Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Diary... Diiscovering the Benefits of Nature by Accident ... Many will rush to help - but not all is not accepted... ... A comment from Dorothy ... Taken from Facebook...

                                                            My Diary...


6th – The Friendship of Love and Light Spiritualist Church, Foxbar, Paisley.

8th -  ASK, Neilston.

10th Understanding the Basics of your Psychic Abilities”. Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)

13th – Dunfermline Spiritualist Church (SNU) Lady Campbell Walk, Dunfermline.

20th – ASK, Touch Community Centre, Dunfermline.

26th - Workshop and lecture at the Arbroath Spiritualist Church. (SNU)

28th – Cumnock Spiritualist Church.

30th – Dunoon Spiritualist Church.

                            Rediscovering the Benefits of Nature by Accident.

As the summer flowers start to fade and disappear the new season – autumn – brings new colour with leaves turning various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, and, brown, yellow, yellow-green, and even purple.  Winter can be just as colourful if one plants the right sort of plant that will be in bloom until the spring snowdrop, crocus and daffodil takes over.

John had two neighbours on either side of him who suffered from severe depression, one not going out and the other only leaving home to go shopping.  They only time they would have a lengthy conversation with John when they would talk about the flowers in his garden during the summer.  So as John had more time on his hands when he retired he tried a little experiment.  He tried to have flowers in bloom in his garden all the year round.  Not only flowers to provide the colour, but plant bushes which would have a display of brightly coloured leaves and berries during the winter months.
John was amazed how well his little experiment worked.  He would chatter away to him on a regular basis and he would see them standing outside admiring the flowers.  John decided to take his little idea stage further and putting tubs with flowers in his neighbour’s gardens much to their delight.  Every season he replaced the plants much to the delight of his neighbours.  Both neighbours are getting out and about more and although John is not taking all the praise in their change he admits as well as their GP’s and medication his efforts have given them a better quality of life.  One man being aware of the change in nature of his neighbours while showing interest in his flowers.   Then with time on his hand using his talents to help those less fortunate than himself.  Once again we see how nature and colour can be of great benefit to us – something that many overlook these days. 

In my next blog I will print another situation where flowers help those in need – as long as man does not interfere.

                       Many Will Rush to Help - But Not all Help Will be Accepted.

I was listing to a phone-in on the radio and most who called in were agreeing that we lived in an uncaring society with people only caring for themselves  and would not lift a hand to help anyone in need.  Totally wrong in my book as we only have to look at the vast  sums raised in this country for charity and the amount of volunteers helping the vulnerable in society.

Three hours later I was looking out the window of a restaurant when I saw an elderly lady fall giving her head a real clatter off the pavement.  Before I could get out of my chair, cars were stopping and pedestrians were running to help the old soul.  A week later we were in holiday in England and Isabel – my wife - fell.  No sooner had Isabel hit the ground than people were rushing to help.  We do live in a caring society maybe it is not noticeable until something serious happens.

But, another side of trying to be a Good Samaritan is not always accepted.  In between the two falls I have mentioned I saw a lady lying flat out on the pavement with two ladies standing over her, one on a mobile phone.  I spotted this while driving around the bend of a busy road with double yellow lines so I could not immediately stop the car.  Once I got safely parked I ran back and it was made very clear by the two women that I was not needed and to go away.  They then started trying to get the other lady back on her feet and another passerby and I offered to help and again we were told quite abruptly we were not needed.  I took it to be that the lady on the ground was in a tantrum and the other two were her carers.  If these two ladies carry on like this, they may find no help forth coming when they really need some assistance.  

                                                  A comment from Dorothy Byrne..
Yes - it is sad when ego gets in the way and spirituality becomes just a trendy term! Sadly I have watched this happen too many times!

I agree 100% Dorothy.  To be fair there is an easy answer to this.  Those who want to be famous and make financial gains from their ‘gift' should do so without the aid of our church platforms.  Too many use our church platforms as a springboard to achieve their aim and then return if their financial gains are on the wane.  It is time church committees took notice of this and did not book those for services who don't have our religion first and foremost in their heart.  I know I will be criticized or my comments, but it is hard for many to accept spiritualism seriously as a religion as long as this sort of thing is going on. 

Taken from Facebook...

Yes depression is such a bitch and seems relentless. A lot of us have been close to that edge, and some have lost friends and loved ones. Let's look out for each other and stop sweeping mental illness under the carpet. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my family and friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy and paste this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune