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My diary… Living in harmony with other creatures… Eddie Docherty is not forgotten…. Life after my last platform booking…Scotland’s newest Spiritual Sanctuary

22nd July I was at ASK Dunfermline.  Founder Jock mcArthur passed to spirit earlier this year but his determination and dedication live on with Kerry McLeod, Helen McArthur, Liz Bain, June Stein and others at the helm.  

23rd it was to the Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church, Langside Halls, Glasgow.  Bill Thomson who was president for a great many years but has now stepped back because of health reasons.  Ellen and Margaret are now in charge of the running of the church.

23rd... Not a new church but a new venue.  The Cumlodden Drive Spiritualist Church has changed its name and moved a mile across the city.  It is now called The Lambhills Eternal, Light Spiritualist Church, The Stables, Canal Bank North,
Lambhill Bridge, Balmore Road, Lambhill, Glasgow, G22 6RD. 
The hall was almost full to capacity on the evening I was there.

24th… Out seeing those who had contacted our churches….

25th it was to the Balloch Spiritualist Church to a good turnout especially as that day was one of the few good days we have had this summer.

26th  I was taking a small workshop for those who wish to understand their psychic abilities but not to go on to the platform

28th... I was taking sittings at The Friendship of Love and Light Spiritualist Church, Paisley.  More about this church and its founder Eddie Docherty later in this blog.

The photograph above was taken in a friend’s back garden.  For several years now badgers have been visiting her garden, and the last two summers the parents felt the garden safe enough to let their cubs wander about close to my friend and her husband. What a great experience it must be to get so close to these largely nocturnal, normally shy, retiring animals. 

Recently I visited a lady, who because of health reasons cannot walk any further than her back garden.  She has few visitors of the human kind but the animal kingdom does not neglect her.  She has a regular visit from a fox which at times will sit a few inches from her feet when she is sitting in the garden.  A grey squirrel which will eat from her hand.  Countless small birds which will take food from her hand.  And a large Herring Gull which seldom leaves her garden, she has named Sammy.  Sammy is like her minder and is never more than a few yards from her when she invites anyone into the garden.

The great pleasure these two ladies get from being close to nature is immense.  The pleasure brought about by all trusting each other and giving each other respect.  But all these creatures I have mentioned are in the front line as far as for persecution from man is concerned.    

Acts of Parliament make it illegal for any person to kill, or injure badgers. These Acts had to be put in place because of barbaric badger baiting. The threat to badgers in some areas is so serious that badger setts are regularly monitored by police and volunteers.

Now a new threat to badgers… The government (Westminster)has announced a cull of badgers.  Initially in pilot areas - to try to curb the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in cattle. We all know that dairy farmers are having a hard time at the moment with the low price they get for their milk.  Add to that the increase in bovine TB in cattle and it could be the end of the line for many dairy farmers.  But is the government’s proposed cull of badgers, - the answer?  Many experts do not agree with this cull and they go down the path of vaccination to stop the TB spreading from badgers to cattle.

There are also talks under way to cut the numbers of foxes, seagulls and pigeons which have moved into our cities in great numbers in recent years.  Once again the talk is a ‘cull’ to reduce their numbers but again is that the answer?   Do these creatures not move into our neighborhoods because there is plenty of food lying around?  Discarded food from takeaways etc   I heard one naturalist say “They are only clearing up our mess”.  A dramatic cut in this waste food supply would mean less numbers of these creatures in our towns and cities. And a better life for all.

The grey squirrel is a different situation and here a cull or some other method of cutting their numbers would not be out of the question.  As the foreign grey squirrels numbers rise  our native red squirrels numbers plummet.   Man once again is to blame by introducing the foreign grey into this country.  The ‘grays’ carry a virus which is no danger to them but deadly to the ‘native red squirrel’.
Even the song birds are not safe with egg collectors and kids stealing eggs from their nests.
In most cases where there is conflict between man and the animal kingdom – it is man that first creates the problem and then it is other creatures that suffer.
Can we not live in harmony with each other, respect each other as we share this planet?

It is now six years since the passing of spiritual medium Eddie Docherty, but I still hear his name mentioned on a regular basis.
To Eddie, spiritualism was more that a religion – it was a way of life.  And being a spiritualist medium for Eddie did not end when he left the platform or finished with a private-sitting.  Eddie was always available for those who needed his help no matter the time of day or night.  He gained so much respect for just being himself.  He was genuine, caring, and would go out of his way to help individuals seeking his help. He would also rush out at the last minute no matter what he had planned for leisure pursuits if a church was in dire need of a medium at the last minute.
Eddie fulfilled a dream on Sunday 15th July 2001, when The Friendship of Love and Light Spiritualist Church opened its doors. This was not just to be a spiritualist church, but a church that was fun loving, yet sincere. A church for the community, a church that was generous to good causes in the local community.  
Sadly, only a few years after Eddie’s dream materialized his health started to fail, but not before this church had taken root and was a little oasis for all who needed help. It was fitting that Eddie’s cremation service was taken by a medium, church member and friend, Paul Erroch. The big turnout was no surprise as Eddie had touched the life of so many people
Eddie’s church is still going strong and is in the good hands of President Doreen Polson, along with the committee members, Annette Lavelle, Johann, Kathleen McGinty, Mary McDonald, Andy, Sandra Patterson, Linda Walker,   Anne and David McAlpine,  Gilbert and Alistair.  All of this committee sat in Eddie’s development circle and keep his standards to the fore as far as the church is concerned. 
Eddie’s name was never up in lights outside a theatre as many mediums are today.  I wonder if when theses theatre mediums fade from the scene their names will still be mentioned as often and with such respect six years after the lights have dimmed.
Eddie took services in Australia when out visiting his brother but never referred to himself as an “International Medium”.
I cannot mention Eddie without mentioning his partner on platform in the early days - Len Alleyne. Len, I believe hailed from Barbados and had served in the R.A.F. Both Len and Eddie complimented each other very well, to the delight of congregations. Len giving the address and Eddie the clairvoyance.   This quiet and kind natured gentleman sadly passed away in the mid-nineties.
It you live in Paisley or the surrounding district why not give Eddie’s church a visit…
Services are at 6.30 on Sunday evenings at
Friendship of Love and Light
Foxbar Rivers Community Building
Spey Avenue, Foxbar,
PA2 0PA.
BUT… the church is closed for the next two weeks to give the committee a well-earned summer break and will reopen on 19th August….

In my last blog Agnes asked; - “If you were not on the platform would you still attend spiritualist churches? Would you still call yourself a spiritualist?”
And I replied...Two very interesting questions Agnes and I have thought long and hard before answering you...
The answer to “If you were not on the platform would you still attend spiritualist churches?”.... “Yes”but only to a divine service where there is an address as well as the clairvoyance.
“Would I still call myself a spiritualist?” YES, most definitely, because the proof I have had from the platform, sitting in circle and with my research, proves to me beyond any doubt there is this place we call the “Spirit World” and that there can be “communication” from our loved-ones who have passed on before us to this new dimension.
It will take more than two short paragraphs to answer Agnes’s question in full and I promise I will do this in my next blog.After more thought as I have said – I would attend divine services but not evenings of clairvoyance.  I have the proof that there is life after death and now I find the Philosophy is equally as important if not more important to me personally.  But I will add as long as the words of wisdom are ‘spiritually inspired’.  There are those who say these days that an address should be informing the congregation of the foundations of spiritualism and I agree with that up to a point.  But spirit knows best, spirit knows the needs of those in the congregation on that particular evening as whether it is knowledge of our past or help to understand situations in the present.
As I am an SNU Approved Healer I would attend healing services more often.  Also try to promote the fact that spiritual healing is can take place in hospitals on request of a patient and the approval of the hospital.  Maybe even encourage more home visits … 
I would seriously consider being on the church committee and even put myself up for the SNU’s District Council.  This would be to fight the corner of Spiritualism being a religion, a way of life, not as it seems to be sliding towards these days, entertainment and a money making concern.  I would also try to encourage more involvement in ‘pastoral care’ and involvement with the community...  But spiritualism these days, like other religions, is fraught with politics of one kind or another and I would have to think before applying to be on these committees.  Could I   be bothered with the stress or better used by sprit elsewhere?
Maybe increasing the workshops I have been doing and that has not just been to prepare for platform work but to understand one’s psychic abilities and how they can be used in our everyday lives.
I have mentioned in the past that I am constantly being asked when I am going to start up my own church.  I have never once thought of doing this and this will not be an option for me when I step down from the platform.
I would certainly continue with my research.  I feel that in this field most are more interested in what they call ‘ghost hunting’ – a phrase that makes my blood boil - and moving spirit on, rather than trying to understand why spirit is making its self know at that particular time and place.
My voluntary work would not be affected, or would it.  If I had extra time on my hands I probably would increase my work in this area.

A big boost for Spiritualism in Glasgow and the west of Scotland will take place on 12th August, with the opening of the Milngavie and Bearsden Spiritualist Sanctuary. 
This is the brainchild of medium Elizabeth Halliday who has been a member of the SNU since 1998 and a member of the Glasgow Association of Spiritualist for nearly 30 years.
Elizabeth is looking to have a community, somewhere like minded people can gather together to commune with God and Spirit, leading to coffee afternoons providing the opportunity for short private sittings, this will raise much needed funds for the Sanctuary and therefore enable us to run workshops etc in the future for individual and collective development. So as I said Milingavie and Bearsden have a need for this.
So come on all who are interested – give Elizabeth’s new sanctuary a visit.
Meetings are held every Sunday at The Meetings are held every Sunday at the;-

Fraser Centre,
11 Douglas Street,
G62 6PA
For further details contact Elizabeth at or call 0141 944 6550or 0770 333 7022

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