Friday, 19 June 2015

My Diary... Spiritualism... The Inconvenience of Suicide... Your Comments...

                                                      My Diary...


18th – Falkirk Spiritualist Church (SNU) Burghhead Road FK.  Even on a Saturday night, our churches can attract a good attendance.  It was a pleasure to see two little ones in the congregation, one under a year and the other would not have reached their second birthday.  They helped raise the atmosphere and as I was working, I was amazed at the older lad’s eyes looking all around and sometimes pointing as if he saw something that was invisible to the rest of us.

20th – It is always a pleasure to take the trip north to the Inverness Spiritual Church.  (SNU).   I have been serving this church for thirteen years and always receive a great Highland welcome.

22nd - The first of my four classes on “Understanding Your Psychic Abilities” at the Glasgow Association.

23rd – A short trip to ASK Dreghorn.  A friendly little church where the always smiling Caroline Blair President and Medium make everyone feel so welcome.

26th – Perth Spiritualist Church (SNU).  President Ivy Campbell’s great enthusiasm in Spiritualism rubs off on all who attend the church.  Ivy who has been active in the administration side of our religion for many years  now and is starting to blossom as a Spiritual medium in her own right.

28th – The Ascension Christian Spiritualist Church has now moved premises to The Maryhill, Central Community Centre, Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 7YE. Service on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.


3rd – It is always a pleasure to serve the Ayr Spiritualist Centre.

6th - Understanding Your Psychic Abilities” at the Glasgow Association.

7th – The Pyramid Spiritualist Church, Pollock, Glasgow.



Spiritualism is a religion, a philosophy and a science that celebrates Eternal Life and recognizes that our true nature is spirit.  As such, we continue to live after physical death in a higher dimension known as the Spirit World.  As Spirit, we can communicate with those in the Spirit World through the link of love.
Spirit communication is not unique to Spiritualism.  It has existed since human beings first walked on the planet and will exist long after our own steps are no longer imprinted in the sands of time.  Spiritualism is life itself, here and hereafter, and it exists naturally whether we call it a religion or not.  
Spiritualism has its 7 Principles; -
The Fatherhood of God.

The Brotherhood of Man.
Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.

Personal Responsibility.

Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth.

Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul.

 I always feel that an 8th Principle should be added “Common Sense”.
 After the reading of the 7 Principles at our services we should continue with; -
We believe...
 “All men are my brothers, all women are my sisters, all children are my children”.

“My country is the universe,

My home the world,

My religion is to do good,

My heaven wherever a human heart beats in harmony with mine.”

Then maybe we should start a clean-up of our religion by putting it before ego.

Stop the infighting which dogs our religion.



                         The Inconvenience of Suicide

 Looking through facebook the other day I was appalled at comments concerning a tragic incident.  A 70-year-old man died when he was hit at Chatham station trying to pull a woman off the rails. (The lady survived)

Yes, Thousands of train users were delayed as trains were held up for more than an hour.

Yes, Rail workers cleared up the mess -  not a nice job for anyone.  The driver of the train who will have to live with this incident for the rest of his life.

But I am appalled at the accompanying comments; -

“I find this highly fashionable and public form of suicide to be tiresome and attention seeking”.

“Everyone has the right to end their life but not to inconvenience others in this apparently self-centred way”.

I was surprised that the person making these comments would have written such a thing and then made them on public on facebook.  To be fair, I emailed them and asked if their facebook account had been hacked.  I have received no reply and have been taken of their  fb friend list like others who complained.

The comments lack compassion and understanding on what drives people to suicide.  I say no more on the matter as my blood pressure is on the rise.


                                       Your comments

I received several emails on my comments on this blog on 29th March “Cashing in on Grief”.  I was surprised that commercialism has found a niche in making human ashes into all sorts of products.  Here are a few; -

Dan – “When I heard of this I felt this was a great idea and thought not only of part of my grandfather living on, but living on connected with his great interest, betting on the horses.   I would write my daily bet out with a pencil made up of my granddad’s ashes after cremation.  I read that ashes from an average human body can produce up to 240 pencils.  Granddad would be involved in betting on the horses for evermore.
The smile was soon knocked of my face when I mentioned it to the family.  The look of horror on their faces was frightening. I was in the dog’s house after that and I still am as far as some members of the family are concerned.  On hindsight it was not as good an idea as I first thought”.

Jane – “I thought it a horrible idea and was shocked my friend decided to go in this direction with her mother’s and gran’s ashes.  But, she put a lot of thought into it and decided on hand blown glass vases for both her loved one.  She has placed both in a window that looks out onto the garden they both loved so in this case such a thing has my approval.  An extra plus is that the window that gets a lot of sun and it is as if the brightly colours vases come to life”. 

And on my last blog on Karma... Stephanie Wilson comments...

I agree with you about the Karma approach.  I have always remembered a quote that my Yoga teacher gave us to think about.

"How different our life would have been if we had been born into another body,".
Jacquie McC wrote...
"I too have read many books saying we choose our parents and wonder if there is truth in this statement.  Who would choose to be born into a family, only to suffer abuse whether it be physical or emotional, to suffer hunger and starvation not only of food, but of love?  It seems a strange choice.  Yes, I can see that it may be a path on the road to redemption, to suffer and therefore grow more spiritually pure, but that is not necessarily the case.  Suffering often leads to hatred and acts of terror. Do unto others as they have done to you? Perhaps it is the idea that if/when we return to earthly life we are better equipped to deal with certain situations we did not cope well with the last time round.  Who knows?  Maybe at some point after death we are given the choice to redeem ourselves, to move up to a higher spiritual plane, equipped with the knowledge of how to succeed this time.  Would we then, as human beings with our own free will, make use of such knowledge?  Perhaps that is the test.

Karma is an interesting theory.  What goes around comes around.  Good Karma, bad karma.  I liked your theory that if you lived a good life you did not need to come back to prove yourself, if you did come back, then you suffered the same fate as those you'd wronged in a past life.  For some things that makes sense, but when I think about those poor children, babies, you mentioned in your blog I find it hard to believe anyone would volunteer for such a fate.  The little lost boy, known only unto God, and the day old baby savagely attacked by a paedophile.  (most distressing, I hadn't even heard about that)  I remember hearing  about someone who had given Healing to patient a long time ago.  This person had a club foot and according to the Spirit Guide who was helping , he had this impediment because in a past life he had caused someone to lose their foot by running them over in a carriage!  There is perhaps truth in both versions.  Those coming back to 'suffer' karma, may in fact be able to choose their parents"
 Thanks to all who emailed.