Monday, 18 April 2011

I left last week free of church services to have a few days away and to catch up on my research and other interests.  Devon was meant to be my destination and I was looking forward to meeting a friend whom I have been involved with in psychic research for many years. So I was disappointed as I had to change my plans at the last moment. We were based in Folkestone and went on trips to Dover, Canterbury, and through the Channel Tunnel for a day in Bruges, one of my favourite European cities.  There I managed to meet up with Lars, a Belgium friend. 
Lars has been involved in psychic research for many years and is so disillusioned with British psychics, who he claims have got to find a spirit in every corner of every old building.  We first got in contact several years ago when I was asked to visit a 250-year-old farmhouse. 
A newly married couple had moved into what they considered to be their dream home only to be told by a guest at their house warming party, “The building is infested with spirits and they will have to be re moved.”     What an expression to use and to come out with it in the middle of such a happy event  The new owners were shattered to say the least,  their religion could not accept this sort of thing, and they were soon expecting their first baby.  I was asked to go out to the house without having any knowledge of what had been said. Apart from a real nice comfortable feeling I did not experience anything else.  I then spent two hours trying to explain to the couple that ‘spirits’ have their new lives to lead elsewhere and just because the house was 250-years-old did not automatically mean that there had to be ‘spirits’ attached to the building.  They said that they felt I was only trying to give them a bit of comfort and not being entirely honest with them, even though they knew I had been told nothing about the situation before I went to the house.  I suggested that they contact another spiritualist medium, someone not from the area, someone who would not know me so I could not pass information on to them.  They contacted Lars who was working in the UK at that time and he arranged for a spiritual medium who had worked with him in the past, to visit the farm house.  She was also kept in the dark as to what was said at the house warming party and her report was roughly the same as mine.  She felt a nice cosy feeling and was not aware of any ‘spirit’.
There is not a happy ending to this story as the new parents were never comfortable in the house, even though they never once sensed spirit themselves.  The new addition to the family slept all night and was content during the day and their r two dogs and a cat never seemed to be disturbed in any way.  When the little girl was four-months they sold the house
Did the lady at the house warming really sense spirit?  Was the sense so strong that she had to mention it to her hosts and make such a song and dance about it?    Or had she been watching too much TV and the wrong type of programmes?
Her words actually frightened the couple out of their new home.  There could have been spirit there that night, but why that night and that night alone?   Maybe the loved-ones of the family who have passed-over were joining in the celebrations.  This would be a common occurrence and nothing sinister in that.  Both Lars and I have spoken to two families who had owned the house before the young couple and also the present owners, neither having been aware of spirit in the house. We have also checked out the history of the farm and the land surrounding it with nothing appearing to explain why that young lady came out with such an outburst that led a young family to move on.    
Psychic research is about getting answers to why there might be a ‘spirit presence’, why spirit is making themselves known at a particular time and place.  We have come up with no answers as to why on the night of the house warming, apart from spirit family members that may have been joining in the celebrations, spirit should have upset the guest in the way that she said they did 
Like mediumship, these days psychic research can lean towards entertainment instead of religion and true research.  No genuine spiritual medium or psychic researcher would go to such a party and come out with such a statement.
Now to a more upbeat story; -
I received an email from a gentleman who had been getting treatment from his GP for a few months   half way through the treatment the patient mentioned to his doctor “I am also going for spiritualist healing”.  The GP smiled and said nothing.  When the medication was stopped the GP said to the patient “be sure to continue with your spiritual healing”.  Jim thought the doctor was being sarcastic and said this to him.  The GP replied “The medication has stopped but you are not back to full health, I have seen the benefits of spiritual healing and I genuinely ask you to continue with this.”  A little different from spiritual healers telling patients that have to keep on with the doctor’s treatment.
My time away has meant that I have not got my letters of complaint away on what happened in last week’s Grand National. But that will be rectified in the next few days .  The Scottish Grand National which was run on Saturday saw the death of two horses, not as the result of falls; but being pushed beyond what their bodies could take. So that will mean as well as contacting the British Horse Racing Authority also contacting the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to a different organization from the RSPCA, which only deals with matters in England and Wales.

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