Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Belfast Church.... The Fear Surrounding 2012....

From the 10th to the 19th I enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the Belfast Spiritualist Church. (SNU)

What a wonderful atmosphere that meets all who step through the door of this church. The link with Spirit is already there and it makes it so easy for the medium to connect with Spirit.

I took the Divine Service on both Sundays, the development circle on Monday, and Wednesday evening’s clairvoyance.  It was privileged to take part in the Healing Service on the Thursday evening. There were also private sittings Monday to Friday.

 As last year I was greatly impressed by the enthusiasm of the committee and members to further their knowledge of Spiritualism. It reminded me of ASK Stewarton in the 90’s.

Shellie Nicholl, Robert Lewis, Dorothy Byrne, Collette Diamond, Pat James, , Debbie Griffin, Michelle Mc IIhatton, Samantha Dodds and Healing Leader Joanne Maguire are all part of a hard working committee that make this church so vibrant and successful. I apologise if I have missed out any committee members.

 A great loss to the church earlier this year was the passing of Artie Hannah. He was long serving and hard working member of this church. Artie was I believe in Spiritualism for quarter of a century and inspired many in the movement.

Spiritualism in Northern Ireland started in 1912. An interesting insight into Spiritualism in Northern Ireland can be found on

It was nice to see several young children at the services, the youngest being only ten days old. I was a bit envious of this young lad as I wish I had been introduced to Spiritualism at that age.

The church is considering starting a Lyceum, like a Sunday school.

 The Belfast Church is having a special charity night on 5th October and I am sure there will be a big turnout.   I asked President Shellie Nicholl to explain about the evening.

“This event has been organised to raise money for Cold Cots for all maternity Wards in hospitals through N.I. My little nephew Marcus was born sleeping on 27th May & thankfully the Ulster had a cold cot, which meant our little angel could stay with his mummy for the duration of her time in hospital, but not all hospitals have them. When we raise enough for the first cold cot, we will be giving it to the Ulster.”


I was a little taken aback earlier this month when I was asked to talk to a lady about the Mayan prediction that the world will end on 21/12/12.  She was being treated for depression and her son said the cause of this was her belief that the world will end next year, cutting her children and grandchildren down before they have really had a life.  I had to say to her family that I was a Spiritual Medium and that this gift given to me did not include predictions, but the family still wanted me to talk to the lady in question.  It is not just one individual that many would say is overreacting, there have been reports from many countries around the world of people, especially the young being deeply upset at the approach of 2012.  I did my best with the old soul but the only thing that will convince her is when the bells herald in 2013.

 There have been countless predictions of the end of the world and yet Planet Earth still has an abundance of life.  The most well know prediction that the world will end in 2012 is said to come from the ancient Mayan civilization.  But on looking closer was this Mayan prediction, or Western interpretation of the Mayan long count calendar, that time will run out next year?   What is less well known is that in other ancient Mayan sites long-count calendars have been found that go far beyond 2012, in fact roughly to the year 4772
2012 was also the chosen year for the end of the world by Nostradamus in the mid 1550s.  But Nostradamus’s predictions are not clear cut, he writes symbolically and it is up to each reader as how to interpret his predictions.

There is also a theory that Christ was born in 4BC so the Mayan’s and Nostradamus’s 2012 was actually 2008AD.  So another end of the world prediction has come and gone.

We have a media these days that needs sensationalism in every story.  Nothing will sell more newspapers or get more people watching TV than articles and programmes about the end of the world.  This causes panic among vulnerable people.  Only the other day standing in a newsagent I heard several old people comment with concern about the headline in a national daily newspaper. They were worried about heating their homes as in bold print we were told to expect snow next month.  Then on reading further down that heavy or moderate falls COULD be with us as early as October OR November.

The world’s climate has always been changing with man and beast having to adapt to survive.  So far many species have managed this with success.    In recent years we have seen climate change speeding up because of man’s abuse of the planet.  .  But even the most negative warnings about climate change do not predict the end of life as we know it in 2012.  Hopefully governments will speed up their plans for cutting pollution and the global warming will have a lesser impact that was once feared. 

Next year there will natural disasters like we have every year and let’s hope the media will not go overboard in sensationalising that this is the start of the end of the world as we know it.  

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