Friday, 24 February 2017

My Diary ... The Media Get it Wrong ... Our Services Become Question Time. ... The First Snowdrops Cause a Commotion. ... Your Comments.


                                                                     My Diary


29th -  My first service of the year was to the welcoming and always busy Perth Spiritualist, 40 New Row, Perth, PH1 5QA.  Tele; - 07724 411 922.  Sunday – Divine Service 6.30pm and Healing Service 8.15pm.  Wednesday Mediumship Service 7.00pm.  It is good to see that President Ivy Campbell is now stepping out in her own right as a Spiritualist medium.

31st – Only a twelve-mile journey to ASK Neilston  Corresponding, Glen Halls, Neilston,  G79 3NL.     Service on a Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm.

6th February – I attended the Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church, Langside Halls, 1 Langside Avenue, (Shawlands Cross) Glasgow, G41 2QR.  Service on a 

Monday evening at 7.30 pm.

19th, 20th, 21st –  Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church, 64 Berkley Street, Glasgow, G3 7JT


The Glasgow Association, 6/7 Somerset Place. Glasgow, G3 7JT is holding weekly classes from March to June on subjects that will interest most Spiritualists.

1stUnderstanding Your Psychic Abilities – Tom Johnston.
8thPhilosophy – Derek Conner.
15th -  Our Spiritual Experiences and Discussion. - Tom Johnston.
22ndMeditation – Anne Strachan.
All classes will begin at 7.15 p.  The tea room will be open after all classes.  Tickets £3.00 will be available at the door.


                                                       The Media Get it Wrong

The media will grab hold of anything related to psychic, spiritual and paranormal incidents these days as they draw in the viewers and readers.  But, do they sometimes jump the gun without looking at the facts?

Several showbiz stars mention that they have visited a psychic and being told for example that their spouse/partner is being unfaithful and that does come to pass.  That maybe the psychic’s gift coming into play or…?  Look up the careers of those in showbiz and you will see many having countless marriages and divorces.

Then there was the case of a psychic telling Teresa May she would be Prime Minister of the UK years before it happened.  That again may be the psychic powers homing in to what is going to happen or…?  It was around 2012 I was with some friends when one, a semi-professional gamble who does not bet on horses and greyhounds, but most other events when he feels he can make a profit.  said he was thinking of having a long-term bet on Teresa May being PM.  He said she was a down to earth politician who got on with the job without seeking publicity.  We all agreed that she certainly could be a strong candidate if there was a lot of disruption in her party.

I am not having a go at the psychics here I am suggesting the media has got its priorities wrong.  In the case of the lady and her erring husband there was much better evidence given at the sitting.  First class evidence also given proved there was life after death to the sitter.  I suppose the magazine staff felt the headline would attract more readers.


                                            Our Services Become Question Time.

We hear at almost every service from the chairperson “If the medium should come to you please answer in a clear Yes or No.  If you don’t understand something say -  I am not sure and the medium will go back and ask for some clarification.  Do not feed the medium with any information.”.

Yet, there has been an increasing trend over the past few years for the medium to ask question after question.  Who is Robert, James, Marion?  The recipient will come out with Father, brother-in-law, mother etc.  Also, why am I getting a ball of wool, a tennis racket, and the recipient will tell the medium once again.  If this is not stopped it will become the norm and Spirit will be pushed out of our churches being replaced with psychic links.

There is a stark difference between the mediumship of the mediums that have been on our platform in the past and the new generation of today.  The former may be heard to say “Sorry, I should not be asking a question” if he/she does come out with a question. 
It is easy to blame the medium, but that may not be the full picture.  A lot of these bad habits could be the fault of their tutor (s) and the training they received during their development.  Or the mediums themselves leaping on the platform before they have matured and they do not fully understand the difference between a psychic and a spirit link.

It is down to our churches to save the day by not allowing questions to be asked from the platform. 


                                      The First Snowdrops Cause a Commotion.

When I see the first snowdrop flowering it always reminds me of a friend who was going through a really bad time in her life.   Both her husband and her father passed suddenly within a few days of each other.  Then a few days after the second funeral she was told she would have to go through a serious operation.  Slowly recovering from the operation, Anne was looking out of the window on a very wet and windy January morning. She was wondering if it was really worth continuing with this life.  Then she noticed that two snowdrops had started to flower in the garden.  She said it was like a sign to her, a small pin prick of light away at the end of a long dark tunnel.  The snowdrops had battled through frost and snow to let her know that a new beginning was in the offing.  Spring would soon be knocking on the door with warmer days and longer days.  She started to think that she owed it to her husband and father not to give in and fight through the turmoil of the past year and come into a brighter state of mind.

All of a sudden, a neighbour’s little girl appeared in her garden and started to pick the snowdrops. Anne opened the door and shouted to the girl to come back then told her off for picking the flowers. She was floored by the little girl’s explanation. “I only took one and it was for my Nan who I am going to visit in hospital this afternoon. I was not stealing it I left 2p on your doorstep step for the flower.” As Anne looked down, there were three snowdrops still blowing in the wind and two-pence on the doorstep.


                                                                  Your Comments.

Tom – I loved the words of the Absent Healing Hymn and have to admit although fifteen years in Spiritualism I have not heard it sung”. BTT.  

I have had a few emails saying the same thing.  How about it churches – why not give this hymn a try?

Tom – “I took your advice from you October blog, Flowers of Hope.  Soon after I planted Daffodil and Hyacinth bulbs our family was hit with three nasty situations and we are only just ketting back on our feet.  Corresponding with us getting over these issues we have a few hyacinths and daffodils starting to flower.  A sign for me and hopefully the family also.  Thank you, Tom,”.