Saturday, 1 February 2014

An Interesting comment.... My hopes and fears got 2014....The Ten Indian Commandments

                                          ...My Diary....

19th January my first booki1ng of the year at Perth Spiritualist Church (SNU).  There was a good turnout as usual at the friendly little church.

21st – Only a short journey to ASK Neilston.  As well as a Divine Service at 7.30 on a Tuesday evening there is a development Circle at the same time on a Wednesday evening.  This would interest anyone wanting to know more about their psychic abilities and Spiritualism.  President and excellent medium in her own right, Sheila Caruthers takes this circle and has a wealth of knowledge on both subjects.

26th – I attended the Stirling Spiritualist Church (SNU)  Linda Buchanan like Sheila above has spent many years in the movement and Linda is rightly pleased at the moment as many from her development circles are setting foot on the platform.  Good reports have come from other churches about these fledglings and soon they will be going far and wide in their own right to churches throughout Scotland and even further afield.
                                     ...This got me thinking...
 I got into conversation with an elderly couple who have been visiting Spiritualist Churches on and off for over fifty years.  The lady came up with an interesting comment that really got me thinking. 
It is often said that the mediums of yesterday were much superior to the mediums of today and we are totally in agreement with this, and we think we know why...  In the past  mediums went into a quiet room at churches to meditate and get their link with spirit.  Today they just walk in off the street and straight on to the platform, or stand gabbing to all and sundry before stepping on the platform.  They are taking Spirit for granted and that shows up in their mediumship”.
That is a very good point and there could be a lot of truth in it.  I must admit to being one of the mediums who walk in to a church and blether till it is time to go on the platform.  Yet, a great many churches which I serve regularly ask if I would like a little time on my own.  .  That does not mean I walk in complacent and expect Spirit to jump to attention when I ask them too.  I do have my quiet time before I leave the house and open up to Spirit. Many a time i also take a few moments to blend with spirit before I leave the car and enter the church.  So it does not always mean that a medium not taking some ‘quiet time’ directly before a service does not take time to link-in and give Spirit respect
I was talking this over with a friend and they asked me“When did you stop sitting in a little room by yourself?   I stopped that a long time ago because sitting alone before a service made me a nervous wreck – much more nervous than I if I had been chatting to someone.  
Interesting this comment was made when it was, because a few days before I was honoured to share the platform with Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church’s fledglings and we all went to a quiet part of the church to meditate and ‘open-up’ before the service.  I really enjoyed this time and thought of changing back to this way...
I spoke this over with another medium and she felt it looked more professional for the medium to take time on their own before a service.  I have to admit I think she was right...

                                       ...My hopes and fears for 2014....
It may seem like my hopes – some may call it a rant – is the same as the past two years.
A comment from Stewart Alexander in PN; -
“When the messenger becomes more important than the message”. (For far too long it has)
So I am not alone in saying we must stop the slide towards celebratory status of mediums and entertainment as far as our religion is concerned.  This is by far the biggest threat to Spiritualism these days and it comes from within, not from without.   I have heard services and mediums judged on the amount of laughter during the evening... omg.  A Spiritual service is usually a happy service with laughter but as long as the laughter emanates from Spirit and not the medium trying to be a comedian.
In the same edition of PN Aileen Davies comments; -
“Are we failing Spirit?  How many of us ask/consider what Spirit thinks of new proposals connected to our religion?  Realise our healing and philosophy is as important as our clairvoyance”
I hope that in 2014 all connected to Spiritualism will ask Spirit before we act, and that we promote our Healing and Philosophy as much as we do our clairvoyance.
That in 2014 we must be more vocal in protecting our religion from the dross that has gathered around it.  Tarot cards and so much more have nothing to do with Spiritualism but so many think they are part and parcel of what we stand for.
Mediums should be deterred from using our churches as agencies for their own personal finances.  If one wants to go into business using their psychic abilities then our church platforms should not be available to them.  I feel that this should be discussed by all of our church committees as soon as possible.
One church has found difficulty in this area and has spoken up via facebook.
'Many Spiritualist Churches are unfortunately experiencing last minute cancellations.
Some Mediums are busy organising workshops, parties and private readings.
By all means pursue your dreams but please do not abandon your roots.
Please remember these Churches supported you when you were developing your gift.
They need your continuing support to help and comfort those attending services.'
Our churches hold the key to turning this around and now that one has spoken up it may be easier for the rest to follow suite
We must realise that there are who want to understand about their psychic abilities and how it can affect their everyday lives, they have no interest in platform work.  Yet almost all our workshops and classes are tailored for platform training.  This is something that should have been considered a long time ago and I hope that another year does not pass without this being rectified.   It is the same with those interested in the philosophy of Spiritualism – where is the opportunity for this?  Something else we neglect. When I stared out at ASK Stewarton over twenty-years-ago this was all in place but seems to be non-existent these days...
We should endeavour to keep our workshops in churches at the barest minimum of cost. 
And for another year I say that  ‘pastoral care’ is sorely lacking in our religion and I suggest that all church committees put this high on their agenda to be discussed and acted upon in 2014. 
My hopes and fears outside of Spiritualism...
That the young in our society get work with a future and they can start building a life for themselves.  So many over the past few years have become depressed and even thought of suicide as there appeared to be no light at the end of the tunnel as far a work is concerned
We stop conflict around the world before they escalate into horrendous situation like we see in Syria and the Congo at the moment.   Britain and the US are not trusted by many around the world and it is maybe time for countries like the Scandinavian countries, Nederland’s, Belgium New Zealand, Brazil etc to sit around the table with opposing sides.
My battle for the welfare of the racehorse will continue.  This year I will be concentrating on horses that collapse and die during a race.  Yes you could say that they are raced to death. Twelve horses have collapsed and died on our race tracks in 2013.
               The Ten Native American Commandments...
1.  Treat the Earth and all the dwells therein with respect.
2. Remain close to the Great Spirit.

3. Show great respect to your fellow beings.

4.  Work together for the benefit of all mankind.
5.  Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
6.  Do what you know to be right.
7.  Look after the well-being of mind and body.
8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
9.  Be truthful and honest at all times.
10.  Take full responsibility for your actions