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The flu virus meant that I had to cancel bookings at the beginning of April and it was the 10th before I took my first service, which was at the Dalneigh Spiritualist Church in Inverness.  There is always a good turnout at this church, in fact a good turnout at all the churches in the north-east.  Spiritualism is always well supported in the NE.

The 12th saw me at the Arbroath Spiritualist Centre and again there was a good turnout.

The 16th – 20th we took a holiday the Isle of Wight travelling by coach.

 Spiritualists come from every walk of life.

Spiritualism is a place you will find thinking men and women coming together...

Spiritualism is a science, philosophy and religion that satisfy your logic, your mind and your heart. 

As the population contemplates the current conditions in the world today, they are seeking a greater understanding of the purpose of life and what can be done to improve individual life situations and the circumstances of the world.

Spiritualism gives a person the key that can be used to find the answers she/he seeks.

Spiritualism provides the knowledge that by using prayer and meditation, we can become more aware of our responsibilities to ourselves and to others. Through this inner awareness and guidance received through spirit communications, a person takes the necessary actions to improve his or her own life and contributes to the improved welfare of the entire human race.

Spiritualism is the KEY that sets humanity free! Free to live and grow in the physical through love and law; and free because we know that life is continuous, the spirit never dies. "There is no death, there are no dead."

 Sad news of the week; -

The BBC’s stark video footage of Tibetan monks and nuns setting themselves on fire, in protest against the Chinese’s treatment of the Tibetan people and the Tibetan way of life.  I have heard some say that what was shown was too stark, but as the persecution of the Tibetan’s has been going on for the past fifty years and little has been done to help the Tibetan people.  Maybe such horrific video footage will make ordinary people of the world sit up and notice, even if world leaders will not.

Good news of the week; -

Seeing all those runners in the London marathon doing their bit for charity.

 Several emails have been suggesting that I am neglecting the Healing side of Spiritualism on this blog.  I have to admit that I should have been commenting more on Spiritual Healing which is equally as important as the clairvoyance and philosophy.

I have said in the past that Spiritual Healing APPEARS to be the poor relation of Spiritualism.  In many of our churches the Healing Service is after the Divine Service and after a cup of tea.  Many will wait on for the tea and a chat but the numbers fall when it comes to the Healing Service.  In fact I know of those who have attended our churches for years but never once waited on for the Healing Service.  Never experiencing what such Healing was like.  Although I must say the numbers for Healing have increased greatly recently in recent years.

I have looked through emails to this site and picked out two questions on healing this week.

“G” asks – Does spiritualist healing involve massage or manipulation?

No.  Spiritualist Healing is administered by a simple application such as laying on of hands, or the direction of thought from a distance.  Massage and manipulation is not part of Spiritual Healing.

H – “Will I be asked to remove any clothing?”

Again the answer is no, with the possible exception of an outer coat, and then only for comfort.  The removal of clothing is completely unnecessary with this form of healing. Although you may be asked to remove spectacles.

I remember at a question and answer evening on Spiritualism, the heating in the hall was not working so we were all wrapped up in our outdoor clothing.  One gentleman asked roughly the same question as “H” and he was not convinced that Healing energies could get through to a patient wearing a lot of clothing.   All of a sudden his mobile phone rang.  This phone was in his shirt pocket and the signal had to go through a heavy overcoat and a jacket for the phone to ring out.  I mentioned the comparison to the phone signal and the power of Spiritual Healing but he was still not convinced.  I wonder if Spirit was trying to put a point over to him.

There are always arguments whether Spiritual Healing works or not.  Many cases are laid on the table by each side on this issue and it is like politics, each tries their best to destroy the evidence presented by the other.

 The medical profession must have got it wrong the first time around”   The number of times I have heard these words  when someone’s health has dramatically improved after receiving Spiritual Healing, could easily make one a little uneasy about  the ability of the medical profession.  But if we take into account that Spiritual Healing MAY have played a part in the patient’s improvement then, the medical profession’s reputation is quickly restored.   But on saying that – NO ONE should ever stop medical treatment and rely solely on Spiritual Healing as both can complement each other. 

Two cases I have recently heard about and this is not just hearsay.  There has been a big turnaround in two patient’s health after receiving Spiritual Healing, but neither of the patients would be willing to have their details all over the media.  A cop out some may say, not according to the patients and their families and friends.

But I prefer to stay away from the dramatic side of this and rely on my own judgment and the comments of patients and their families as far as this type of healing is concerned.

Here is one example; -

I constantly saw an elderly gentleman at many different Spiritualist Churches in the Glasgow area.  He was a poor looking soul, thin, no colour about his face and he always looked as if he was in pain. 

After coming in contact with him for many months he suddenly was absent from the churches I saw him at on a regular basis.  I wondered if he had passed over or decided to give Spiritualism a miss. 

Then one day I met him.  What a surprise I got, he had colour in his cheeks; the pain I always seemed to see in his eyes was gone.  He told me that his intake of painkillers had halved per week.  Not only did I notice the difference in him but his sensible words helped to show that Spiritual Healing could have been part of him having a better quality of life.

After no change in his condition for eight years he started going for Spiritual Healing.  Although at first there was no difference in his condition as the far as the pain was concerned, he immediately did feel more relaxed.    Then after a few months of Healing he suddenly realized he was taking fewer painkillers than he had done for the past eight years.  The intake of painkillers went down and down and at one stage he felt that he may be able to stop taking them altogether.  That has not happened and he now admits it never will as the injury he received all those years ago can never be repaired.  Neither the medical profession nor Spiritual Healing will bring him back to full health, between the two his quality of life had got much better.

I asked him what his family and GP thought of this improvement.  He said that he had no close family but his friends have been amazed at the change in him and his GP told him to keep up with his regular appointments for the surgery but also to keep going for Spiritual Healing.

On leaving him he said “You Spiritualist should do what you are good at – giving healing to the sick – and stop all this mumbo jumbo about talking to the dead”.

This comment goes to show that Spiritualism has many different facets and mean different things to different people…….

 Church news… …Two churches have been on the move… new venues for two churches in Glasgow

 White Dove Spiritualist Church

Toryglen Community Hall

199 Prospecthill Circus



G42 0LA

Service Thursday 7.30pm… Healing 8.50…


 The Culmodden Drive Spiritualist Church has not only moved premises but also changed its name.  You will now find Angela at

Lambhills Eternal Light Spiritualist Church
Lambhill Stables
Canal bank north
Lambhill bridge
Balmore rd
G22 6RD

Service Tuesdays 7pm


And a church that could do with some support is

Angel Light Spiritualist Church

Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre,

Daisy St,


G42 8JL

Church service Fridays 7.30pm,

So if you have spare time on a Friday please go along and you will receive a warm welcome from Nancy, Elizabeth and Christine.

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