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Psychic or Spiritual Supper? / Dowsing / help for the racehorse,,,

Sunday the 2nd I was at the Coatbridge Church where there was a good turnout considering the rain and high winds there was earlier in the day.
The 3rd was I was giving a talk on the ways spirit make themselves known to us.
Tuesday afternoon it was as always a pleasure to take the service at Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church, Berkley Street...  Anyone entering this church is always assured of a warm and genuine welcome from Betty Hutton. 
Then on Wednesday I headed south down the A77.  Not the best of roads to drive on when there is torrential rain and gale force winds.  But the welcome that one gets from the committee and members of the Stranaer Spiritualist church makes the journey worthwhile. 

A friend was looking forward to a ‘psychic supper’ but was disappointed with the evening.  She enjoyed the company and got a laugh but, she had not expected a Tarot reading.  She had hoped to get communication from a close family member, a spiritual reading.
Here once again we have the confusion between ‘psychic’ and ‘spiritual’ The evening was advertised as a ‘psychic supper’ and the word ‘psychic’ can cover a whole host of things.
Twenty years or so ago ‘psychic suppers’ used to be common in Scotland, in our churches, but in recent years they have fallen away dramatically.  I was always happy to take part in such evenings but I heard many mediums say that they were not too keen on them.  So, this is just my view, I feel that it was the mediums’ being not too keen to take part in such nights that was the reason for them fizzling out in this area.
I am happy to say that this year two of our prominent churches have held such evenings recently and they were very successful.  I was really impressed with one of the churches deciding not to call their evening a ‘Psychic Supper’ and used the title a ‘Supper Evening’ to avoid confusion between the ‘psychic’ and the ‘spiritual...  This was the Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church, Berkley Street...And in the words of someone who attended the evening
I was pleased the church decided to call it a supper evening as there was no physic about it. It was truly a spiritual evening with a social twist.  After readings there supper and then a game of bingo... It was designed as a social evening for members and was not all about raising money either but to give something back to the people who support the church paying for readings buying raffles etc all year round.. Some people don’t get out often and their social life is the church having a coffee and blether and a place to meet”.
Whether it be a ‘Psychic Supper’ or a ‘Supper Evening’ if it is held in the premises of  a Spiritualist Church or the night run by a Spiritualist Church I would expect only Spiritual Mediums to be giving ‘messages’, .   and Tarot readings would not play any part of the evening.

Mary asks what my opinion on “dowsing”. 

I am very impressed by the art of dowsing and seen some remarkable demonstrations from experienced dowsers.  There are many who think of searching for water when the word “dowsing” is mentioned.  But dowsing can also be used in connection in health and well being, home and garden, for water divining, archaeological searches, earth mysteries including ley lines and much more.

I was taking part in a controlled experiment along with others with expertise in the psychic arena a few years ago, and I was most impressed by the results of the lone dowser in the group.  I also was present when a dowser was asked to find the leak in an underground water pipe.  Two houses in the country were suffering from loss of water pressure and after fifteen minutes the dowser marked a spot a good distance from the houses.  A few hours later a couple of workmen appeared to trace and repair the leak.  Their detector agreed exactly with the dowsing rods that were used a short time before.

Anyone interested in dowsing should check out the Internet for a local group.

For many years I have been campaigning for better treatment for the racehorse and at one stage I felt it was like banging my head against a brick wall.  It is only in the past few years that little cracks started to appear in this wall and the 10th of October 2011 was momentous day for those who have been fighting for a better deal for the racehorse, and of course the animal it’s self. 

New stricter rules on the use of the whip were introduced.  Stronger penalties for the misuse of the whip, and the really important part in my opinion, forfeiture of riding fee and prize money percentage for a jockey who incurs a whip suspension of three days or more.  Prior to Monday a jockey could be suspended for misuse of the whip and yet still benefit from his riding fee and percentage of the prize money.   This year’s Grand National saw the winning jockey being banned for five days  for being too harsh on his mount with the whip after the final fence.  Yet he gained financially and was treated like a hero by the racing fraternity.

Even among those who protest about the use of the whip, most would not ban it completely.  The use of the whip can straighten a horse out when travelling at speed so preventing an accident to horse and rider.  I can still see loopholes in these new rules where the guilty will still benefit and we must go further and disqualify any horse and place it last when its rider is found guilty of breaking the rules on the use of the whip during a race.  That will eventually come.

** Just as I am writing this I hear that there is a proposed strike by jockeys on Monday because of the new whip regulations.  The very people who tell us they love the horse.

If you feel strongly about something, never give up, even if you feel the odds are stacked against you

I thought it appropriate the spiritual message this week should be about the racehorse.

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