Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Diary ... Getting Our Priorities Right ... The Passing of May Brown Spiritualist Medium ... A Spiritual Name ... Not all it Seemed ...Lectures - Not Spirit inspired addresses ... Matty Moore comments;-

                                     My Diary...

5th –It was my pleasure to visit the Milngavie and Bearsden Spiritualist Sanctuary in their new place of worship - the Drumchapel community centre, 320 Kinfauns Drive Drumchapel G15 7HA. This is a divine service which takes place on the first Tuesday of the month. The 6.30 for 7.00 start 7.00/8.00-8.15 Short break 8.30/9.00-9.15 for trainees to demonstrate all welcome to both events.  Phone Elizabeth :- 07703337022

17th - Stirling Spiritualist Church SNU was my port of call  A very enthusiastic committee and membership has promoted Spiritualism at the highest level in the area for many years.  This visit was different from the past as since my last visit the have been alterations which gives more space and brighter outlook to the interior.

20th – Prestwick Spiritualist Church.  A church that could be doing with a little more support.

8th – Cumnock Spiritualist Church.

9th -  ASK Neilston

14th – I attended the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.

15 – A short journey to the Saltcoats Spiritualist Church.  One of the first churches I took a service at and every time I have attended there has hardly been an empty seat.

                                               Getting our priorities right’

Scientists have discovered gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space and time caused by previous collisions in space, and this will increase our understanding of the universe.    It provides us with direct evidence for the first time that black holes exist and can merge together.

All that brainpower and money over the last half century to get a better understanding and take us back to the “Big Bang?  All that would be admirable if all on our tiny planet was rosy, but it is not, far from it.  Poverty, hunger, so many homeless, warfare, barbaric acts of all kinds being beamed into our homes, and cancer still ravaging the human race.  We have got our priorities wrong is a mild way of putting it.  All those poor souls who were killed or maimed during WWI believing they were fighting a war that would end all wars must feel cheated as they look of the mess future generations have made of planet Earth.

This experiment concentrated on looking back in time and it is not wrong to look back, but have the scientists not taken the wrong path in looking back?  Should we not have been looking back at the past, correcting our mistakes and in doing so making this planet a better place for all?   After correcting all that then we can look upwards.

                                                           May Brown

Well known Spiritualist Medium May Brown passed to spirit last month aged 86.  May’s husband Jim passed over  in 2014

May and Jim were involved with the spiritualist movement for over thirty-five years.  And in honour of their stalwart work for spiritualism they were awarded a SNU long service award a few years ago .  Jim gave the address and May the clairvoyance. 

A very loving couple who were always together, where you saw one the other would be close by.  Both were always on hand to encourage new mediums and share their experiences with them.  I owe lot to May and Jim when developing at 

ASK Stewarton., where both served as President.   Jim gave me copies of some of his addresses that I put on this site and will do so again in the future.

Jim and May Brown loyal Ambassadors for Spirit.


                                                        A Spiritual name....

Many people argue that they were named by their parents, and that their names are arbitrarily chosen for them. But I believe that our parents chose names for us by subconsciously picking up on our vibration, and then naming us accordingly.  They gave sound to the vibration that they recognized as us. Misspellings or last-minute changes of mind are part of the fine-tuning process the result of which is that you receive the name most fitting to you”.

In the past most families named their children after the grand parents or parents. Nowadays many a baby gets saddled with a name of the parent’s favourite singer or sports person. But I suppose those parents that have a high degree of awareness might fit into this theory.

What this comment is probably referring to, is the Spiritualist Naming Ceremony.  Naming Services are held for people of any age – babies, young children and when required for adults who may have come into Spiritualism having decided to accept Spiritualism as their chosen religion.  During the naming service, as well as names already given another name is given – this by the world of Spirit through the medium – something which is truly a Spiritual experience.

                                                     Not All it Seemed.

The snowdrops remind me of a story a friend told me a few years ago. She was recovering from a serious  Illness and looking out of her window one morning she saw her first snowdrops of the year. Only four, but It gave her so much pleasure as she was feeling sorry for herself that morning.

All of a sudden a neighbour’s little girl appeared in her garden and started to pick the snowdrops. Anne opened the door and shouted to the girl to come back then told her off for picking the flowers. She was floored by the little girl’s explanation. “I only took one and it was for my Nan who I am going to visit in hospital this afternoon, and I left 2p on your doorstep step for the flower.” As Anne looked down, there were three snowdrops still blowing in the wind and two-pence on the doorstep.


Lectures - Now Spirit inspired addresses.

Lomax emails: - “Recently I have noticed that some of our so-called spirit inspired addresses are becoming more like lectures and are going over the top of many in the congregation.  The numbers are small at the moment, but they are on the increase”.

JC – “I hope the cosy wee addresses that gave spiritualist congregations a lot of comfort and inspiration are not going out of the window. Now many are a bit more like a sermon missing out the personal touch”.

I wonder if this has something to do with all those sitting for exams and to pass the medium has to do as the book says, override spirit inspiration?  I will be interested in what others think of this.


Matty Moore comments;-

So what If mediums, healers.... And spiritualist... Around the world 🌍 stopped competing with each other.... Switched focus from just you’re "self's "... From just "your" church... From just "your" centre.... To embrace to whole idea of "team spiritual"... What if spiritualists of the world become one big unit..... What if spritualist of the world started to speak up more what if spiritualist of the world shined a little brighter...... What If the Light workers of the world stood side by side... Shoulder to shoulder.....I think that would be one bright collective light don't you think? ................................................ Better pack your sunglasses 😎...... Alone we can do so little..... Together we can do so much