Sunday, 31 July 2011

Norway... Forgiveness ....

On Sunday 10th I took a break from driving and went by train to Edinburgh, to take the service at the Albany Street Church (SNU).  There was a good turnout for the last service before the summer break.


On the 12th another good turnout at Neilson Spiritualist Church especially as the weather was so good.   Sheila Caruthers is President of this church which originally started out in Barrhead then moved up the road to Neilson.


I was at the Glasgow Association (SNU), Somerset Place, Glasgow from the 16th – 19th.  The usual Friday evening open circle was cancelled because of the start of the Glasgow Fair...  Even though it was the local holiday period there were still big turn outs at three of the four services.  That would be partly due to Berkley Street being closed, but there was a good number visiting the church for the first time.  A few from abroad...


On the 25th it was north to Inverness for the service at Smithston Spiritualist Church (SNU).  I stayed over to attend the Dalneigh Church the following evening. I have always been impressed how enthusiastic the people in the NE are as far as spiritualism is concerned.  Anyone thinking of going to Inverness for a few days I can recommend an excellent B&B.

Braeside B&B

12 Midmills Road



It is only a few minutes from the city centre and you will be well looked after by Hazel.


22/7/11 is a day that will never be forgotten by the Norwegian people.  The day tragedy struck a small peace loving nation.  But I feel that as well as thinking of the tragedy, there will be many of us around the world who will also think back in awe at the way Norway and its people responded they the two barbaric acts that took so many innocent people.

Many other nations struck by terrorist acts have responded quickly with heavy security-force deployments and clampdowns on civil liberties.  Yet that was not evident in Norway.  A friend who was in the country at the time said it was amazing how calm, and how easily accessible, Norwegian citizens and institutions remained.  He commented that in the days following, leaders of the government and the royal family continued to visit the scenes of greatest tragedy, the area of the bombing, hospitals, hotels where parents were waiting for news of their children.  And yet there was barley any security.

The suffering is still there, the suffering will be with this small nation for a long time to come, so let our prayers for the victim’s families not end when reporting of the tragedies disappears from the media.  We can all learn from the people of Norway....


This week a brave rape victim forgives a knife-wielding stranger who walked into her home and put her through ninety minutes of hell.  Many will fail to understand how a victim can forgive such an act.   For most of us “forgiveness” always seems to be so difficult, almost impossible.  But those who can forgive in the face of severe adversity I look upon as brave and close to sainthood. 


Colin, Barry Anne and Myra all ask the same question; - “We get bombarded with emails or “postal readings” do they really work?”

I always advise anyone who feel they need a private-sitting to go along to a spiritualist church.  I am going to write about this in the next few weeks...

Joan wants to know if I will comment on dowsing.  Yes, that will be coming up also.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Eddie Docherty...

....Eddie Docherty....

The 21st of this month was the fifth anniversary of the passing of one of the most popular mediums in west/central Scotland and also Australia, Eddie Docherty. Eddie passed a month before his 58th birthday. The words “A great ambassador for Spirit” is often used these days, Eddie earned that title with his tireless work for Spirit and giving comfort to those who came to him for help. Eddie was very ill at the end of his life but strove so hard to fulfil his bookings at churches for as long as he could.

It was my sixth visit to a Spiritualist church when I first saw Eddie on the platform. He was not alone, at that time he shared the platform with Len Alleyne, Len giving the address and Eddie the clairvoyance. Although I had been impressed with all the mediums I had seen, on the platform, this night were two very special gentlemen. Before that night I had looked on those who could communicate with Spirit as being magical and mystical yet here were two very ordinary people who were so down to earth. And what impressed me even more was that after the Service, Eddie and Len sat in the kitchen with the rest of the congregation. Up to this point all the mediums I had seen, disappeared to a room with the committee for their cup of tea.

 Len, I believe hailed from Barbados and had served in the R.A.F. This jolly man sadly passed away within a couple of years of me meeting him and Eddie found himself alone on the platform. Both men had complimented each other very well, to the delight of congregations. This was around the time when I was starting out taking services at our churches and there is one evening I will never forget.

I was booked to take a service at a church, and on the way there I dropped in at the church I was a member of, for a few moments. It was dark and as I approached the church I saw Eddie, but not the Eddie I had come to know. This was one of the few times I had seen him with no smile on his face and he was shaking like a leaf. I asked him what was wrong and he said that having to do an address on his own really was getting to him, he missed Len. I immediately said “Eddie, here is me worrying about my prayers, address and clairvoyance, you have made me feel so much better seeing you of all people in such a state.” I worried about my comments for a long time afterwards; I felt I had been really out of place. It was many years later that I mentioned this to Eddie and he said he also remembered that night. He had not thought my words were out of place, infact they had inspired him to get over his fear of addresses.

Eddie had a dream, a dream that was fulfilled on Sunday 15th July 2001, which was the first night The Friendship of Love and Light Spiritualist Church opened its doors. This was not just to be a church, but a church that was fun loving and would raise money to put back into the community. This was a great day for Eddie as he had finally made his dream a reality. Eddie lived for his church and the Spiritualist movement; he was truly a great medium. He always aimed to bring help and comfort to many people from all walks of life, whether it was through his gifts of the spirit or that cheeky smile that he so often adorned.

Sadly, only a few years after Eddie’s dream materialised his health started to fail, but not before this church was a little oasis for all who needed help. It was fitting that the cremation service was taken by a medium, church member and friend, Paul Erroch. The big turnout was no surprise as Eddie had touched the life of so many people

Eddie’s church is in good hands and President Doreen Polson, along with the committe members, Annette Lavelle, Linda Walker, Kathleen McGinty, Mary McDonald, Sandra Patterson, Anne and David McAlpine.

Rather than me prattling on I felt it right to let others who knew Eddie, have their say too.

Maureen Brown – “Eddie was a legend; he will always be missed....

Sandra Patterson – “I joined the circle after Eddie had passed but was fortunate to meet him at the night Maryhill had for him (to send him and his sister Maureen away for a wee holiday) even although I didn't sit in his circle, I do know he's there on a Sunday and feel his presence often and know he is a lovely soul."

Linda Walker – “Eddie was an inspirational teacher; he loved to watch as natural talents progressed and developed, as we learned to tune in and to work with spirit. He was the most unassuming person, in respect of his mediumship, he worked for spirit. As a person, he was like everyone else, human, he was our best friend,”

Jojo Carr“He was always there when I was down, he taught me right from wrong, but most of all he taught me what I know today. I love and miss you Eddie, more than words can say."

John Beattie – “Eddie had his own unique way of working & was a really nice guy who would help anyone. He h ad a lot of respect from all churches.”

Caroline Blair – "I would like to say that Eddie was a inspiration by answering all the questions I had about spiritualism. He also told me about A.S.K. Dreghorn, so I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the spiritual journey that he helped me find.

Bob Macintosh – “Although I didn’t get to know Eddie Docherty as well as I’d like to have done, I have several happy memories of chairing a service for Eddie, when he was giving a demonstration of mediumship. I remember Eddie Docherty as a worker who was respectful of those he worked with – on both sides of life - a man who knew exactly when and when not to use humour when working the platform – a true inspiration."
Sadly for us pancreatic cancer called Eddie to the Spirit World. Not to be thwarted from his new position on the other side of the veil – he still managed to get a message through to several of us who were blessed to be sitting in an open circle that evening. I will always remember Eddie Docherty with fondness, as a tireless worker and terrific ambassador to our movement – may his soul find everlasting
peace, joy and contentment.”

Kerry New – “I sadly never had the chance to meet Eddie; I think he passed over just before I came into the Spiritualist movement, 4 years ago. However, I have attended the last 2 "specials" to celebrate his life at the church he founded at Foxbar and it’s obvious that the people there love him very much.”

Angela Hodgkinson – “In a few words I would say Eddie was a great man and a true ambassador for spiritualism.”

Stephanie Roy – “He was an inspiration to everyone he met and a genuine ambassador for Spirit”.

Ellen McCann – “Eddie was one of the best people who cared for others and he didn’t know how much people’s hearts he touch in all the years he was in the movement and he was loved by everyone”.

Jacqueline ColemanI only had the pleasure of meeting Eddie a few times but he seemed to me a man with a big heart,”

Sarah Wood – “I heard a lot about Eddie when I was at Caroline’s church, she thought very highly of him and I see from Facebook how much he was respected by all who knew him”.

Mary McDonald – “He was a very nice loving man, our Eddie, l miss him loads and a great worker for Spirit. God bless him.”

Margaret Jamieson - “Eddie is so sadly missed.”

The above comments show how much respect that others had for Eddie, once he touched your life, you never forgot him.

Eddie never wrote a book, but how many mediums who become authors, will be remembered like this, once the reader has read the last page of the book?

Eddie’s name never appeared in bright lights above a theatre, but how many mediums that travel the theatre circuit will be remembered five years after the curtain comes down?

 Eddie, a good friend, missed by all.

Annette Lavelle, a good friend to Eddie and on the church committee has had several of her poems on this site, so this time I thought I would give another committee member and someone new to Spiritual poetry, Sandra Patterson a chance. See Poetry page...

Also Linda Walker, the Churches’ Psychic Artist has two of her drawings on the photograph’s page.

Friday, 15 July 2011

On Sunday 3rd July it was a pleasure to take the service at The Friendship of love and Light Spiritualist Church, Foxbar, Paisley.  This church was founded by Eddie Docherty, who I will be mentioning on this blog either next week or the following week.

The following day I reluctantly had to cancel a booking at Spiritwise Spiritualist Church, Muirkirk.  I never like to cancel a booking and seldom do, but although I tried to change this personal appointment it was impossible to do so.   My apologise to Robert, Kate and the Muirkirk congregation. After my appointment was over I was not that far from the church I was at the evening before so I just made it with a few minutes to spare to sit in their circle.

Then on the 7th it was my first visit not only to the Bo’ness Spiritualist Church but also to Bo’ness it’s self.  Thanks to Barbara and her committee who all gave me a friendly welcome.  Maybe one day i will have time to explore the town which has an interesting history.


Stan asks “Why does Spiritualist churches close during the summer?”

Not all spiritualist churches close during the summer, only a few do so.  With most it is usually only for two or three weeks during the local summer holiday period  We have to remember that all our churches are run by volunteer committees and those with small committees would not have sufficient numbers on duty during some weeks in the summer.   But Spiritualist churches are not the only churches to close at this time.  There are churches of the mainstream religions that have joint services with a sister church so that one can close one month and the other the following month.  With so many Spiritualist Churches in Scotland if one near you closes there should be another that is open not too far away.


Being retired I have time to do voluntary work and I have great admiration for those who do a hard day’s work and then go out and do some form of voluntary work.  In the past few weeks I have been amazed at those I know who are going to give up some of their leisure time to help those unfortunate than themselves.  The areas they have chosen are befriending, and helping those with learning, mental or physical disabilities.  Also a friend, whose cat passed away a few weeks ago, is going to apply to foster cats when their owners are in hospital etc.  The country would be a poorer place without the volunteers.


Chief Seattle, 1786 - 1866, spoke of religion in his famous speech:

"Our religion is the traditions of our ancestors, the dreams of our old men, given them by the great Spirit, and the visions of our sachems, and is written in the hearts of our people."

All tribes believe in a Supreme Being which they call by different names depending on their culture: The Creator, Wakan Tanan, The Great Spirit, The Great Mystery, The One, Grandfather, and many other names. They all mean the same - The
Supreme Being , the Creator of all life and nature.

There is not a religion called Native American . Their religious beliefs are cultural, based on each individual tribal customs and traditions. Not all tribes speak the same language and not all tribes have the same identical beliefs. Protestants, Baptists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Catholics, Jewish, etc., all believe in God, but do not all have the identical beliefs. This is true of Native Americans also".

As I said only a few weeks ago, wise words spoken so long ago and yet mankind has not listened. Why can religions not live in harmony, if they are all worshiping the same Supreme Being? Thankfully there are many in all religions who strive to understand each other's ways, and live in peace and harmony with them. But there will always be those who not only believe that their way is the right and only way to God, but they try and force their way on others. At times via the gun, the bullet or the fist.

Maybe all this will slowly disappear as younger generations grow up and think for themselves.  Not being brainwashed like has happened in the past. They will become part of a religion because they feel is right for them.  Attending a church of their own free will, rather than have to attend a church because they were born into that religion.

In the twenty years I have been in Spiritualism I have see a massive improvement in the way that the general public look on Spiritualism and how other religions are more tolerable towards us.  Let us hope that this trend continues and that if there is a step back to the old ways, we will not be responsible for this.  We all must put Spiritualism the Religion before our one own desires and to separate our religion from entertainment.

Spiritualism has waited on the other religions mellowing towards us, but is it not time that we play our part in having closer relations with other local churches.  I don’t mean the SNU, Greater World, and other Spiritualist organizations which should also be striving towards this, but each individual church having closer ties with other churches in the area.

Like Christian Spiritualist Churches making it known that they would like to be part of services on Christmas Eve where local churches have a joint service.  Of course our participation would not include clairvoyance.

Laying a wreath at the local Cenotaph h on Remembrance Day.  I know some churches either attend or have applied take part in the Service of Remembrance.

Joint coffee mornings for a local charity...

While at ASK, Stewarton, we had representatives of the Quakers, I think I have got it right in saying an American Minister of the Unitarian Church.,more than one Buddhist Lama* giving us an insight into their beliefs.  In turn several ASK members accepted the invite along to their places of worship. 

We can all play our own little part to achieve better understanding between all Religions of this world.

*In the past year, ASK< Dreghorn and The Glasgow Association of Spiritualists have hand Buddhist Lama giving a talk and answering questions.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday 27th saw me visit a family who were putting all the bad luck that has been surrounding them, down to the house they had moved into two years ago.   

I must admit that when I sat down in the living room I felt a bit flustered and fed up, but that could have been down to me sitting in a traffic jam for thirty minutes and then another thirty minutes of trying to find the address. 
So, why was this house being labelled an “unlucky house”?

The family were happy for me to put this on the blog and they were given the opportunity to change anything I had written
The father had lost his job six months after moving into the house, with his wife also becoming unemployed a few months later.  Neither has been able to get the same quality of work since in fact both are unemployed at the moment.  The son, who was promised a job on leaving college, found out it the post was no longer available.  The daughter who had always done well in exams had failed miserably when it came to the exams that really counted... Add to that two car accidents with the car, the first accidents with any vehicle they’ve ever owned, and several health problems to add to their woes...  One can understand why the family had felt that everything had went downhill since they moved house, but had their problems anything  to do with the building?

As I walked around the house all I could detect was a great deal of negative activity, but from any spirit connection?  I did not think so.  The family then told me that they had another medium out who said he had cleared the house of all Spirits, but he had not done a good job as conditions around the family remained the same.  This medium had not asked any questions but just did his thing and left. 

I gave the house a blessing and then went on to suggest to the family that what had happened to them in the past two years could be more to do with the financial and work situations that is affecting the country at the moment rather, than anything to do with the house... That could be the cause of the situations surrounding three of them, and the fourth, the daughter, may have taken her eye of the ball as far as studying was concerned.  Then I told them like I always do in such situations, never to believe what any medium says, including myself, unless it makes sense to them in some way.

The family then said that when they come to think of the wider picture many families in the area had several members who were out of a job, and that health problems and a boyfriend could be more to do with their daughter failing her exams.

It is easy to put the negative situations down to some form of paranormal activity, but before we do that we should always look towards logic first.  If logic cannot explain what is going on then we can start looking in other directions.

I will keep in touch with the family and see how things go with them but I am sure their problems have nothing to do with where they live.  I could be proved wrong, but let us wait and see.


 Wednesday 29th I paid my first visit to Edinburgh’s Psychic College and what a great welcome I received from the committee and congregation.

The minute I stepped through the door I was met with a lovely atmosphere.  It was like going back in time, high ceilings with many portraits hanging on the walls, of those who had worked hard for the College in years gone by.   A new committee has recently taken over at the College so let us wish them luck as they start off on a new era for the College...

The College has a very interesting web site which I believe will be updated at the end of the month... Wait till then and then take a look at it.


The following evening I attended the Larkfield Spiritualist Church in Blantyre.  One might have expected the good weather would have meant a drop in the numbers attending but that was not the case.  The local community have supported this church since it opened over four years ago.  President Jackie Coleman is also an excellent medium as is Fiona Boyle who has recently emerged from the ranks of fledglings (New Mediums) and is now getting bookings on her own right at churches in the area.

This church and Falkirk (SNU) Spiritualist Church are the only two in Scotland that the service does not start till 8pm.  I feel that this gives one time to get home from work, have something to eat without gulping it down and then go to the church.


Last week I commented on the fact that I personally had proof that there was such a thing as a Spirit World and there could be communication from this other dimension.  But I had no similar proof that anyone could predict in any great detail my future.  Well, this has not gone down too well with some of you.  Maybe they have got this proof that I am still waiting on.  I will look their comments in-depth in the next few weeks. 

Let me this week comment on how I believe we get guidance from Sprit to prepare us for what may about to occur.  But it is not usually in a direct way.  One of the best personal instances I can give is the following...

I had been driving since the age of twenty-one and apart from before and just after my driving test I never felt scared to drive.  That was until one day about fifteen years ago.  I was driving along a road when I suddenly felt really scared to be behind the wheel the car.  It was a quiet road but as every car approached, from the front or the rear it really stressed me out.    Maybe the best word would be “panic” rather than “fear”.  This got so bad that I quickly returned home and tried to figure out what was happening. 

Could this have been spirit warning me of an accident that was about to happen to me?  A fatal accident, an accident that would cause injury, or just a bump?  By the way I felt I thought it could be the worst scenario.  And then what about my new car which had only 800-miles on the clock?  Believe it or not my main concern all that afternoon was about the new car being damaged.  Up till that time a car was just something to get me from A to B, but this was my first brand new car and I am ashamed to say that I put the vehicle before other people’s lives or my own.  I eventually dismissed this had been some form of warning ... but... I decided not to attend a circle that evening. 

Although I dismissed that an accident was imminent, all afternoon relived what it would be like to have the new car damaged, how I would feel, it would never seem like a new car after an accident.  I seemed to cover every angle of such a situation

Then the voice of reason came in as Isobel said “How long will you refrain from driving?” “If the accident is going to happen it will whether you have a break from driving for a week, a month or a year.”  That made up my mind not to be silly and to attend the circle which was in Glasgow.

Off I went, driving carefully and all went smoothly.... I turned out of Wellington Street onto Clyde Street and was surprised to see that there were no cars in front of me right to the junction with Howard Street, something I have never witnessed before that night or since As I was braking for a red light at the junction, all of a sudden a large car that had been parked on the pavement drove off, came straight into the outside lane and hit the side of my vehicle with great force.  To cut a long story short after exchanging details the other driver he drove off and phone calls from his company made it clear that they were not going to take the blame.  The lawyer hired by the insurance company on my behalf made it clear that the best I could hope for was ‘knock for knock’ which I was not happy with. 

The more I thought about the whole situation the more I felt that if Spirit had given me a warning then I should stand up and fight for my rights.  So I told my lawyer that I would do without his services and do my own investigation.  Door to door enquires in the area led to me hearing about someone who had seen the accident from his balcony.  But he had moved to another flat in the city the day after the incident and was now on holiday.  I managed to trace him on his return and his statement swung the case in my favour.

Was that a warning from Spirit?  I believe it was but it is up to the individual to make up their own mind.  But I doubt if I did not have advanced warning, and going over and over in my mind what it  would be like to have a new car damaged I would not have went out to prove my innocence.

There have been many who have had similar experiences but is that the way we get guidance?  I think it is?