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My Diary … Fifty Years ... Can Spiritualism Survive by Walter Taylor ... I disagree with Mr Taylor ... Rami Adham - The Toy Smuggler of Aleppo ... Your Comments.

                                                        My Diary…


13th…  ASK – Cumbernauld.

28th - Prestwick Spiritualist Church.  It is always that little bit special to attend this church as it is in Community Centre, Caerlaverock Road, Prestwick, KA9 1HR.   Formerly Prestwick Public School which I attended for a few years. Entering the building brings back a lot of memories.  Although I only moved 23 miles up the road to Beith I have always wondered what happened to my old classmates.  In all those years I have only met one of them.

This month was intentional kept quiet so I could catch up with some of the paranormal research work I have been asked to do and for some lectures and workshops. 

And most importantly we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Fifty-years how time flies.  It has just dawned on me that half of our married life we have been connected with Spiritualism.  More about this later in the blog.

                                                             Fifty Years.  

This month we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary – 50 years married. When someone made a comment married for half a century really made me think in-depth of the last half century.

If it had not been for Isabel I would not be where I am today as far as Spiritualism is concerned.  Isabel was the one who encouraged me to keep going to the development circle when I felt I was out of my depth.   Again, it was Isabel who gave me so much encouragement in the week leading up to my first time on the platform with four other fledglings.  For someone with zero confidence that short time linking with Spirit in public was a complete impossibility for me, or so I thought.  So, I owe a lot to Isobel as well as Spirit and many others in our churches who gave me the confidence and courage to continue along this path.

As I look back over the past fifty-years I feel a tinge of sadness for those couples who have not reached this milestone.  Those who have only had a short time to enjoy married life before one passed over.  And those who were so close to this anniversary or retirement, yet did not get to spend more time together.

                               Can Spiritualism Survive by Walter Taylor, F. S. N. U.

From The Glasgow Association’s  Beacon – May / June 1980

Part 1.

 The question as to whether man survives death is still scientifically, not yet proven.  I would like to state what I think is scientific evidence of human survival of death.  It will be scientifically proven when the evidence is of such a nature, as when for instance, we put the kettle on and know that the water will boil at a certain temperature.  This may seem realistically crude, but surely this is what we mean by scientific evidence?   This definition may seem philosophically disputable, but in what other way can we talk about scientific facts?

It would seem, looking at the Spiritualistic scene, that a scientific basis of the claims made by Spiritualists, will never be established.  Actually, it is far short of meeting any such claims!  There may be evidence coming through that satisfies an individual level, but it is consistently repeatable evidence that is required.   I may be asking far too much, but should we not be seeking a reliable system of communication which would lift the phenomena above the banal and the ludicrous?

I am going to make a suggestion that may not be welcomed by many, but I ask – Should we not seek a Dialogue with the Society for Psychical Research?  I anticipate cries of protest, but let me put the case to you.  First the S.P, R. does not exist to prove survival.  Its task is to experiment and explore physical phenomena. It has no fixed views nor creed nor dogma.  Its purpose is to “examine without prejudice or preposition, and in a scientific spirit those faculties of man, whether real or supposed which appear to be inexplicable on any generally recognised hypothesis”.  I am asking – is it too much to open us a discussion with the S.P.R. to discuss and experiment into psychic phenomena.   This is, or should be, OUR field.  Do we want to widen and deepen our field or are we content and happy with a comforting message from Auntie Mary who will assure us that all is well with everything and we have nothing to worry about?  Is that all there is to psychnomina I would wish to be counted out!       


I disagree with Mr. Taylor.  Within Spiritualism we not only believe that man survives death, we give proof.  Whether that proof is accepted by the scientific community is up to them.   We do not need to go cap in hand to other groups to get the scientific acceptance.   All groups have their own agenda and this changes from time to time depending who it at the top.  I can just see experiments going our way and then religions and other interested parties infiltrating the group to dumb down the results.

Hitler, the CIA and KGB have investigated all areas of the paranormal.  By the state of our planet today they have not managed to harness any of the power or knowledge to suit their own causes.  Why?  Why have they not harnessed or made a pact with those on the other side? Because it is not meant to be.  It is obvious that there will be those who will be negative in the Spirit World and they are being kept at bay by the positive realms of this dimension.  Thankfully the hierarchy of the spirit world are keeping any contact with subversive groups in our dimension at arm’s-length.

There are some who believe that Spiritualism is the sole agent for the Spirit World.  Although we may be the biggest player in getting Spirit’s message across I feel that in many ways our religion is losing favour with the Spirit World.  I believe that the powers that be are working more closely with individuals and small dedicated groups. 

Spirit has always worked closely with dedicated individuals, circles and groups.  Many an artist has claimed that their work has been influenced by an outside source. If only those seats of power took time listening to that little voice in their head.  Not telling them what to do, but giving them a little guidance as where to look to solve a problem.

Let me give one example Dag Hammarskj√∂ld (Sweden) second secretary-general of the United Nations, from 1953-1961. He died in an air crash in Africa in 1961 where the details still remain unclear and many still believe foul play was involved. 
He is looked upon by many as the best Secretary general the UN has ever had.   He gained a reputation as a peacemaker, man of faith and a man of peace.  He treated all around him in the same way whether it is a junior member of his staff, a senior politician or royalty.   The more I read about Mr. Hammerskjold they more I believe he has a close link with Spirit.  If only today’s world leaders look of Dag Hammersjold as a role-model, there our planet would be a more peaceful place

 I do agree with Walter Taylor that Spiritualism should be more than a comforting message from Aunty Mary.    

                                    Rami Adham - The Toy Smuggler of Aleppo.

After five years of civil war, Syrian children living in war zones have little to look forward to. But one man is attempting to bring gifts to Syrian children, along with essential food and medicines.  That man is Rami Adham. 
Few will have heard of Rami Adham a 44-year-old father of six, is a Finnish-Syrian originally from Aleppo who has lived in Finland since 1989.  Few ever get to know the real heroes of our time we are too busy worshiping celebrities of stage and screen.  For the past five years he has dedicated his life to helping children in Syria and has now visited the war-torn country on 28 occasions, bringing over 80kg of donated toys across the border from Turkey on each trip.

                                                        Your Comments.

Tom, a spiritual service is not like Royal Ascot it does not need a strict dress-code.  On saying that a suit and tie to be worn is not too much to ask a male medium who has been given the honour of taking such a service.

Spiritualism has already surrendered to the entertainment industry so why not let the tie drop? 

Bennie.  The story about the son going to the races in memory of his dead father, did he back a winner this year?
Sorry Bennie.  No fairy tale ending to the Peter’s story.   Of the horses Peter selected with names related to his father’s life the only one declared to run was Perfect Pasture.  
The horse started at the odds of 50/1 and finished 10th in a twenty-three runner field.  Peter’s final comment – “I hope my father enjoyed the day as much as I did”.
BV – Tom – I don’t accept your comment that Spirit Guides may be on strike, from what I have witnessed at my church recently, they are on a go-slow”.

“Tom, spot on with North Korea.  Leaving this country out in the cold at our peril.  Neutral countries must start to build bridges with NK. How about you be one of the negotiators?”   LN….