Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Diary...Looking back and forward... A Sanctuary closes its doors...Holocaust Remembrance Day... Anne Franks...

As you will see this blog is a few weeks coming on-line...
My Diary...


1st... Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU).  This was the night I was to share the platform with members of the Kilmarnock development group which I have been helping along their Spiritual path throughout the year.  On the night only one felt they wanted to take the platform and it was a privilege to share the platform with Andrew     . 
7th... It is always a pleasure to take the platform at Ayr Spiritualist Centre (SNU)

8th... My final booking of the year was at the Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church.


Looking back on 2014..
I am happy I have to have been able to run classes for those who only want to learn the basics of our religion and their psychic abilities...  The feedback from those attending has been extremely positive.   This is something Spiritualism in general has not had on offer.   Open circles, workshops and studying for exams are no substitute for a gentle and structured introduction to our religion and our sixth-sense.    Spiritualism at the moment is geared up to platform and healing training and ignoring others who do not wish to go along those paths. Even those who do want to be a healer or medium, they jump into training without having nursery level education. 
In 2015 I hope that all connected with Spiritualism will; - Consider what Spirit will think of how they conduct themselves in connection with our religion. 
Will Spirit be happy with you putting your, ego and finances before the religion that you claim to be part off?
Choose whether you want to be part of a religion or part of an act in cabaret. 
Churches also have an important task of who they put on the platform.
                                           ... A Sanctuary Closes its Doors...
The year had hardly begun when it was announced that because of ill health Elizabeth Halliday founder and president of the Milngavie and Bearsden Spiritualist Sanctuary was closing the Sanctuary.  Health comes first and we wish Elizabeth a quick recovery. The Sanctuary was like a breath of fresh air sweeping through Spiritualism in this area when it opened 2 ½ years ago. During that time they were immediately accepted by the local community and asked to take part in the Remembrance Day Service, laying a wreath at the local cenotaph. They made changes to the normal Spiritualist Service, not outlandish changes, but getting the congregation more involved with the proceedings. Then on Christmas Eve the Sanctuary opened its doors for a get-together and meditation.  But Elizabeth will not be disappearing from the Spiritual scene.  Both Elizabeth and Agnes McDonald will be teaming up to take services many churches throughout the year.

The terrorist attacks in Paris were horrendous and our thoughts go out to the families who have lost loved ones.  But how many in the Western world stopped to think that such happenings are part of everyday life in many parts of the world.  But for the grace of God we could have been born in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq etc.  Where shootings and bombings as I have said part of everyday life.  Just think what it would be like having many family members killed.  Your house and all that you owned destroyed.  Having to flee your country and live in a massive refugee camp with little hope for the future.  That is life for so many people on planet Earth today.
What can we do apart from donating to charities that help in such situations?  Maybe you would expect me on a blog like this to say - pray.  - Which I do suggest. But also to make your thoughts known to our leaders, that you want - talk before the bullet and the bomb.  For those who represent us to think long-term before taking any action.  So many actions in the past has made situations worse and caused new atrocities.  So much that has been done by all sides in the conflicts that affect us today that have meant misery, suffering and death to the innocent.
This week events took place around the world for The Holocaust Memorial Day and my mind went back to... our visits to Auschwitz- Birkenau and concentration camp in Poland and The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.
The Auschwitz- Birkenau camps are places where everyone should have the opportunity to visit.  Once leaving I am sure that most will have a new perspective in life.
Anne Franks had a short life of only thirteen years but the words from her diary will live on forever.    A couple of years ago we visited the Anne Frank’s house which is now a museum.  It was a very moving experience.  I find Anne Frank’s diary so important because it depicts her experience of the Holocaust - from a child's point of view. Representing the face of innocence, Anne Frank's story is so heartfelt and sincere that it appeals to the world.  A book that all mankind should read…