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Do Prayers Get Answered?.... Life - A Learning Process….. The Week's Good and Bad News...

24th March I returned from five days in Scarborough with no voice and flu like symptoms...

25th March – I had to cancel a coffee afternoon at Berkley Street, Glasgow. (SNU)

26th I felt bit better and made the trip to ASK Dunfermline.  This church is still coming to terms with the passing of two of its founder members.  Jock McArthur who was President and Tilda Wilson.

27th –It is always a pleasure to visit the Cumnock Spiritualist Church.

28th I was again driving down to South Ayrshire to a new church for me in Girvan.

30th – The virus was really taking hold and it was only a last minute decision to attend a 1 ½ day seminar in Oban on paranormal research.

31st – I just returned home in time to get changed and off to the New Dawn Spiritualist Church in Kilmarnock.

But by this time the flu type virus had taken hold and I had to cancel my bookings for over a week.

During this period I was in a car accident and luckily no one was injured.

Mike emails; -

“Do prayers work for you?  They never seem to be answered as far as my “family is concerned”.

I am sure everyone has prayed for help at least one time in their life and many will be certain that their prayers have not been answered.

We have to start looking at the content of our prayers.  What we will find is that most if not all of our prayers are connected with other people in one form or another.   Whether it is family, friends or those we see in the media who are in dire straits through lack of water food, are being persecuted or are in poor health. 

Who do we pray too?  “God” of course.  But the Supreme Being has many names and is different things to different people. 

Just think the dilemma The Supreme Being must have in answering all our prayers, especially if they are connected to others here on the earth plane.    For your prayer to be answered “God” may have to alter the life of another, even though that person may want to go in one direction but you are asking God that he/she goes in another direction.   So their free-will is taken from them.

When a medium stands on the platform of a Spiritualist Church to give a Spiritual Address, they should in theory not have made up an address before hand, but be inspired by spirit on that evening.  Spirit alone will know the needs of the congregation.  Questions they want answered and if the link is pure, all that will come out in the address.

There are some addresses where the link is so spot-on that it will cover the many needs of those in the congregation.  Usually on such a night the medium is enjoying the address as much as the congregation, as it will be the first time he/she will have heard it.    On such nights it can mean as much to myself as I hope it means to the congregation.

One address of the many addresses I have given over the years still is clear in my mind, even though I gave it over a decade ago. 

That evening as I stood up for the address the word “prayer’ came into my mind, and what was said, and the feedback might be the best way to answer Mike’s question.

If your prayers do not seem to be answered then take a look at what you are actually praying for.  The address went on to say, “pray” for the right thing to be done in certain situations, and not for what you to want to be done in these situations. 

It was over a year before I was back at that particular church and yet four people came up and spoke to me about that particular address.    

Two I will mention here; -

One lady said that she was praying almost every hour that her daughter and son-in-law would not get divorced.  After hearing my words she changed her prayers to “Please let the right thing be done in this situation”.  A few months later the pair did get divorced and yet the situation was not as dire as she expected.  The divorced couple did keep friendly even though they quickly had new partners.  Not only that, but the five of them, mother, daughter, ex-son-in-law and their new partners meet up for a coffee or a meal once in a while.

She went on to say “Now when I think about it the marriage would never have worked, as friends they will be great friends but they never could have had a happily married life”.

The other was of a young man who was homeless and said that he could put up with sleeping rough, but not with an empty stomach.  He knew that in six months there would be a job waiting for him if he kept out of trouble.  But when hungry he was sorely tempted to break the law and steal food.  He said that it was only a matter of time before this would happen. 

Well again after that address he changed his mode of prayer and got through those six months because there was a change in what he received when begging on the streets of Glasgow.

Instead of the odd £1 coin and small change he got when begging on the streets, when he really was hungry he started to be given the odd meal voucher or filled rolls and cups of coffee.  .  Before the change in prayer these were not existent when he was begging.  His story does have a happy ending because he did get the job and has not looked back since.

There is more to come as far as these two successes are concerned.  The mother then looked at life from different angles and is now doing voluntary work.  The young man plans to put something back into the community in the near future. 

All that from a spiritual address.  All that from spirit knowing what was suitable for the congregation that evening. 

No miracles but just little seeds planted in the minds of those seeking some guidance.  It is then up to them to decide if that little seed of knowledge will grow and bear fruit.

The feedback from the other two went in a different direction but still in the end a positive path. And I will give an account of them in my next blog.

This shows that churches that stop addresses are diluting spiritualism as a religion and also diluting the power of spirit.

All a Learning Process”
It is only through experiencing all manner of things, negative and positive that one can leave this life knowing a little more than when they entered it…
The more you learn… … The more equipped you will be for the next part of your existence…
For the next week… Look on everything… and I mean everything… as a learning process…
Think what you have to learn from this… and what you have to learn from that…
It will amaze you by the end of the week… how you will see so much… in a different light…
A whole new world…
A whole new dimension will open up to you…
You will see things like you have never seen them before…
Never give up… Never give in to the negative side of what unfolds in front of you
The above comments were given in a trance circle in 2000 and forgotten about till a few weeks ago.
This gave a few of us an idea to ask four people to take heed of these words and see how they get on with being more aware of their surroundings for the next week.
To make it more interesting we decided to select four people from different walks of life; -

A spiritualist...
A lady who attends one of the main-stream churches every Sunday and takes part in a lot of church activities.
 An atheist who is manager in a large go-ahead business.
Someone who is unemployed.
In the next few blogs I will pass on to you their comments.

This week’s good news...
 With so much strife on our planet it was good to see the Pakistani President and the Indian Prime Minister standing side by side after talks...
The head of the UK’s leading cancer charity has said understanding of the disease is advancing “exponentially.
Describing a “golden era” of research, Harpal Kumar, the chief executive of Cancer Research UK, said there has been “an explosion in our understanding of what cancer is why it happens, why it doesn’t happen in some people and why it moves around the body”.
The cure for all types of cancer cannot come soon enough…

Bad news this week…

I will not go into details but the lady was attacked and blinded, she will never see her children growing up.  We should all send a few thoughts in this mother’s direction.

And once again the Grand National takes its toll on the race horse.

It is not just the fatalities during this race, just think of the pain and injury when we fall. So I wonder how many horses who ran in the Grand National today are injured and suffering at this moment?

TWO will never suffer again - as they are dead.

Fell - TEN

Pulled up for various reasons – FOUR.

Brought down – THREE.

Unseated rider – SEVEN.

Refused – ONE.  

One of the dead horses unseated it rider on the way down to the start and then was reluctant to walk to the first fence before the race.  Did the poor creature have a premonition?


Still gathering information about Jock McArthur and Tilda Wilson.

Here are the other statistics.

Fell - TEN

Pulled up for various reasons - FOUR

Unseated riders - SEVEN

Brought down - THREE

Refused – ONE

One of the dead horses, , unseated his rider on his way down to the start and then was reluctant to walk close to the first fence before the race started. the first fence. Did the poor creature have a preminition?

Unseated riders - SEVEN

Brought down - THREE

Refused – ONE

One of the dead horses, , unseated his rider on his way down to the start and then was reluctant to walk close to the first fence before the race started. the first fence. Did the poor creature have a preminition?

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