered to this code.  In recent years I have heard churchgoers say that the dress code is being neglected by some churches and mediums.  Mostly by men.  Surely it is not too much ask to keep to the above dress code and show a little respect for spirit, our religion and the church?  The chairperson is in charge but needs the full backing of the committee if they stop a medium going on the platform when they are not suitably dressed.

As I have said before the tail seems to be wagging the dog as far as Spiritualism is concerned.  The mediums do as they please and few committees will stop them in their tracks.

I know I am going to get a lot of feedback which I will put on my July blog.

                                                         What Can I Do?

How often have we said and heard others saying “I wish I could do something to help, but what can I do?”  This is when we are being distressed at a situation in the family, neighbourhood, nationally or internationally.  Well, we cannot meet with President Kim Jong un to try to get him to adhere to the Human Right convention, although I would like to try.  What we can do is use our talents abilities and interests to make life a bit more bearable for those less fortunate than ourselves.  We all have something that can benefit others. Even the briefest smile can mean so much to someone who is lonely or depressed.

However, we can go further and use our talents / gifts to help others get their foot back on the ladder of life.  For the past two years I have been framing my paintings/photographs and passing them on to charities and individuals.  Recently I have started a new venture.  Putting bedding plants in small toughs and baskets and giving them to those who need a little brightness in their lives. I have enjoyed doing this and at the same time hopefully have brightened up the lives of others.
Others I know do similar things to help others.  They included taking people out to a putting green or a round of pitch and putt. Having a monthly coffee morning for the vulnerable in the area where refreshments and entertainment is free.  A friend who takes his dog to visit those near him who are housebound.  Offering to do small DIY jobs for those who cannot afford a tradesman.  Dog walking for those owners who are not fit to get out.  Cutting lawns and pulling weeds for those who are not able to do this. Taking others for a day in the country or at the seaside.

And remember the old saying “Tall oaks from little acorns grow”.  In doing this it boosts our confidence in ourselves and opens up new horizons for us.  Those we have helped hopefully start to take control of their life again and many go on to help others.

                               Betty Higginbottom's Spiritualist Church Experience.

I once got told off by a 4-Year-old in Church, she had been warned not to talk when the Man was on the stage talking, Of course I got a message and every time I answered the Medium she GLARED at me lol After he finished (And all credit to him for keeping his face straight) she told me I was naughty cause I had spoken when the Man was on the Stage. LOL. 

                                                              Your emails...

“Tom, when my father died from cancer in the early 60’s a doctor said to me that cancer would be on the run. Give it another decade as by then we will have many drugs available to prevent and cure this sort of thing.  How wrong could anyone be?”.  LH

 “Our church has modern music with lyrics written by our members”. L

“It does not matter whether it is modern songs or hymns it is the MUSIC that raises the energy in our churches.  Singing without music is a no, no for me”. Bess.

“I agree flowers do bring back memories.  Most of my family has moved on.  On the date of their birthdays I always but a bunch of their favourite flowers.  Sitting in the lounge with the flowers in a vase, a candle burning and listening to soft music the memories of that loved on come flooding back”. Cory.


When we look back on the long and colourful history associated with our Religion we tend to do so with rose coloured glasses. Spiritualist churches were packed to capacity in the past and those in attendance participated actively in the services, as opposed to just coming to get a communication from Spirit discarnate, which seems to be the reason many attends today. However, “the past is a foreign country... as L.P. Hartley states...they do things differently there!” We certainly did things differently in our past because society was different.

One of the beautiful elements about our religion is its progressiveness. We have long prided ourselves on our progressive nature and its movement forward in keeping with the society we inhabit but sometimes we need to look back to know where we have come from and then seek the best path forward. Modern society today has shifted greatly through the advent of technology and the exposure of evidential mediumship to the media has pushed many in the drive toward the entertainment industry which can be devoid of belief and reverence in favour of economics and status. As such our churches have been lacking in those confident to deliver and discuss the value and need of our philosophy, over and above those who readily attend to develop their evidential mediumship.

Our principles which are displayed in our churches, stand as a testament to our progressiveness. As the world continues to spin and society continues to evolve we have entered into the paradox of our age, more technology to communicate but less conversation or interaction on an individual basis. This can result in feelings of isolation and alienation for individuals who find themselves in need of a space to sit, to think, to be and to belong.  Our churches therefore become a necessary safe place, a sanctuary for those who need to hear their own spirit and communicate with it without the chaos of the world around them, to what their heart, soul and spirit actually need to hear.

Our churches are therefore more in need today than ever because they are the locations where we can demonstrate our connection to each other, build upon our sense of community, they represent a beacon of hope in a very dark world. In this respect it is necessary we support our churches, that we expand our sense of community. That we welcome those from all walks of life without judgement. Our churches become the space to communicate with the Spirit within and build upon and nurture that Spirit before seeking validation from the Spirit discarnate. We have a wonderful legacy, let us build upon it, embrace it and carry it forward and let us do so in communion with our churches, our philosophy and our evidential mediumship so that each aspect of our religion is supported equally and let us do so with courage and pride but always with conviction.

Friday, 27 April 2018

My Diary ... Music for our services ... The Biggest Threat of All ... Now is the Time ...

                                                            My Diary.


2nd - 5th It should have been five days at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists, but inclement weather meant that Friday’s Awareness Group, Sittings on the Saturday and the two services on the Sunday were cancelled.  But as soon as the weather relented a little the Monday and Tuesday services took place as normal.

18th – The Sunday morning service at the GAS.

19th -  A long journey, but it is worth it for the great Highland welcome at Inverness Spiritualist church.

25th A much shorter journey this time to the Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church. (SNU)


                                                 Music for our Services.

After last month’s blog about the music in our churches I have had a lot of feedback supporting the hymns with up lifting lyrics in our Spiritualist hymnbooks.

GP - “Plenty of spiritualist church’s around so if you don’t like the music or format at one move to another.  A church cannot change what it does for every person that comes through the door”.

T – “I attend several our churches and they all have their own ways of working which I accept”.

BB – “Spiritualist are always moaning.  If it is not the music it will be that the tea is not strong enough in the tea room”.

Bert – “Too many with their feet hardly in the door are wanting to change Spiritualism for their own needs.  They should be told to accept our ways or move on”.

Here the top of the charts from the emails i received.

 From our Hymn Books

“All Through the Night”.                                  “Amazing Grace”.

“Into the Garden”.                                            “I Hear the Angles Singing”.

“The Absent Healing Hymn”.                            “One More Step”

“Keep the Beacon of Light Still Burning”.         “Morning Has Broken”.

“Joy Illuminates Everything”.                              “I Walk In The Light”

“I Danced in The Morning When the World Was Begun”.

And the more modern songs that were suggested to be Ok for our services; -

“I Can See Clearly Now”.                                          “Love Shine A Light in Every 

"Corner of the World”.

“I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”.                    “Any Dream Will Do”.

“Footsteps”.                                                             “I Believe”

"Wind Beneath My Wings” 

The lyrics of all above are perfect for our services. Even just the music of these songs being played while the congregation sits in contemplation.


                                                The Biggest Threat of All.


I wrote the following in a magazine recently; -

“Our biggest terror threat does not come from a human with a gun or a bomb, but from a disease.  How many of us know of a family that has been killed or maimed by a human terrorist attack?  Few of us will.  Now think of a family you know where cancer has not struck.  You will now see where by far the biggest threat comes from”.

A reader commented “TJ, I see you are of the Spiritualist faith, so why are your spirit guides not pointing scientists in the right direction to find a cure?”

A good question if you know nothing about Spirit Guides.  A spirit guide, in western spiritualism, is an entity that remains as a disincarnate spirit to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.  They can guide us in different directions, to show us different angles of situations around us, but they cannot take the final choice for us we have free will to make the final decision.

Cancer has been a problem throughout all of human history. A medical papyrus dating back to 3000 BC mentions this disease.  One would have thought that 5,000 years later we might have found a cure.

When President Richard Nixon declared a war on cancer in 1971, there were high hopes that scientists were close enough to understanding the underlying causes that many cures were within reach.  Now we are at 2018 and Cancer  the name given to a collection of related diseases remains one of the world’s biggest killers, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million deaths a year. In Europe alone.   
American Vice-President Joe Biden said “Our goal is to make a decade's worth of advances in five years.  There's no silver bullet when it comes to curing cancer, but a difference can be made in the incidence and management of the disease, even in the poorer countries of the world, if the right people – scientists, business leaders, politicians, data analysts – work together”. Breakthroughs in the understanding of DNA and genetic links  to cancer, screening programmes, less invasive surgical techniques have contributed to reducing the death toll. Yet as the medical advances have had success in cancer patients living longer the numbers being diagnosed are on the increase so it could be said this is a no-win situation.

So, are we getting guidance from Divine sources, and more importantly, are we listening? I am sure many involved in looking for cures are being nudged in the right direction, but are they aware of this?  Are they being allowed by the pharmaceutical companies to go in that direction?  (That direction may be holistic and the big companies usually steer clear of that area). 
We will be guided also.  Do we listen to the little voice in our head suggesting that we stop smoking, cut back/stop taking alcohol or be careful with what you eat?  It is not easy these days with so many additives in our food and the pace of life can make in near impossible for many to cook from scratch.  It is like everything else we have to take responsibility for our own backyard and not to blame outside sources for not doing the work for us.

Over the years I have mentioned how ‘God’s little helpers’ – flowers – have been a great benefit for so many that having difficulties mentally and physically.  Well now is the time to start planning what flowers you are going to plant in your gardens and baskets.  Even a few baskets and tubs filled with flowers in your garden can uplift so many who walk past.  Test have shown that Sweet Peas and Lilly of the Valley with their lovely scents can evoke memories of the past.  The flowers that bring back memories of the past to me are Cornflowers, Candytuft that I used to grow from seed when I was about five-years-old. Often when I am on the platform get Lilly of the Valley that is a sign a grandmother is coming forward. Even sprinkling wildflower seeds on a bare patch in the garden and leaving them to their own devices they will soon start grow and flower.  An added bonus to this is the flowers will soon attract a multitude of butterflies, bees and insects.

We Spiritualists should know to work with Mother Nature to make life better for others, other species and ourselves.

                                                   Hope on the Horizon?

Normally I would not discuss political matter on this site, but with what has been going on during the past two weeks I feel commenting on the following topics is not out of place

In an extremely troubled world where so many incidents could quite easily get out of hand, two glimmers of light have appeared.  The fact that North and South Korean leaders are talking and President Kim Jon un will soon meet President Trump is a miracle in its self.  I have said for many years that the leaders of neutral countries should have been negotiating with NK a decade or so ago.  Let’s hope that the current talks will be a success and step by step,   starvation and torture in NK will eventually be a thing of the past.  There will be no magic formula, but as long as one small step is followed by another small step a new dawn will break over the Korean Peninsula.

My next flicker of hope may only have been seen by few.  Normally I am against military intervention as so often it causes many more problems than it solves.  The attack on alleged storage of chemical storage depots in Damascus was like a surgeon using a scalpel to take out diseased tissue and leaving other areas alone.  Russia and Syria were told the attack were going to take place and they got their personnel out of the target area so there were no deaths.  Hopefully all chemical weapons are now destroyed and innocent men women and children will not have to suffer and die in such a horrible way.  The fighting, suffering and death will still go on, but a chemical weapons attack is a step too far and action had to be taken.  Syria is hell on earth at the moment and has been for seven-years.  A different situation entirely from the Korean stand-off.  Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world  must meet face-to-face with President Assad.  They owe it to the innocent of that region. The cannot keep walking by on the other side with their eyes closed.
I am sure the Divine Creator and the Spirit World will agree with me.