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Christmas Eve Silent Meditation … Should we allow Shamanic Drumming as part of our Divine Services? … Everyone has an Achilleas Heel … Communication between Spirit and the individual human being … No need to attend our churches on a regular basis … Your comments …


                                                   Christmas Eve Silent Meditation.

Although the numbers were not high the Glasgow Association’s Christmas Eve opening for an hour for a Silent Meditation was a great success.  It gave those attending a time to sit in total silence to allow time for reflection and contemplation.  This allowed anyone who felt the need of the Church just to sit in the quiet with their own thoughts of Loved ones passed or maybe send out Healing Thoughts.

This type of service could become more common with different variations such as such a service taking place close to Remembrance Day.   I noticed on the York Spiritualist Centre’s page; “Sunday night at York spiritualist centre we have our peace circle.   We join together sending our loving energy for peace around the world. It is an evening of sharing our thoughts our stories or readings this is a night for all to come together as one and enjoy each other’s company”. Come and join us starts at 6.30 pm 


               Should we allow Shamanic Drumming as part of our Divine Services?

A question asked on Facebook… Should we allow shamanic drumming as part of our Divine services?”

I must admit I was concerned when I turned up at a church one evening to find out shamanic drumming was taking the place of the address.  I was soon won over as I felt spirit come so close and the mediums had a great link with spirit later in the service.  So, it looked as if spirit was happy with the arrangement.
I also feel that we should make our divine services that little bit longer and add hands-on healing during the service.  Some churches have tried this and I felt with the rise in the atmosphere at these services, I felt Spirit also gave thumbs up to the change.
In both of the above we are not taking anything away from our Divine Services we are adding to the service.  


Everyone has an Achilleas Heel and mines seems to be chairing at our services.  After all the services, workshops and talks I have taken over the past twenty plus years one would thing chairing would be no problem to me.  Over the years, I have gone out of my way not to do such a thing and in the past only chaired twice.  Since becoming a committee member of the Glasgow Spiritualist Association chairing is now part of my duties.  And I have to admit I never feel comfortable when chairing.  This is the next step in my progression, to get over this fear.


Communication between spirit and the individual human being has been in place as long as the human race has existed.  Why now do we need the carnival to come to town with money making gurus making a good living. To awaken our true abilities does not need to be as lengthy, as complicated or as expensive as many make it out to be these days

I was asked to meet with a group of five who at different times came into our churches for a short period and then left.  They did not leave for any negative reasons, but because they felt their lives had been enriched by attending and it was time to move on.  There were some interesting comments…

“I felt at home in the church met nice people.  Then, after fourteen weeks I got a message which was extremely accurate.  The following week another message continuing where the last left off.  This put the icing on the cake so to speak.  I thought it a bit strange after that as I started losing interest in the services.  I knew my mother was still around with what the mediums gave me, something only known to my mother and I.   My lifelong fear of death was quashed.   I started to think what I don’t get around to doing in this life hopefully I will get done when I move over.  So, I take more time for what I am doing and enjoying the experiences.”

“I was dedicated until I got real proof of life after death and then I felt that turning up every Tuesday was getting monotonous.  Just like someone tediously turning up for the bingo never winning or near winning each week.  I got what I wanted and it opened a new world to me.  I now work with several voluntary organizations”. 
“My few months in Spiritualism made me look at myself and my life in a different way.  I felt the Spiritualism had served its purpose and now I am venturing where I would never have ventured before”. 


                                                         Your comments...

Tom – my small church has been running for many years with little or no hassle.  When I started up the church I decided that I was going to have no committee as in my experiences there was always strife in committees.  I am willing to listen to the comments from the congregation and before any changes are made I ask Spirit’s advice.  I go with the flow and the wee church has been flowing smoothly for many years.  We average out at about twenty-five per service and that with one special night keeps us in the black

Ideally, I check out a new medium to the church by seeing them at another church.  If this is not possible I check their Facebook page which usually is a good indication if they are suitable.  When the time comes, I will be unable to run the church I will close it down not handing it over.  Someone may wish to start up another spiritualist church in the hall on that evening, but I hope they choose a different name, leaving the good reputation of my church intact.

P.S.  I have willing helpers to take over when I need time off.

Such small independent churches can be extremely successful.  And although many I am familiar with stick roughly to SNU rules they can be a bit more relaxed to blend in with the community. You are not the first president of such a church that has closed rather than hand it over if there was no one suitable on the horizon.  Long may your church continue.   


Comments on "We must act not to save our religion on my previous blog.

TB “Well done for speaking up for what our religion should be like”.

C “You are fighting a losing battle.  Your ways are the good old days.  What we have today is more suitable for the present”

Conway – “I agree the focus has now gone from religion to entertainment and celebrities”.

B – “Tom, so much that you have done in the past has changed so why do you want to encapsulate Spiritualism in the past?

L – “As a booking secretary I am given a free hand in whom I book.  For some time now I have overlooked mediums who advertise themselves on Facebook as taking the service at our church. That sort of thing is up to me to draw people’s attention too”.

BL – “Whatever way we get people to know what lies beyond their last breath is OK with me”.

V – “Piracy, the mediums have taken over the running of the SS Spiritualism and we are heading into rough waters.”.  

L McL – “Those who prefer large halls with no hymns or prayers are not looking for religion”.


Several emails about Spiritualist of the year all shocked that there is such a thing. 

Mary commented “A true spiritualist would not accept such an award”.By all means long-service awards and churches acknowledging those members who  work hard behind the sense.  But, no, no. no to celebrity style awards where there has to be a choice between spiritualists”. 


Many of you were shocked that there is such a thing as Spiritualist of the Year.

Mary commented “A true spiritualist would not accept such an award”. Bye all means long-service awards and churches acknowledging those members who work hard behind the sense.  But, no, no. no to celebrity style awards where there has to be a choice between spiritualists”.