Friday, 9 September 2011

My week...Spirit work in many ways.... The healing hymn.....

The three services at Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church, Berkley Street, Glasgow on the 28th, 29, th and 30th August were all well attended.  All those attending this church are always assured of a friendly smile and a genuine greeting from Betty Hutton as they step through the door.
The first of the new month saw me taking a much shorter journey than usual to the Toryglen Spiritualist Church.  The new part of the M74 cutting about fifteen minutes each way off my journey.  Helen McEwen who was president of this church for many years and passed over to the Spirit World in January will be proud of the way the church is continuing with Bobbie at the helm.
On Sunday it was a pleasure to serve the busy .Love and Friendship Spiritualist Church in Langside Halls. Glasgow... President Maureen Land was wearing her other hat that evening as she was the Medium taking the service at another church.  I must give a lot of praise a young gentleman called Scott who volunteered to chair for the first time and was so professional at it that if no one had told me I would have thought he had been chairing for years.  I waited on for the Healing Service, Maureen had returned by this and it was great to see how many waited on from the Divine Service to take part in the Healing Service.
The following evening it was another full house at the Lighthouse Spiritualist Church in the Argyle Centre Saltcoats.  Again a large % of the congregation from the first service waiting on for the healing Service.
Then on Wednesday it was off to the Partick Spiritualist Church in Glasgow.  May I wish John Graham the President a belated Happy Birthday.  John’s birthday was on the 8th of this month.
Also during that time I was busy with research work taking part in a debate and my usual voluntary work.
 I am always interested in success stories connected around visits to our churches and as I keep saying it is not always a message from the platform.  Two I have heard recently; -
After losing her husband, father and sister all within an eighteen month period Bella almost became a recluse for a few years apart from her work and once a week shopping which was brief.  After four years of this she was passing a Spiritualist Church on the way home from work one night and she felt the sudden urge to go in, even though she was tired and hungry.  She sat at the back of the church feeling very embarrassed and uncomfortable not really listening what was being said from the platform Then a thought suddenly came into her head “Do you think we would have shut ourselves away if it was you who had passed over?”, Bella slipped out of the church at this and cried all the way home.  The following morning she thought over these words and decided to get away from under the black cloud that had been above her head for the past four years.  Her plan was not to go back to a Spiritualist Church, but going into a fast-food outlet for a meal, going for a coffee the following weekend and then the biggest test of all, going to the cinema, she had never been to the cinema alone in her life before.  On each of these three occasions she met old accquantices of the past and now they keep in touch.  Spirit works in many strange ways but most of it goes unnoticed.
The second was a gentleman whose wife forced him to go to healing services because he was stressed out.  The stress was caused by work, a new working practice and as he was getting older he felt that his brain mind could not grasp the new procedures..    He said that all through the healing Services his mind was on his next week’s work schedule but not in the usual panic, but in a relaxed manner and all went well at work.  Spiritual healing works in many different ways

Donna asked for the words of the healing hymn as she wants to use it in her prayers each night.... Here it is Donna...

The Healing Hymn

Gracious Spirit, of Thy Goodness,
Hear our anxious prayer!
Take our loved ones who are suffering,
‘Neath Thy tender care.
Loving Father, hear us, hear us!
Gracious Spirit, may Thy Presence
Shed a Healing Ray,
Turning all their night of darkness
Into glorious day.
Loving Father, hear us, hear us!
Gracious Spirit, should’st Thou claim them,
Be their Light and Guide!
Lead them to the Heavenly Kingdom
Safely by Thy side.
Loving Father, hear us, hear us!

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