Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Diary ..... Little Tweaks to our Service can make all the Difference. ... What Legacy Are We Leaving For Future Generations? ... God’s Incredible Gift”


                                                             My Diary 


1st –  A journey to the east coast and Arbroath Spiritualist Centre...

6th – There was a good turnout at the Ascension Spiritualist Church, Maryhill Community Centre, Glasgow.

9th – A short journey to the Shining Light Spiritualist Church, Knightswood Community Centre, Glasgow,

25th –  I always look forward to my annual visit to the Largs Spiritualist Church.

27th – There is seldom an empty seat in the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.

30th – Unfortunately a health problem stopped me attending the Angel Light Spiritualist Church Govanhill Neighbourhood Community Centre, Glasgow.


5th – It is always a pleasure to serve the SSK Spiritualist Church, Dreghorn, North Ayrshire.

8th – 10th - My three days at the Glasgow Central, Spiritual Church, 64 Berkley Street, Glasgow was cut to two days after the nasty virus that made me cancel a service in October returned.


                       Little Tweaks to our Service can make all the Difference.

I have taken many services at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists (SNU) over the years, but I felt that the Monday evening service of the 24/11/15 was that bit extra special.  Why?  Two small changes to the usual format fairly raised the energies within the Church, giving a closer link with Spirit and involving the congregation in the Service.

1 ... The congregation being asked to shake hands with those sitting close to them in the church. 

2 ... The medium shaking hands with the congregation as they left the church.   

Neither of these two changes is new to Spiritualism, but within my experience is only practised in a few churches.  The congregation being given the time to welcome each other has been ongoing at ASK Cumbernauld since its opened almost ten years ago.  Greeting those sitting close to you I feel plays a big part in this Church having a reputation of being an extremely welcoming venue on a Tuesday evening. 

The Medium shaking hands with everyone as they leave the Church is something that I have experienced only at Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church. (SNU)..  I feel that that it makes the evening that little bit special for both the medium and the congregation.
We often discuss congregational participation in the service, but seldom try to put it in action.

                               What Legacy Are We Leaving For Future Generations?

I constantly wonder what our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents think of the way we live today, how we have shaped the world we live in. They came through two World Wars and had little of what we take for granted today.  Yet their sacrifices seem to have been in vain.  Our young men and women are still losing their lives and limbs in armed conflicts around the world.  Atrocities seem to be getting worse as each year passes and the only way we feel we can react to them is with bombing from the air.  Yes, there may be times when such action has to be taken, but surely after all other avenues are exhausted and a plan for what happens after the bombing has been worked out.  Too much of what is happening at the moment has been caused by airstrikes and leaving a void for the most vile people and groups to fill.

I can just imagine both my grandfathers and father saying “Why is it OK for our bombs to kill innocent people, but not the enemy doing the same thing?  Why do you call certain countries your friends and yet they are committing similar atrocities as those you look on as the enemy?”  We are running around in circles on the international scene making situations worse.  There certainly is a big problem with migrants, but whatever our views we should remember that each person escaping the ravages of war is a human being.

When young I was proud to be British, thankful to have been born in Britain and not first saw the light of day in a Communist or Third World country.  That is not my view today.  I realize that I was looking at my country through rose tinted spectacles.  The massive abuse of children by those in power and those in the limelight being covered up.  I feel that those who were part of the cover-ups are equally to blame as those who committed those terrible deeds.  Yes, they will be judged when they enter the spirit world, but I would have liked them to be brought to justice here first.

The most used phrase in our seat of government the House of Commons is “My Honourable Lady/Gentleman”.   Yet how honourable are these ladies and gentlemen who run all aspects of our life and country.  My opinion is too many follow the party-line instead of speaking up or voting against their party when the genuinely feel the need arises.  One wonders if they are putting their career before the good of their constituents and country.  We need those in power to think more about Spiritualism’s 

5th Principle “Personal responsibility” before making up their minds on important issues.

I often wonder if my grandfather felt it was worth losing a leg at seventeen-years of age in WWI with what we have become today.  Also my father and his father working double shifts both during the war to supply the coal to keep our nation ticking over.  What do you think your forefathers will be thinking of the country/world today?


After “Discovering the Benefits of Nature by Accident” in my previous blog,  here is “God’s Incredible Gift  which I put on-line a year or so ago.

It is said that God has blessed his children with so many incredible gifts, and flowers are among the most precious. Like the humans He created, there are so many different colours, shapes, scents and sizes of flowers. From birth to death and so many occasions in between we commemorate so much with flowers.  . Flowers are sent with love and are greatly received.  To receive such a gift we know that someone cares for us.   The advert slogan “Say it with flowers” is very apt.

Both my grandfathers liked gardening and both in different ways. With one grandfather my memories are of immaculately cut and shaped privet hedge around the front garden and lawn was like a bowling green. When it came to flowers he only grew geraniums and with only red blooms.  I wonder if at this time one could only get geraniums in red?

My other grandfather did not have a lot of room in his small walled back garden, but with what space he had he used the growing area to its full potential.  He really enjoyed cultivating flowers. His main interest was unusual varieties.  When he did grow  a common species he always went for the least popular colours with them.  Three things that stand out in my mind... Someone brought him a plant from the Middle East and it was said that it only flowered once every seven years. He had it for countless years and yet only flowered the summer before he passed over to spirit. He loved experimenting with flowers and he was trying to breed a blue or black tulip. He never succeeded, but here again he got a little closer to his dream.  The spring before he passed a dark tulip bloomed in his beloved garden.  Nowhere near black, but I remember him saying “Finally I am going in the right direction”. He was also looking towards breeding a blue rose.  God’s blessing certainly gave both my grandfathers so much enjoyment. 

Someone said to me recently “Your grandfather (The one who experimented with colours) was born before his time - just think of how he would marvel at the countless new hybrids flowers with such vivid colours we have today”. I thought on this and I don’t think my grandfather would be too happy with the way things are going as far as the commercialism of flowers is concerned. I think we may be taking things too far as far as interfering with the colours and producing so many varieties that have no scent. . My grandfather was working in his own little way to add another colour or shade to a species of flower in a natural way.  I believe that man has interfered too much with God’s ‘little angels and that is showing in so many different ways. This it is beginning to tell as there are those among us who find that the relaxation, peace and tranquility they got through flowers is now waning.

Jane has never been in good health since she was born and she always felt she was blessed by having a father and then husband who was interested in gardening.  Especially as both concentrated on flowers rather than vegetables.  . As a child and through her married life Jane on a good day could always sit out in the garden relaxing and admiring the flowers. Both father and husband always had flowers in bloom every month of the year. Sadly her husband past away five years ago and although her son has as strong an interest in gardening he has brought in so many new variants of flowers, some that have vivid colours. Life in Jane’s beloved garden is now not the same. She says many of the colours are harsh on her eyes.  Instead of being relaxed like in the past the vivid colours give her a headache and even bring on a migraine at times.   Plus few have the scent like they did in the past.

That is not just one off the case with someone who does not like change I have heard similar things from others about interference with flowers taking the enjoyment away.

Muriel helps out with a voluntary group, visiting people who through many reasons cannot get out and about. A long time ago she thought on giving a little gift of flowers on each visit and they were gratefully accepted.  But as Muriel’s visiting list grew she could not afford a bunch of flowers for everyone.  So today at each visit she leaves three, two or even a single flower.  .  All used to look forward to this little gift even the men she visited.  One of Muriel’s colleagues said one day “it is not only that they appreciate the flowers, they seem to calm them, they are more relaxed looking at the flowers”.  There came a period when Muriel noticed that the flowers were not having the same calming effect for those she took so much time for. One day an old lady who was still alert said “The flowers you bring me these days are not the same as the ones in the past.  I don’t think I like flowers now”.  Muriel though this over but had not a clue what the old soul was on about. Then it dawned on her – for the past year she was buying those dyed flowers from supermarkets again some vivid and some not natural colours for the particular species.  She thought it would be a change and a change it was – the flowers were not having the same effect.   Muriel changed back to bunches of flowers with natural colours where possible flowers that had still retained their scent.  Now those she visits are back to enjoying God’s little gift – God’s little Angels...

 I heard on the radio recently a lady say that had had to care for some difficult people and she had found out by accident how to give them a little relaxation and peace of mind.  In summer she takes them to a walled garden that has only old fashioned varieties of flowers and meadow flowers.  The natural colours and the scent seemed to completely change those in her charge’s nature for a few hours.    It was never the same when she took them to gardens in the local parks.

We were given free will and the intelligence to change what is around us, but not to change for the sake of change. We must not destroy the goodness of what we are trying to change.  Man’s record so far is not good in this respect.  Look at the suffering of animals because we have changed their structure to produce more milk, eggs and meat.  Although some of us may not be too aware of the changes to flowers the most vulnerable in our society do notice - and it is they for whom we should not destroy the goodness of God’s Little Angels.