Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday 7th saw me over in Fife taking the service at Dunfermline ASK (Association of Spiritualists).  Jock McArthur and the church committee work hard to promote our spiritualist movement.  On every visit to Fife churches I always stop of at Ilarno’s in Kincardine for a fish tea.  They serve up the best fish supper in Scotland, well in my opinion.
On the Tuesday was off to the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church in Sunnyside Road.  A church that has been serving the local community for many years.
On Thursday it was an honour to attend Toryglen Church, a church whose founder and president moved to the spirit world only a short time ago.  I have mentioned Helen McEwen in an earlier blog.  Helen, although in poor health for many years, gave great inspiration to us all as she always had a smile on her face and I never once heard her moan.  It is great to see Bobbie keeping the church going and the people of Toryglen supporting the church.
Friday was a shorter trip to the Pyramid Spiritualist Church, Pollock, Glasgow. There is always a warm welcome from Jean, Sarah and Isobel and the rest of the committee.
Still on my travels on Saturday, leaving Beith with several inches of snow on the ground, the destination Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church to do sittings at their coffee afternoon.  Although the weather was terrible there still was a good turnout.
With all that and visiting those who have asked for help from churches I have been burning the midnight oil when writing a couple of articles on spiritualism but I am certainly not complaining.
One thing that amazes those looking at the spiritual movement for the first time is that in Scotland every night of the week there are spiritual services taking place.  Yes, even Friday and Saturday nights and they are well attended. 
The scenes on our television screens of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan are worse that any scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie.  After watching such a movie we can walk away knowing that all those on screen were actors and came to no harm.  But what we are seeing unfold on our TV screens involves real people, people like you and me.  After the fear of the earthquake and tsunami those who have survived have to face the reality of having lost family, friends, homes and all their possessions.  I cannot begin to image that what it would be like to be in the survivor’s shoes.  Then there is the coming weeks without clean running water, electricity and all that entails.  PC, TV, electricity, tap water, forgo anyone of these for twenty four hours and see how we would feel.  I doubt I would last a full day without turning on a switch or a tap.  The Japanese people caught up in this disaster will have to put up with all of this and more for many years to come.  The media are quick to show scenes from natural disasters, rightly so, but soon drop the story although years of suffering lie ahead for those involved.
Let’s send out a prayer to all horses taking part in this year’s Cheltenham National Festival (?) which starts tomorrow. Thirty-two horses have died at this meeting in the past ten years.

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