Saturday, 4 February 2012

15th... January  saw my first service of the year at Ayr Spiritualist Centre. (SNU)  There was a good turnout as usual at the Centre with quite a few new faces.
16th... A small group of us discussing the topic “Spirit –Their Aims and Ambitions”
18th I was out seeing two families that had become ‘aware’ of spirit and contacted our churches for an explanation.  I will explain about one of these cases later in the blog. 
22nd... Stirling Spiritualist Church (SNU) where as usual there was a great welcome and a good turnout.  The only time I am in Stirling is when visiting this church or passing through on a trip further north.  Yet there is so much of historic interest in Stirling, that this is the year I WILL take time to visit the castle and other historic attractions.
25th... A trip to Maryhill and to Culmodden Drive Spiritualist Church. 
A warm friendly church where everyone is welcome.
This is a small independent church situated at the top end of Maryhill in Glasgow. Mrs. Isa Bellinger, was the founder of our church which began in premises a few streets away. She was a very well respected Medium in the Spiritual movement for over 40 years. After her death Mrs. Bellinger's daughter Maureen Walker took over. It was during Maureen’s time the church moved to its present home in Cumlodden Drive. Maureen admirably continued her mothers work until December 2004 when ill health forced her to give up her part in the church. In January 2005 the church was handed over to Angela for safe keeping and from then on the church has gone from strength to strength as it is run by a group of loving caring people who will give you a friendly welcome and assist you in any way they can.
The Church meets meet every Sunday at 6.30pm and every Wednesday at 7.30pm.  During the year the church has a few special nights which are usually ticket events and all money raised is given to charity
There is a healing service after the tea break each Sunday and Wednesday.
The church has spiritualist mediums of their own Angela, Cathy Tilda Kathleen and Irene with a total of 80 years experience between them.  So if you have any questions please feel free to ask as one of them will be on hand to give you an answer.  The church also has Helen, Eileen, Jim and Jim, trainee mediums who are all sitting in circle and are developing well
I mentioned the word ‘friendly’ earlier in describing the welcoming one gets from this church and it is shown in their website with the comment;
 “If our church is too far from you let me know where you are and I will try to recommend a church close to you. There are 3 churches in Maryhill and hundreds all over Scotland and the UK. Our aim is to encourage people into Spiritualism be it in our church or some other church. We all work for the same aim to help people in need of guidance and advice drop me a note and I will try to help you find the help you need”.
 Those words are what Spiritualism is all about – “Team Work”. 

I am long passed being amazed at the link children can attain with Spirit.  Not that we have children sitting in circle, but often parents will contact our churches because their children will have told them something about a family member that has passed over.  They will give information about things they could never have known about, or described a family member they have never seen in the flesh or even a photograph of them.  Many parents who have never once thought about the Spirit World/Spiritualism, then start to wonder what is going on. There are some parents can actually be frightened after their children make them ‘aware’ that it is not necessarily the end when a loved one is buried or cremated.
The latest case was concerning a child’s link with her grandmother was not my first visit to this family home.  I have been there three times in the past but till this latest visit I had never met the young lass and this time it was only a fleeting glance as she rushed out to nursery school. 
A normal looking four-year-old who would not stand out in any way from her classmates, but I doubt any of her friends have had such  a precise link with spirit as she has had on more than one occasion.  Her evidence was as good as or even better than some of the best evidence from the platforms of our churches. 
In the past her mother would tell me about her daughter’s talk of her grandmother and other family members that had passed over.  But her latest ‘chat’ with her grandmother really floored the youngster’s mother. 
The grandmother had been ill for several years, one serious illness seemed to follow another and stay with the old soul, giving her a poor quality of life.  The grandmother lived for her family and did not want to burden them with all her health problems, so only one daughter knew of two particular illnesses she had.  Yet the other week when grandmother and granddaughter communicated from their two different dimensions the two illnesses that the family did not know about were discussed. 
According to the little girl she asked her grandmother “What made you die?”  The reply was the illness that was on the death certificate, plus these two other illnesses that had been kept back from the family. 
There will be those who will say that the ‘secret’ was not such a well kept ‘secret’ after all.  I always take this into consideration in every situation like this, and although I already knew this little lass had exceptional talents it was not as much when she said, as how she described the illness.  She described both illnesses not as adults would but in her own simple little way. In her own simple little terms like she has had in all her communication with her grandmother and others from the spirit world.
The little one is lucky in having a mother that understands what is going on.  Not all children in such a situation are so fortunate.  

It was a great shock to hear of the passing of actor Colin Tarrant, who played the part of Inspector Munroe in “The Bill” for twelve years.  I never missed an episode of this programme from it started in 1984 till 2002, in fact till just after Inspector Munroe perished in a fire that engulfed Sun Hill Police Station.  Of all those who took part in this series I always felt that Colin Tarrant was the actor that looked the part of a police officer and acted as if he was actually a police officer. If I was asked who my favour actor was I would immediately say “Colin Tarrant” closely followed by “Robert Hardy”...

Although I never usually watched Holby City, Heartbeat, Doctors, Midsummer Murders, or  Casualty  I did watch the episodes where Mr. Tarrant was appearing after he left the cast of “The Bill”.  I thought he would be type-cast in my mind as always being Inspector Munroe but this was not the case.  He was such a good actor that one forgot of his long running role, as he put his acting talents into the new roles.  So it came as a great shock to her of the passing of Colin Tarrant and the suspected cause of death was suicide.

The number of suicides has been increasing in the UK over the past few years and can affect anyone, rich or poor, famous or unknown.  The media will be quick to mention someone famous who felt they just could not cope, but seldom do we hear the sad demises of an ordinary person, unless we know them or they live close to us.  At this very moment a family member, friend, work colleague or neighbor may be in a dire mental state but it goes unnoticed...  Many a time the symptoms are not noticed until it is too late. 

We all have problems, and can usually find ways of dealing with stressful or traumatic events and experiences reasonably well. But for some there is a buildup of these kinds of events over a period of time and they feel that they have nowhere to turn.  They feel that they have no one to talk to, that no one will understand.

A friend recently suggested that the government start a campaign to make us aware of the symptoms of those suffering from severe depression or contemplating suicide.  But there have been many similar campaigns and there will be many like me whose mind switches off when campaign after campaign comes on our televisions screens, no matter the issue.

Maybe it is time that we took on ourselves to and find out about the early symptoms of deep depression and those who are contemplating suicide.  One click of a mouse, ask a librarian for a book on the subject or drop into our local clinic for a NHS leaflet, can give us all the information we need. . Plus there are many charities and organizations which are experienced, ready and willing to help those in such situations.  

But one area of this terrible dilemma that I feel is often forgotten about, the family left behind.  Many can never get over what has happened to a family member and thankfully here again there are charities etc that specialize in offering understanding and assistance.

 Help is available…

The Samaritans… 08457 90 90 90

Choose Life…

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