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Great Evidence of Life After Death - But? ....Through the Eyes of a Donkey… Wise Words from CarolynCrockart….

·      1st September saw me taking the 5th of my six workshops at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists, Somerset Place, Glasgow.  Health reasons was the cause of three enthusiastic regulars not being able to attend, but two equally enthusiastic newcomers helped to make it a very interesting and successful afternoon.

·      2nd... It was over the Kincardine Bridge to the Kingdom of Fife to the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church.  This church has its own premises at 3 Lady Campbell's Walk, Dunfermline, KY12 0TL.  As well as their Divine Service at 6pm on Sundays there is also a Healing Service from 11am to 12.30pm on Monday.

·      Missing from the church these days isWilliam Stenhouse a grand old gentleman of Spiritualism who has been serving Spirit and his church for over 60-years. Such dedication could not go unnoticed, and it was with great pleasure the church hosted an evening in 2009 where William was presented with a long service award to Spiritualism by John Weir Past President of the Spiritualists’ National Union’s Scottish and Irish District Council. At that same ceremony a brass plaque was placed in the church to honour the memory of Elizabeth McDonald and to commemorate the sixty-years of dedication to the church. This church has been blessed to have two such long service and loyal members. William, now ninety-one, rarely missed a service up until recently and was a dedicated healer for a number of years. President Evelyn Izatt and the committee still keep in close contact with William. 
           5th... I was at the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists for an evening of clairvoyance.

     6th...  I was my pleasure to attend the Larkfield Spiritualist Church,       Blantyre.  This is a real community orientated church with dedicated committee and members.

9th – 15th... Both Isobel and I were guests of the Belfast Spiritualist Church (SNU).  A church with its own building and makes good use of it with something going on six days a week.

For anyone interested in the History of Spiritualism in Northern Ireland look no further than the  Belfast Spiritualist Church’s website  and click on “History of Spiritualism”.


On 23rd September 2012 The Love and Friendship Spiritualist Church (President Maureen Land) is moving from Langside Halls to ...
The Couper Institute, 86 Clarkston Road, Cathcart, Glasgow, G44 3DA
The service remains on Sundays at 6.30pm
Gwen emails...  We are often told from the platform that the best evidence from a medium is that what we cannot accept at the time, and yet we find out at a later date that the information given was accurate I was a bit cynical about that and thought “Of course, that will give the vulnerable time to twist and turn the message inside out so it will fit something in their lives.  That probably will be the case for some, but not for my friend Emma.

I went with Emma to a spiritualist church, and after the medium flinging the messages open to the congregation all night, for his last message he went directly to Emma.


He told her that there were three William's in spirit, Emma could only accept two.   The medium went on to explain that the William who was coming forward had a strong connection with horses. Yes, both the William's in spirit loved to have a bet on the horses.  The medium said that did not seem right to him as he felt this William worked with horses, lots of horses.  He went on to mention a connection with the army, a bad limp, a homeless situation and an inheritance... “No” said Emma, “That is not for me”.  The medium, though not forcing Emma to accept the message, said he was sure it was for her and to think about it over the coming days.  We talked about it on the way home and then completely forgot about the message.  We have not been to a spiritualist church since. 

 Two years later when Emma was visiting her great-aunt, a young member of the family mentioned she was thinking of investigating the family tree.  This started the old lady reminiscing about past members of the family.  Emma listened with interest and then was surprised to hear what her great aunt had to say about her cousin Josh. 


Emma had never heard of Josh but a lot of what her great-aunt said about him seemed to connect with what the medium had said about William.  Emma, knowing that I had been taking notes while she was getting the message, came around to see me the following day.   I could not find my notes but we agreed from memory that there were similarities.  But the big stumbling block was that the medium said “William” and the great aunt’s cousin were called “Josh”.

 In June this year I was moving house and I came across the little note book I had written the medium's comments on.  So we rush around to see Emma’s great aunt.  The old soul’s memory is now starting to fail but she managed to recall enough to make the medium's comments very accurate.   . 

Josh's middle name was William; all of that side of the family had William as a first or middle name.  He served in the army and was injured in battle. This left him with a bad leg injury and a troubled mind; He worked with horses that pulled brewer’s carts, not on the carts themselves but in the stables.  He was left a small sum of money by an uncle but never collected it.  He knew about the money but would never come to the family home to receive it.    The old lady did not mention Josh being homeless but she did say he seldom left the stable yard.  We think he may have had a room at the stables, stayed in a caravan there, or it would not have surprised us if he had slept with the horses. 

Gwen went on to say “It appears to be really great evidence of survival but I am still not convinced that we live on in some other dimension when we die, and that there can be communication.  I just cannot get my head around this at all; there must be some other explanation”...

 I contacted Gwen to ask if the message affected Emma's life in any way. Back came the comment.  Emma was amazed at the time, talked nothing but this for a few days but has never mentioned anything about it since.  I think she has completely forgotten about it”.

What appears to be great evidence of life after death but it leaves a few questions.

 Was it a wasted message as Emma has forgotten about it?  A five minute wonder and then to think of it no more.  Not necessarily so.  Emma’s life at the moment maybe hectic with work or family and when life becomes not so hectic she may ponder on Josh and she may decide to look into this further.

 As a psychic researcher I wonder why Josh came forward to Emma.  Just to say hello or was something going on in the family at that time that was similar to something in Josh’s life all those years ago?

We in the West usually only see donkeys these days in a field, taking part in a donkey derby at a fete or giving rides to children.  But there are 40,000,000 in the world today and 96% of these are used principally as pack animals or for draught work in transport or agriculture. After human labour, the donkey is the cheapest form of agricultural power. They may also be ridden, or used for threshing, raising water, milling and other work. Working donkeys are often associated with those living at or below subsistence levels.

As you will imagine in these underdeveloped countries working conditions and medical treatment for humans is basic to say the least, so just imagine what it will be like for the donkey.  The Brooke Foundation, a non-profit making organization   operate across 10 countries to relieve the suffering of horses, donkeys & mules working to improve the livelihoods of people living in some of the world’s poorest communities.


Their mission - Healthy working animals for the world’s poorest communities

Company Overview - International animal welfare charity working to relieve the suffering of horses, donkeys and mules working for some of the world’s poorest communities through a combination of veterinary treatment and animal health education.

I have just read a heartwarming story of two blind brothers on The Broke Foundation website.

Through the eyes of a donkey

Two brothers blinded by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, now rely on their donkey to be their eyes to guide them to work.

Afghanistan tradition discourages women from working outside the home, so when their father was killed by a rocket, Moqim, 14, and Momin, 12 had to go to work to support their mother and younger sister.

The brothers run a small shop selling fruit, vegetables and cigarettes in the local market, three kilometres away.

But there’s no local transport between Dehsabz village in Kabul and the brothers’ shop, so they travel on the back of their donkey.

He acts as their eyes, guiding them to the shop early in the morning and returning them back home in the evening.

During the day the donkey continues working, delivering packages from the brothers’ shop to the village.

Dehsabz village is part of the Brooke’s expansion programme for 2012 and at the moment, a Brooke trained paravet is providing services to animal owners.
The Brooke has advised them to give the donkey more rest breaks during the day and not to overload the donkey.

Wise words from Carolyn Crockat...

                                             The sun, the sea, the sea shore

How I love to remember the days spent on them,

Busy doing nothing

But absorbing the sunlight on my head,

The colours through my eyes

The smells through my nose

Feeling the sand beneath my feet

The water on my skin,

Absorbed with the thing in the rock pools,

Fascinated with the lives of the creatures therein.


Do limpets cling to their rock all their lives?

Have any become curious about the possibilities of another place?

Can they/do they sometimes let go and allow the sea to carry them to another place?


We, as human beings start off in small pools

Some stay there all their lives, never straying from the area they live,

Happy in their place,

Content with what they have

Some are not content,

 They want to experience other places and people in their lives,

To change what they have

To find out what else there is on this planet.

Others want to conquer this world,

To climb the highest mountain,

To be the first in some remote place.

When asked why do you want to climb that mountain?

They say, because it’s there!

Some people want to dominate,

Feel power over others and their lives.

Some want to be of Service, to help and protect,

To heal.

Some want nothing to do with people

And grow close to the natural world

Look to animals for the companions

Some grow close to their god and lock themselves away

From everything except prayer.


None of us are exactly the same, in thought, in word or deed

None of us are exactly the same in size, in shape, in colour or creed.

We don’t all think alike or dance alike or smile alike.


So what?  Why does it matter? Look at everyone around you; imagine that they all look like you,

Are wearing exactly the same clothes and shoes,

Talk about the same things, have the same house and garden,

Car (or no car), are exactly the same as you.

Have had exactly the same experiences as you

How do you feel?

What would you talk about?

Really when you think about it

We should be grateful for all the differences in the people in the world

And if we don’t always agree or like others –

Remember they are their own unique person,

On their own unique journey,

Just as we are

Honour their difference,

Keep our thoughts to ourselves

And love all humanity,

All life on earth

For their unique place in God’s plan.

Carolyn Crockart

May 2012






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