Monday, 23 July 2018

The Wisdom of White Feather. “A freewill offering or pay at the door”. Feedback on Platform Dress Code. Let us not forget.


                                                The Wisdom of White Feather.

"When you speak of that which you know to be true, be prepared for some that disagree and do not want to acknowledge what you have offered. They will either ignore you totally or deride what you have said.

Furthermore, be ready for attacks that call into question the very essence of your being and the good that you endeavour to do.

Yet never forget, that if you are overlooked, ridiculed, despised or belittled as a result of speaking out it is probably because your words have threatened the very comfort of those who prefer to remain blissfully unaware of what lies unseen by their vision, even though it is right before them.

Never apologise for saying or doing what you believe to be right. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. "

White Feather speaks through Robert Goodwin. 
Robert Goodwin (1954 -) is a trance medium and philosopher. He is the author/co-author of nine books, the latest being Light: The Divine Intelligence, the follow up and companion to Transcognitive Spirituality - cutting edge science and spirituality at its best. His books of spiritual philosophy, received through world famous spirit guide White Feather have also been compared favourably to some of the finest spiritual teachings to appear in print.

Words that have brought strength and comfort to so many.


                            “A freewill offering or pay at the door”. 

“A freewill offering or pay at the door”.  This was subject opened up in social media this week.  We also made it the theme for our small spiritualist discussion group.  Some interesting comment from both groups; -

“There should never be a door charge for a Divine Service”.

“Maybe a mix, pay at the door one week and a free will offering.  On saying that it could cause a lot of confusion.

“Some Churches need a pay at the door system to survive.  This means that a church with such a system is a no-go-area for those with no money or only a few pence on that night”. 

“In many areas there is a glut of Spiritualist churches and it may be an idea that those who cannot manage on a free will offering close their doors.  Hopefully their members would move to another Spiritualist church in the area making it a stronger force in the community”. 

“Two churches in this area were struggling financially and they were reluctant to have an entry fee.   It was either that or go to the wall.   Or was it?  They found a way to keep the door charge at bay.  The presidents of both churches explained the situation to their congregations and their freewill offering increased just enough to keep the wolf from the door.  So being honest with your members may be all that is needed”. 

“Some churches hold one or two special nights a year and that helps to keep their finances in the black”.

“I feel that many attending our churches do not realise that rent or council tax, the medium’s fee and travelling expenses have to be paid”.

“It angers me that there are those who will only put a few low denomination coins into our plate yet think nothing of paying £20 plus or more to see certain mediums”.

“Does a medium need a platform fee?  Sensible travelling expenses, coffee, cake, sandwich or a meal if they have travelled far.  That should be all”.

“My local church had pay-at the-door and some weeks as I had only coppers I did not attend.  My position has not changed and as the church has now closed the nearest S Church is further away. As I could not walk to this church and the return ticket on a bus is £3.60.  I just cannot win.

 My view?  I see both sides of the debate.  All comments make sense and it is for each church or area to sort what is best for them.
Yet I think pay- an entrance fee for a divine service should be taken as a last resort.  It does not do our image any good and more importantly it can stop those in need of our sanctuaries coming through our doors.    Some churches have got around this to keep going by dropping the address.  No address, no divine service.  Doing this is weakening the religious aspect of Spiritualism.
On the other side so much has changed since I started out in Spiritualism over quarter a century ago.  Rents for the use of community halls have gone through the roof and that is the main problem today.  I am lucky that I am on the committee of a church that has its own building and not in dire straits as finances are concerned.  Yet, keeping a graded building up to scratch takes a lot of money.  If I was in the committee of a small church that rented out a community centre I would do everything possible to keep the wolf from the door.  Two special nights a year to help with our bank balance.  If that failed, then I would prefer to see the church close rather that have an entrance fee.  Especially if there was another Spiritualist church close bye.
Yet, all is not doom and gloom as I have great faith in our members.  Once they know the financial situation many have that can afford to put a little bit extra in the collection plate have done so.  There are also the mediums who should not be out of pocket but should ask for sensible expenses and if they can forgo a platform fee they should.



                                    Feedback on Platform Dress Code.

I knew I would get plenty of feedback on my comment on ‘platform dress code’.  Here, it is; -

Tom “I think you lived in an era that is older than dinosaurs.  With almost every comment you want Spiritualism to be part of the ancient past”.  G

“What does it matter what the platform party are wearing?  The aim is to get an accurate message from a loved one in Spirit to a loved one here.  It would not matter if the platform group were naked if we achieved our aim”.  Anon.

“Our church has no problem with the platform dress code.  If a medium turns up not dressed to the SNU code we say nothing and let them on the platform.  Then, we never book them again.  No use having an argument and lowering the energies before the service”.  A

Tom, I have to say in all the years I have been going to spiritualist churches I have never seen anyone medium dressed inappropriately on platform. After reading all this I thought jeez......bit of a contradiction between Miriam's Beautiful Writing about how progressive Spiritualism is and yet the rules imply otherwise. How can we stand and preach to congregations about non-judgement of others and acceptance of others when within the very organisation there are contradictions? Things like wearing a suit is a bit outdated now.... some shirt and trousers are what most men choose to be smart in now and comfortable and as for us ladies......well some of us have hot flushes and hot feet so sandals are an ideal way to keep comfy. I don’t believe things should be forced on others, people should have the freedom to dress as they want. What they are wearing isn’t going to stop spirit working”.  YL 

“News readers and mediums are the only people I see wearing ties these days”. BB.

“Tom, in our early days on the platform we would not have been on the platform if we were not dressed according to the dress code. So much has been let slip in the past few years and I fear where it will end”.  BS.

“As you say the tail wags the dog and today the mediums call the shots not the churches”.

“The only time I do not wear a suit on the platform is when I take a service at a church in a deprived area.  Too many attending a suit is the sign of authority and many in the congregation may not have a good experience with authority.  So, at these other churches it is a sports jacket and the tie I wear”.  T.

“Like any other organization you obey their rules or you go elsewhere”. ZB.

“Many spiritualists have a lot of talk, but no action.  If guides are as good and helpful as you tell us they are then surely they will keep the mediums cool in a warm church and comfortable in a cold church?”

“A church I was serving for the first time told me their strict dress code.  No problem as I always dressed that way on the platform.  On the day the chairman had no jacket and was wearing a polo shirt”.  B.

"Garth Southgate England manager and several other managers had a tie in the blistering heat in Russia.  No Spiritualist church has ever been as warm as the temperatures at the World Cup. VP

Finally, an email from “ER” which may have been sent tongue-in-cheek or even have a sarcastic slant towards spiritualism.  However, it may be closer to the truth than many of us will think at first reading.

“You spiritualists say one thing and do the others in so many areas of your so-called religion.  You talk about the great help and assistance you gertfrom the spirit world.  You often refer to your mediums as ‘ambassadors of spirit’.  Ambassadors working for governments, industry etc. are well looked after the best is only good enough for them.  So, surely it is not too much for spirit guides to keep mediums cool in an extremely warm church and comfortable in an extremely cold church?  Has air-con not yet been invented in the spirit world yet?

“ER” – In my experience they do just that.  If there are extremes of temperature in a church I never notice until I sit down at the end of the service.

                                                           Let us not forget.

As the world rejoices at the rescue of the twelve young lads and their football coach.  A team of rescue workers from around the world risked life and limb to safely bring out the thirteen victims trapped in the gigantic cave system.  Let us take a minute out from rejoicing and think of Saman Kunan, Mr Kunan a former navy Seal diver who died while taking part in the rescue mission.  Maybe we should take time in our prayers to say a few words for those who gave up their lives in helping others.  Especially those who may never get a mention as they are working undercover for their country or whatever.

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