Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Diary...Become a Member and Have Your Say... Cashing In On Grief?... A Common Lesson by Moira McMillan A peom by Shellie Nicholl, Belfast and a Spiritual message by the Dalai Lama...

Sorry my blog has been much longer this time in being updated.  From now on I will get back to the 3 ½ weeks that was usual in the past.  And thanks everyone who emailed asking if I was OK because of the delay.  My mother-in-law passed to Spirit and I have had flu symptoms for over a month but hopefully all is now running smoothly.

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                                         ...My Diary...
11th – My first service of the year at the Friendship of love and Light Spiritual Church, Foxbar, Paisley...
18th -  The Stirling Spiritualist Church...(SNU)
21st – A little further north this time to the Perth Spiritualist Church...(SNU)
29th – I was much closer to home at the Pyramid Spiritualist Church, Pollock...
1st – Is is always a pleasure to take the Divine Service at Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church. (SNU)
4th – I had a busy day at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology with a demonstration of Clairvoyance and private sittings...
10th – ASK Neilston...
15th – 17th – Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church, Berkley Street, Glasgow. (SNU)
18th – Prestwick Spiritualist Church.
              ... Become a Member and Have Your Say...
 This is the AGM season as far as Spiritualist churches are concerned.    At this time of year members leave committees and new members takes over  It does not take long for the dust to settle and then it is clear to see who is giving 100% commitment to the church and who likes to wear the badge, ‘committee member’ yet leaves all the work to others.  As I medium I know full well that committee members are the unsung heroes of Spiritualist keeping church door open. 
All members can have a vote and their say at these meeting.  No use sitting in the church after a service and moaning over a cup of tea as this lowers the good vibes in the church and causes a lot of resentment. .  Become a member and you become an important part of the church.  Any complaint, praise or suggestion you can mention to a committee member, or better still write a letter to the committee.  I know at the church where I am a member – The Glasgow Association of Spiritualists - all letters received by the committee are fully discussed.
As far as the SNU is concerned become an Individual Member and you can attend the District Council’s AGM and again have your say.  If you are not happy with your answers you can also write to the National Executive Council (NEC) at Stanstead.  Although I am a SNU Individual member I am not happy with all the rules and regulations.  On many occasions I have written or emailed members of the NEC.    On all occasions I have impressed by the swift and detailed replies.  Judith Seaman deserves special mention for this.
But vote sensibly; ask Spirit for a little guidance and that goes for those on committees as well.

                                      Cashing In On Grief?

We Spiritualists know that we move on to a new life when we leave this physical body.  The physical remains are usually disposed off with the wishes of the individual or the family, burial, left to medical science or a cremation.  Recently I have been shocked to find out that businesses have been built around human ashes after a cremation.

The remains of your loved one being used to nourish a young sapling as it grows in a Memorial Tree Urn.   

Fireworks - Angel Flights can turn your cremated remains into an amazing light show for all to see.

In Helium Balloons - remains placed inside a helium balloon that floats up into the atmosphere. The balloon travels to a height of 5 miles where at the temperature of -40 below zero – it crystallizes and bursts, scattering the ashes to the four winds.

Also as …a Coral Reef……..   An Hour Glass… a Diamond…….. Mixed in Paint and used in for a portrait of the deceased…In Teddy Bear…….. A Pencil… Hand Blown Glass... Put into a Vinyl Record… Tattoo ink....Stained Glass….. Memorial Jewelry…. Glass Paperweight….

All to their own but I must admit I personally I find apart from the tree, the rest is gruesome.  I hope that big business is not going to target grieving families making them feel that they have to do something like this in memory of a loved one that has passed.  Many families find it hard with the cost of the funeral cremation without this added extra.  I remember at one time many felt that although they loved a family member it was putting a strain on those left to have a headstone to add to the funeral cost.  So the cremation became more popular.  Then many felt that there was no recognition of those who had passed away so ‘remembrance books’ and planting a flower or a rose bush at the crematoriums came into play.  Now this is again the moving on in remembrance of those who have been cremated.
                                                  COMMON LESSON
 A situation around me gave my guide the reason to speak out re this lesson; the lesson involved is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
    This word is so often used with ease, but just how easy is it to live it daily. ????
    We under estimate the emotional content in our relationships--, we feel hurt, anger and Can be overwhelmed by resentment as situations challenge US...     Yes we are tested to show unconditional love and overlook and perhaps forgive those that “ROCK OUR BOAT’ so to speak.
Can we really say unconditional love is present all the time or just when it suits us? ????
As we get older we realize that we all make mistakes.   Do we love our friends any less because of this mistake or error of judgement?    Sadly we often do, we judge them for it, we think a little less of them and sometimes we allow it to ruin a good friendship or relationship.    What happens to all that unconditional love we profess to have for them???    Can we not open our hearts to them and offer our love unconditionally?
 Moira McMillan
Spiritualist Medium Australia...