Monday, 4 May 2015

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                                                          My Diary...


2nd Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church , Glasgow.

4th My first visit to the Dunoon Spiritualist Church.  I thank Carol Stirling and the members for a very warm welcome.

8th Unfortunately I had to cancel my visit to the Edinburgh Spiritual Society because of the flu.

15th It is always a pleasure to travel to ASK Dunfermline.  A busy church and an excellent centre for learning can be found at 30 Mercer Place, Dunfermline KY11 4UG

17th   Free Spirit Spiritualist Church, 22 London Road, Kilmarnock, KA3 7AQ.
23rd  A short distance to a church that I have been serving for twenty-years - Saltcoats Spiritualist Church, Argyll Community Centre, Campbell Ave, Saltcoats KA21 5AG.  This church meets Monday evenings at 7.30.

 24th   It was a full house as usual at ASK Cumbernauld, Greenfaulds Community Centre, Lochinvar Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire G67 4AR, UK.

30th It is always a pleasure to head south to the Cumnock Spiritualist Church.  This church is now back in its original venue... Cumnock Town Hall, Monday evenings at 7.30.

                                                 Planned or a Lottery?
Babies have been at the forefront of the news these past few days...  William and Kate now have a little daughter...... Hundreds of mourners turned out to pay their respects to a "precious" baby boy they never knew and whose name remains unknown...A paedophile was found guilty of raping a day-old baby...  A baby pulled from Nepal earthquake rubble after 22 hours...
All four born into the world innocent and within a short time they have already been subject to the highs and lows this planet has to offer.    One will be known all over the world as a Princess fourth in line to the British Throne.  Another who has her face shown all around the world but will some leave the limelight and be just another earthquake victim. A little soul who will always be known as the ‘nameless one’ who no one came forward to claim.    And a little soul who hardly had time to become aware of his surroundings before he experienced such evil.

There are those who believe that before we are born we choose our path in life.  I hear this mostly for those who have written a book on the subject or crave the limelight.  They put forward theory without proof..  I seldom hear such comments from those who are at the sharp end of what this world has to offer.   
Personally I believe it is a lottery as far as  the parents we are born too and which part of the world we arrive in.  A baby could be born into a wealthy family and receive no love but one born into a poor family and be given so much love.  Money is not the be-all-and –end-all but it does help.  I find it difficult or impossible to accept that anyone would have chosen to end up in a WWII Concentration Camp, living in Cambodia when Poll Pot was in power, or to volunteer to be a peasant in North Korea during the past fifty or so years.

I prefer the Karma approach where a person returns to this life to suffer in the same way that they made others suffer.  And those who tried to do good in this life, helping those who were less fortunate than themselves will not need to return The latter I hope will travel on through the Spirit World from stage to stage as they gained more knowledge.  I would be happier with this and feel that this is true justice. 

One of the most popular songs in Spiritualist churches these days;-

                                                           "I BELIEVE"                     

I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night our candle glows

I believe for everyone who goes astray someone will come to show the way

I believe, I believe

I believe above the storm the smallest prayer will still be heard

I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky

Then I know why I believe

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky

Then I know why I believe.

What wonderful words one would have thought it was written as a hymn, but it was not. I have always like this song since it was recorded by The Bachelors in1961, but I usually concentrate on the music and I did not look at the words seriously until I first heard it being sung in one of our churches. In fact, that night was the first time I heard a pop-song being sung in a church. The words seemed so special that I decided to do a little research.

"I Believe" is the name of a popular song written by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman in 1953. 
"I Believe" was commissioned and introduced by Jane Froman on her television show, and became the first hit song ever introduced on TV. Jane, troubled by the uprising of the Korean War in 1952 so soon after World War II, asked those mentioned above to compose a song that would offer hope and faith to the populace.

"I Believe" has been recorded by many singers over the years as diverse as Roger Whittaker, David Whitfield, Perry Como, Barbra Striesland, Elvis Presley and Andy Williams and many more. My favourite versions being The Bachelors.

                                                    Legalised Suffering
The Horrific sight immediately following the 2015 Grand National. of the winner Many Clouds staggering about completely exhausted and had to be doused with gallons of water for at least ten minutes after the race. If my memory serves me right the word 'exhausted' was not mentioned and replaced by 'overheated' and 'staggering' was replaced by 'wobbly'. I wonder if it was a spin doctor who thought all this up? What made the scene worse was that yards away from the stricken horse race goers were back slapping and congratulating one another.
Three horses that I saw had crashing falls with Baltizar King being unable to get to his feet for 20-minutes. As soon as the poor creature got to its feet we continually heard from racing pundits that Baltizar King was fine. It was later announced that the horse had three broken ribs. I wonder if those in the racing world who claim they love horses would like to suffer the pain that Many Clouds and Baltizar King suffered. What I find incredible is the praise for a top NH jockey for holding up a flag to warn those still in the race to avoid the stricken Baltizar King.  Everything to take the attention away from the plight of the horse.