Sunday, 6 March 2011

Last Sunday I was at the   Love and Friendship Spiritualist Church, Langside Halls, Glasgow.  As is the norm there was a large turnout.  Maureen Land is President and she runs an excellent development circle (closed).  Maureen is one of the ‘old school’ who believes as I do that it takes time to develop for ‘platform work.
Thursday saw me at Gourock’s Lighthouse Spiritualist Church.  My first time at this church as its has only been open for a month.  Jenny Laferty is the President; she has been an active member of the Spiritualist movement for many years and is a week ken’t face in Gourock.
In my last blog I mentioned being close to a fatal accident on my way home. Well, on leaving Langside Halls on Sunday there was a cyclist lying on the road a few yards from my car.  I would have expected both ambulance and police to have been at the scene quicker than they were.  As far as I know the cyclist was not too badly injured Then on Thursday morning as I was on my way to see someone I come across a serious accident on a B road where either a police or ambulance helicopter was in attendance. . Many of us look on ourselves as good drivers and maybe become too complacent.  In the second it takes to change a CD or look at our navigational system a hazard can loom up in front of us and it may be too late to take evasive action. 
The AGMs at many of our churches take place this month and although it may seem appealing to get on a church committee and make decisions on the running of the church, it is a lot of hard work.  It is a commitment without much, if any praise.   There have been times when our churches have closed because they could not get enough people to come on to the committee.  I am still shocked at the closure in 1998 of the Langside SNU Spiritualist Church which had been flying the flag of spiritualism in that area for sixty-two years, because of lack of committee members.  A few years before it closed it was renamed but I cannot remember its new name.  Maybe someone can remind me.
Two victims of the Afghanistan campaign were flown home on the same aircraft, a dog handler and his dog, well done the MOD.    This should not be a surprise to anyone as the  MOD do take good care of their dogs injured in active service. Dogs injured in the field in Afghanistan are flown to Camp Bastion, just like human soldiers and then flow on to bases in Germany and Britain for further treatment if needed..  It has now been accepted by many vets that dogs can return from the front line suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

Hmmmmm I have just found out that I am a character in my friend Kirsten’s book.   "The Firefighter" is a short ghost story with a spiritual twist. Available to buy from for £6.99 + postage. Look under the name Kirsten Campbell.   The book is expensive for a short story; this is not the fault of the author.  If it is ever made into a film I wonder who would play my part?

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