Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dave Nicholl and Is There a Hell?

Sunday 14th was to be a day at home but I got a call to take the service at Coatbridge Spiritualist Church because the medium was ill.  Dave Nichol was sitting at the back of the church as he usually is these days.  Dave, a well known and respected medium in the Lanarkshire area for several decades He has to take things a bit easier these days but he is still very enthusiastic about the spiritualism movement.

Tuesday night is was my pleasure to take the circle at Blantyre Spiritualist Church. 

Wednesday was an afternoon meditation circle...


 A question from Patrick; -

I am totally confused by Spiritualism as you and your lot constantly chatter on about the Spirit World and never a mention of hell.”

Yes, we do constantly mention the Spirit World as we believe it is our next destination after we leave this physical body.  Personally I do not believe in “hell”.  I believe that ancient religious leaders used this word to describe a terrible place so they could have control over the masses.  Do as we tell you or you will go to hell.  That does not mean that those who do wrong in this life get away scot free when they move over to the Spirit World.

Patrick, I would like to draw your attention to the sixth of our seven principles “Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth”.  We will have to answer for our misdeeds and pay for the error of our ways before we can reap the benefits of the Spirit World.

But I do believe there is a hell, several in fact, and they are on this level  Look on the atrocities in recent years in Rwanda, Tibet, Burma and at the very moment in Libya and Syria.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Yorkshire, James Randi, Grandaughter makes contact etc...

Last week we took a coach tour to Yorkshire, Emmerdale and The Last of the Summer Wine country. Only one complaint, the dinners at the hotel.

Emmerdale Farm, as it was then called, was one of my favourite programmes but the last time I watched it was when Old Sam (Toke Townley) and Mat Skilbeck (- Frederick Pyne) were in the cast, and that is going back to about 1983. From what I hear a peaceful little country village is now more like Sodom and Gomorrah these days.

Last of the Summer Wine – the longest running sitcom in the world, was a great programme and one of the few programmes that never seemed to be past its sell buy date.

We also spent a day in Leeds and enjoyed our visit to the art gallery and museum.


 George asks; - “Why do psychic, mediums not take on James Randi’s $1,000,000 challenge?”

James Randi is a Canadian-American stage magician, paranormal investigator, scientific skeptic and is probably best known in Britain as a challenger of paranormal claims. Mr. Randi is founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). This organization has for many years offered $1,000,000 for anyone who can demonstrate their psychic abilities in laboratory conditions that both parties agree upon beforehand.

Well George, I think the reason for no one taking on the challenge is centred around “anyone who can demonstrate their psychic abilities in laboratory conditions that both parties agree upon beforehand.” It maybe is impossible for both parties to agree on the right criteria for the test.

I, like many other mediums have been asked to take part in tests and I have taken part in some and not in others. Some I felt was a waste of my time because of the type of tests.

Let us miss out tests on the psychic level and look at tests on the spiritual level. Remember a spiritual medium cannot bring forward any particular person from the spirit world, that person in spirit has to want to come forward at that particular time. And usual the link from spirit is to a loved one, a family member or friend. So, just say a test is done in ‘laboratory conditions, will that suite spirit? Will spirit wish to perform for those testing the medium? And will they be willing to repeat such a thing three times just to satisfy the researchers? Is that not like asking those from this other dimension to jump through hoops time and time again like a circus animal? Some may say that is just an excuse. Well, let them say that if they wish, I would have said exactly the same a few years back but with the experience I have; I have changed my mind...

Here is one instant where spirit made them self known because of family ties and family grief, and I doubt the same strong contact would have been made in laboratory conditions. The family concerned are happy for their experiences to be told.

A seventeen-year-old girl is killed in a tragic road accident and it goes without saying her family were devastated. About six weeks after the young lady’s passing unusual things started happening, not only in her parent’s house but in houses of other members of the family also. The deceased’s CD not only turned on when no one was in the room but on both occasions at 6PM, that was the time when Gina would go her room while her parents watched the news. Her teddy bear she had from childhood would be constantly on the floor, yet her parents always placed it back on her bed. These were the two dramatic incidents but smaller things happened around the three houses that the family felt had to be down to Gina trying to make contact with them. . This family had never thought of life after death so it was as they were looking for things to happen and grasping at straws. A neighbour suggested they contacted a spiritualist church and I went out to see them.

All but the grandfather just wanted to know if these unusual happenings could be Gina letting them know she lived on. The old soul was distraught’ he would not go out of the house for days at a time and was none too pleased at me being in the house. After my explanation I was not allowed to leave without a cup of tea. I was left in the lounge with the grandfather who was glowering at me and mumbling away to himself. All of a sudden we both saw a pink orb about 2” - 3” orb in diameter move slowly across the room and disappear close to a crystal fruit bowl sitting on a sideboard. I must admit I was almost as startled as the grandfather and when he asked “What was that? All I could say was What is behind the fruit bowl?” It turned out that behind the bowl among some official papers was a small school photo of Gina.

When the women came back into the room and we explained what had happened, they asked if I could make the orb appear again. I said that I could not as I had nothing to do with the orb appearing. As I said this two of the women pointed behind me as they claimed to have seen a faint pink orb only for a few seconds.

Was that Gina letting her grandfather and other members of the family know that she was still close to them? That is for you to make up your own mind but here is a few others things to take into account.

The family have had no strange happenings in any of their homes since. So that makes me feel that what they claimed happened before my visit actually did happen and it was not their mind making up such a thing.

Could the orb have been the reflection of the sun from a passing car or a window opposite? At the time there was low cloud and it was raining.

And why was the orb pink? Was there any clue with the colour? Of the many photos I saw of Gina, in big percentage of them she was wearing pink and in her bedroom walls and curtains were pink also.

Was that Gina making herself know to her grandfather? To give him some hope and to get on with his life? I believe so, but if that had been a test would the young lass have repeated it three times just to satisfy a researcher? I don’t think so. All genuine spiritualist mediums will have similar tales to tell and that spirit is not going to perform to suit sceptics. They will make themselves aware to comfort those who are grieving the passing of a loved one.


We cannot begin to understand the anguish of those who have lost their homes and all their possessions in the riots in London and other English cities over the past few days. To wake up one morning having a home, all that s in it and say a car , yet a few hours later you are left with nothing but the clothes you wear must be horrendous. They could be homeless for weeks, months or more. Those who are insured will get compensation but the money will never replace itmes that may have been handed down through the family for generations and family photos. We see such riots in other countries but never expect them to take place in Britain.