Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday 27th saw me visit a family who were putting all the bad luck that has been surrounding them, down to the house they had moved into two years ago.   

I must admit that when I sat down in the living room I felt a bit flustered and fed up, but that could have been down to me sitting in a traffic jam for thirty minutes and then another thirty minutes of trying to find the address. 
So, why was this house being labelled an “unlucky house”?

The family were happy for me to put this on the blog and they were given the opportunity to change anything I had written
The father had lost his job six months after moving into the house, with his wife also becoming unemployed a few months later.  Neither has been able to get the same quality of work since in fact both are unemployed at the moment.  The son, who was promised a job on leaving college, found out it the post was no longer available.  The daughter who had always done well in exams had failed miserably when it came to the exams that really counted... Add to that two car accidents with the car, the first accidents with any vehicle they’ve ever owned, and several health problems to add to their woes...  One can understand why the family had felt that everything had went downhill since they moved house, but had their problems anything  to do with the building?

As I walked around the house all I could detect was a great deal of negative activity, but from any spirit connection?  I did not think so.  The family then told me that they had another medium out who said he had cleared the house of all Spirits, but he had not done a good job as conditions around the family remained the same.  This medium had not asked any questions but just did his thing and left. 

I gave the house a blessing and then went on to suggest to the family that what had happened to them in the past two years could be more to do with the financial and work situations that is affecting the country at the moment rather, than anything to do with the house... That could be the cause of the situations surrounding three of them, and the fourth, the daughter, may have taken her eye of the ball as far as studying was concerned.  Then I told them like I always do in such situations, never to believe what any medium says, including myself, unless it makes sense to them in some way.

The family then said that when they come to think of the wider picture many families in the area had several members who were out of a job, and that health problems and a boyfriend could be more to do with their daughter failing her exams.

It is easy to put the negative situations down to some form of paranormal activity, but before we do that we should always look towards logic first.  If logic cannot explain what is going on then we can start looking in other directions.

I will keep in touch with the family and see how things go with them but I am sure their problems have nothing to do with where they live.  I could be proved wrong, but let us wait and see.


 Wednesday 29th I paid my first visit to Edinburgh’s Psychic College and what a great welcome I received from the committee and congregation.

The minute I stepped through the door I was met with a lovely atmosphere.  It was like going back in time, high ceilings with many portraits hanging on the walls, of those who had worked hard for the College in years gone by.   A new committee has recently taken over at the College so let us wish them luck as they start off on a new era for the College...

The College has a very interesting web site which I believe will be updated at the end of the month... Wait till then and then take a look at it.  www.edinburghpsychiccollege.com/


The following evening I attended the Larkfield Spiritualist Church in Blantyre.  One might have expected the good weather would have meant a drop in the numbers attending but that was not the case.  The local community have supported this church since it opened over four years ago.  President Jackie Coleman is also an excellent medium as is Fiona Boyle who has recently emerged from the ranks of fledglings (New Mediums) and is now getting bookings on her own right at churches in the area.

This church and Falkirk (SNU) Spiritualist Church are the only two in Scotland that the service does not start till 8pm.  I feel that this gives one time to get home from work, have something to eat without gulping it down and then go to the church.


Last week I commented on the fact that I personally had proof that there was such a thing as a Spirit World and there could be communication from this other dimension.  But I had no similar proof that anyone could predict in any great detail my future.  Well, this has not gone down too well with some of you.  Maybe they have got this proof that I am still waiting on.  I will look their comments in-depth in the next few weeks. 

Let me this week comment on how I believe we get guidance from Sprit to prepare us for what may about to occur.  But it is not usually in a direct way.  One of the best personal instances I can give is the following...

I had been driving since the age of twenty-one and apart from before and just after my driving test I never felt scared to drive.  That was until one day about fifteen years ago.  I was driving along a road when I suddenly felt really scared to be behind the wheel the car.  It was a quiet road but as every car approached, from the front or the rear it really stressed me out.    Maybe the best word would be “panic” rather than “fear”.  This got so bad that I quickly returned home and tried to figure out what was happening. 

Could this have been spirit warning me of an accident that was about to happen to me?  A fatal accident, an accident that would cause injury, or just a bump?  By the way I felt I thought it could be the worst scenario.  And then what about my new car which had only 800-miles on the clock?  Believe it or not my main concern all that afternoon was about the new car being damaged.  Up till that time a car was just something to get me from A to B, but this was my first brand new car and I am ashamed to say that I put the vehicle before other people’s lives or my own.  I eventually dismissed this had been some form of warning ... but... I decided not to attend a circle that evening. 

Although I dismissed that an accident was imminent, all afternoon relived what it would be like to have the new car damaged, how I would feel, it would never seem like a new car after an accident.  I seemed to cover every angle of such a situation

Then the voice of reason came in as Isobel said “How long will you refrain from driving?” “If the accident is going to happen it will whether you have a break from driving for a week, a month or a year.”  That made up my mind not to be silly and to attend the circle which was in Glasgow.

Off I went, driving carefully and all went smoothly.... I turned out of Wellington Street onto Clyde Street and was surprised to see that there were no cars in front of me right to the junction with Howard Street, something I have never witnessed before that night or since As I was braking for a red light at the junction, all of a sudden a large car that had been parked on the pavement drove off, came straight into the outside lane and hit the side of my vehicle with great force.  To cut a long story short after exchanging details the other driver he drove off and phone calls from his company made it clear that they were not going to take the blame.  The lawyer hired by the insurance company on my behalf made it clear that the best I could hope for was ‘knock for knock’ which I was not happy with. 

The more I thought about the whole situation the more I felt that if Spirit had given me a warning then I should stand up and fight for my rights.  So I told my lawyer that I would do without his services and do my own investigation.  Door to door enquires in the area led to me hearing about someone who had seen the accident from his balcony.  But he had moved to another flat in the city the day after the incident and was now on holiday.  I managed to trace him on his return and his statement swung the case in my favour.

Was that a warning from Spirit?  I believe it was but it is up to the individual to make up their own mind.  But I doubt if I did not have advanced warning, and going over and over in my mind what it  would be like to have a new car damaged I would not have went out to prove my innocence.

There have been many who have had similar experiences but is that the way we get guidance?  I think it is?

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