Monday, 22 August 2016

My Diary… Hell here on Earth... Spirit Guides on Strike? ... Racism on the rise... Spiritual Mediums serve people both living and dead ... Trance - You've either got the ability (some would say gift) or you haven't


                                                             My Diary…


2nd –  A short twenty-mile drive to the Free Spirit Spiritualist, Church, Kilmarnock.

7th – A bit further afield to the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.

10th – As always a great welcome from the committee and members of Perth Spiritualist Church. (SNU)

15th – Back to Ayrshire and to the Cumnock Spiritualist Church. 16th – ASK Neilson Spiritualist Church.

16th – My shortest journey of the month – 10 miles – the Neilston Spiritualist Church.

17th – I took the service at Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU).  This is a big year for the church 
as they celebrated their 80th anniversary.


                                                                Hell here on Earth.

HELL is not in another dimension.  HELL is here on earth for many people. 
When we think of all the technology, money and medicines we have at our disposal in this day and age, we should be ashamed at the suffering we have all around us.

A three-hour truce was arranged for the Syrian city of Aleppo to let humatarian supplies into the city.  After those three hours it was OK to use chlorine gas, drop oil drum bombs and Internationally banned cluster bombs on to markets.    Innocent men, women and children are maimed and killed on an hourly basis.  One day this month it was reported that there were two-hundred airstrikes on the city.  

For those civilians managing to flee the city and the country their plight is not over by any means.  For some it is to the safety of refugee camps in neighbouring countries, but their future looks bleak many will be destined to live the rest of their lives in these camps.  We have to praise two small neighbouring countries, Jordan and the Lebanon.  Both countries have set up massive refugee camps on their territories and doing their best to make them as comfortable as they can for the refugees.  It is shameful that other countries in the area are refusing to help in this humanitarian crisis.


                                                                  Spirit Guides on Strike?

 The pioneers of modern day Spiritualism used to look upon the link with the Spirit World and this dimension with awe, wonder and respect.  Today it is looked upon as a cash cow and a road to fame.  This priceless communication link is being abused by all and sundry these days – or is it?
We constantly hear that “mediumship’ is not the same as it used to be”.  Could that be because Spirit is not participating as fully as they did in the past? Our Guides are willing to work on a long-term partnership with us, but are not willing to be used and abused?  In some cases, not participating at all at some demonstrations? 

The more we put in – the more we get back.  Could that be the cause that both mental and physical mediumship not being as strong and as accurate as in the past?

Mediums are not taking the time to learn, understand and slowly develop a close relationship with our guides and the Spirit World?

Few mediums are willing to sit alone in a room quietly linking with the Spirit World before they take a service like they did in the past.  I am guilty of this also and the few times I take that solitude the link is usually stronger.

Think of it – a loved one who feels the need to make contact from the Spirit World through a medium – what options do they have?

A church where there is reverence and respect and a lovely atmosphere or a pub setting where drink is available and even a cabaret where the medium/psychic is only part of the evening’s entertainment.  The other acts could be fire-eaters, belly dancers and so much more that is associated with entertainment.

This wonderful link between our different dimensions is far greater than the whole Internet set-up so this should be used for good – not abused.

If there is to be a non-profitmaking communication 


                                                                      Racism on the rise.

My two sisters and I were brought up never to judge anyone by the colour of their skin or their religion.  To judge someone on their actions or what they said was a different matter.  But… with the latter only after we found out why they were talking or acting in such a way we felt was wrong.

Alas – after of appearing to be going in the right direction racism and religious intolerance is rearing its ugly- head again.  The backlash is that so many innocent people will suffer.  Innocent people who just want to lead a normal life.  Political leaders around the world are using these intolerances to suit their own agenda and making the situation worse.
The human race is abusing the freewill it has been given instead of using it to make life better for all. 


                                        Spiritual Mediums serve people both living and dead, 

Spiritual Mediums serve people both living and dead, they bridge the gap” were the first words I got out on a talk on Spiritualism and before I could say anything else - the following comments came from those in front of me.
That gap is not meant to be bridged”. “It is wrong, for those here to bridge that gap, in fact it is an evil act to try to bridge that gap”.

The gap cannot be bridged unless Spirit wants to make contact.  And as far as being evil what evil is there in family and friends communicating from the Spirit World in a gentle friendly manner.  A medium has less power than many people think, Spirit has got to want to communicate.  The medium brings forward Joe Smith to communicate because his wife is sitting in the church that particular evening.  If Joe is to come forward, then he must think that there is great need for him to communicate.


                                 Trance - You've either got the ability (some would say gift) or you haven't

I keep seeing posts about courses that 'teach' trance mediumship. I stand to be corrected but in my view you can't teach trance. You've either got the ability (some would say gift) or you haven't. I've run many development groups over the years but in my experience you can only encourage and facilitate what is already there. True trance mediumship is a high form of mediumship and quite rare, unlike other psychic abilities. I would never state that I could teach trance to anyone. Please tell me how you 'teach' a guide to connect with a medium? You can advise on how to attune and enter an altered state, but it spirit who have the control, not the sitter. So please, let's get real and make some attempt to return to proper teaching when it comes to this type of development, not pseudo 'teaching' that panders to the ego. Even Gordon Higginson, whom I have worked with and who knew a thing or two about trance, said that 'mediums are born, not created'. 

Encourage, guide, inspire but please, don't mislead. We want higher standards of mediumship, not lower.

Ron Goodwin